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Leaves covering new grass seed

Posted: Yesterday at 13:24

I would remove excessive leaf buildup with a leaf blower. Just be careful to keep off the grass. Raking will cause all sorts of problems.

Don't worry too much about the seeds not getting enough light. Photosynthesis isn't vital at this stage you may want to pray for a huricane to help you out . A thin layer of leaves will hold the warmth of the soil in and that is a good thing. There should not be a problem with water getting through. A thin layer will soon break down. and the wind will help drying and blowing leaves away.

Sounds like a problem

Posted: Yesterday at 12:59

I would contact the waterboard and they will send someone out who may be able to tell you what the problem is (if there is one) and if the problem is down to them or if it is your problem. ether way you will get a definate answer and it should not cost anything for the information. 

Is it too late to sow a new lawn?

Posted: Yesterday at 12:45

I did not say spring isn't suitable. I said spring is not the best time. Autumn is.

The ground is much warm after the summer and there is more moisture about, the seed will get off to a better start before the winter and weeds will be at a minimal. Then, during the late autumn, a good root system will develop, as opposed to top growth, and your lawn will be in top notch order for the next spring and summer, ready to sustain hot, dry spells.

English summers can get hot, dry spells and if your new lawn is sown in the spring, a lot of watering will be needed to get growth started and to stop young seedlings from being scorched and killed off.

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Suitability for a couple of plants

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(literary: bright or luminous."birds dipped their wings in the lucid flow of air"synonyms:brightshining, gleaming, luminousradiantbrilliantglowingdazzlinglustrous, luminescent, phosphorescent;)

That pond is fantastic and you pretend to be a novice!

I have always loved snake head fritillary in the spring (April-May) and I think it would look great in your setting (if you can get the bulbs?)

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Hello Forkers.....It's October!

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Is Pat E from down under still with us or has she run off with verdon?

It must be wet under there with your late April showers?


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That insulation is great stuff and so easy to cut especially when free. 

I notice you have stacked loads of small block of wood at the bottom of that first pic? Where ever did they come from?

Citrus environment

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Sorry Potwoman 

 Do you have a greenhouse or consevatory even a well lit passage way that is enclosed? Not sure where you are from and what temps you have year round?

identification of evergreen shrub please

Posted: Yesterday at 01:24

Very difficult to tell from the back pic perhaps a Ficus or more like a Viburnum odoratissimum? the high gloss leaf with white vein should be a good giverway but I'm strugelling with this one and so are others with the responce time and no replys, on here. It looks like it could be a common british hedge type but needs closer pics please. where was it cut down from? 

Vermicomposting for begginers

Posted: Yesterday at 00:43

Hi. I moved and transported 4lb of worms with me. The old set up is still there and working well.

The new set up is working even better but I do have a good supply of horse manure and Comfrey with experience to help me. I'm still using shredded Daily Mail but we all know that the worms love s**t.

Apart from my regular PM's members who are now on the other site, does anyone have questions about new vermicomposting systems or may have a problems that they would like to ask me about while I am still here?



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