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Advice on weed burners please..

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 21:16

A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows. There is some new stuff on the shopping channel on free Now Tv but have no idea if it works. Sorry.

Any alkaline substance should work. Have you tried a bit of effort? 

HELLO FORKERS March 2016 edition

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 21:02
Hazel -- wrote (see)

Edd, Rory said " updated!"........ what do you think that means???

Probably upgraded then Hazel --

Its been on the cards for 2 years now. (then again this site is free) 

What they do without us?

Help for a novice

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 20:47

Welcome Tony47.

The world is your oyster. what fresh fruit and veg would you like to grow to promote your longevity?

Knowing a bit more about you would help like where you live and how your garden faces (south,north, east, west)  What shade you have is it dry or wet and what type of soil?

Bank code and sort code are optional !

There will be many more people along soon to help you.

PS. If you have already made beds for your plants and given the soil nutrients then you are not a novice?)

......the good guys

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 20:41

A lot of online post orders are disappointing,unfortunately Fairygirl.

That is why we have this post.

Sorry I missed the connection. I'll probably find it soon. 

Thanks hun.

HELLO FORKERS March 2016 edition

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 20:37

Thanks Hazel --

Is the site due to be updated or will it be upgraded? lol.

MM106 apple tree spread.

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 20:25

Should not be too big . About 4M

Yellow balls in soil

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 20:22

Do they look like small lemons John236?





 If not they are most likely Fertiliser. These are worm eggs! (I know which ones I would prefer)





Levelling an area with top soil

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 20:15

Snap Dave Morgan?

......the good guys

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 20:12

Thanks Fairygirl.

What is Roy looking for exactly (I must have missed the other post. sorry)

Levelling an area with top soil

Posted: 24/03/2016 at 20:10

You are spot on CharleyD

Dig it up and level it, removing stones (tread it over after) Then leave it a bit to settle. 

Then cover with extra soil or compost (to fill holes and level again (tread it over).

After you have got it level then save yourself a fortune and grass seed it! You are at the perfect time to do this. Use boards to walk over it and keep it flat.

Turf has other problems and you still need to keep off it.

I'm sure others will agree.

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