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Help please - Cannot cope with heavy clay soil

Posted: 13/05/2017 at 02:04

Add River sand.

Hello Forkers - May Edition

Posted: 13/05/2017 at 02:00

Please remember to leave the water in a calm manner (said from a copter pilot above!!!)

Hello Forkers - May Edition

Posted: 13/05/2017 at 01:51

Video has captured the moment a group of paddle-boarders were warned to get out of the ocean in California after 15 great white sharks were spotted circling nearby.


Nature and Darwin had a plan!

It's amazing what sea rescue can do.

Shame it takes so long to get involved, I will get there.

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Help please - Cannot cope with heavy clay soil

Posted: 13/05/2017 at 01:36
Onopordum says:

Depending on where you live you should be able to get council green waste compost delivered for a reasonable price. We got a 5.5 tonne lorry load for about £135 last year (mostly delivery cost). You can use that as a thick weed-suppressing mulch on top of the clay (no need to dig it in).

Another thing is to grow more vigorous plants which will compete well with weeds (not roses). E.g. look at the book 'Dream Plants for the Natural Garden'. Cough grass for instance is very persistent but it's not very competitive - suitably vigorous plants will swamp it out. E.g. Persicaria polymorpha, Persicaria amplexicaulis, Cardoon, Perennial sunflowers, Red hot poker, Echinops, Perennial Cornflower, Tall Asters etc.

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 Please  tell me again what a weed is?

I thought it was just a plant that you do not like in your garden?

The RHS introduced Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) and described it as the best plant of the year! they also described,  Himalayan balsam and gave it an award!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dog help us!

What ever next? Cray fish, from the US?

Plant identification

Posted: 13/05/2017 at 01:22
Nikunj says:

What is the name of this cactus? Will i be able to grow it in my garden?

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 Not a cactus but a Alpine (I think)

Shallow dishes of Water

Posted: 13/05/2017 at 01:19
Guernsey Donkey2 says:

We leave a bowl of water for the hedgehogs, cats and any other creatures that are passing, but sure as eggs are eggs the hedgehog tips the bowl up every night!

So far we have had a blackbird, pigeon and robin bathing in our new waterfall, they appear to be enjoying themselves very much. 

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 Wow, Guernsey Donkey2.

Hedgehogs hate cats pissing everywhere too!!!

Hello Forkers - May Edition

Posted: 13/05/2017 at 01:02
Pat E says:

I assume you're all well asleep by now. Ill add my best wishes to Clari for getting out of that thankless job. 

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 Sorry hun some of us are always on 24 Hour rescue

Some awkward days

Most working days are quiet. The rest are fantastic

It's nice to be nice and anonymous 

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How to help frogs / toads

Posted: 13/05/2017 at 00:34
Helski says:

We don't have a pond and don't want one for various reasons. However we regularly find frogs/toads in the garden and want to encourage them.

We don't use slug pellets or pesticides on the whole so don't think we're doing anything to annoy the frogs and toads but would like to give them a bit of help if we can.

Any suggestions for what we can do?

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 Are you serious?  

What about the Newts and Cadis https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=Caddis+larva/snails&rlz=1C1AVNE_enGB743GB743&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjq_ZK5wevTAhWKIsAKHXZVA6MQsAQILwlarver/snails

Just dig a big hole with a large open Oxygen, supply.

Any, size hole with water and watch what happens. I can guarantee it will end in big smiles.  for you. and us.

A bucket full of pond water will greatly increase your chances of success.

An Oxygen supply helps  but that could be only a small trickle.

You have all my luck.

Kind regards


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Cat Deterrent

Posted: 13/05/2017 at 00:02

Just an?, update. It's not perfect.

 We had 2 poo in 2 weeks (that must be better than 2 each per  day!) 

Also trying some cheap granules from a firm called bilko or it might start with a B.

It is working VERY WELL out the front. They hate it and I'm quite suprised


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Cat Deterrent

Posted: 04/05/2017 at 02:02
Doghouse Riley says:

Edd says:

Doghouse Riley says:

Can't work out why the National Union  of Teachers  should benefit from message board posts.

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 Love you dry sense of humour. right up my street.

I finally found the cure for me, in a spray.

1 Lt water.

as much lemon /orange peel as you can muster into one pan.

Rosemary. I use fresh but dried works.

a touch of Cinnamon.

garlic. 4 individual cloves (4 bits)

and one cup of homemade apple cider vinegar. (cheap white vinegar will do)

and a teaspoon of Vicks Vapour rub (i use the cheaper version from the pound shop) or a pinch of menthol crystals.

Simmer for 15 mins and strain through a coffee filter. 

add one drop of Olbus oil to the spray bottle before spraying.

Spray on the required area after every rainfall . I do a 50 gallon batch at one time and it lasts about a week up here if I'm lucky. 


(If you want to be nasty add Cayenne pepper or chilli oil  but that might get you in trouble )

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 I think part of what you described was one of the early bird menu options, at the Italian were were at the other night. Fortunately, we stuck to the  main menu.

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 You went for the plain cat  alla carte. NO herbs and spices? 

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