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Anyone can help me identify these?

Posted: Today at 02:54

echinops have spikes at the end of lobes. Not like this. They look like thistle leaves for the same reason as above and its hard to judge from one leaf. It could easily be recognized as one of that family. So please do not be too disappointed.

You could still be right.


The things we do for a bargain

Posted: Today at 02:41

Can't load photos today

Posted: Today at 02:06



Can't load photos today

Posted: Today at 01:28

GillianBC. Please put them legs away and sanjy67. Stop doing what ever you are doing. You lot are too cute to concentrate.

diggingdoris You have my full attention.

Things vary with what systems you/we are using. 

Hit, the green tree icon at the top and follow the instructions. When you get a error message (window) stop and hit return. Then wait a few seconds. It will show up. You have to wait just a few seconds more than it took to read this. If that helps. Give it time.


Posted: Today at 00:37

Pot on inside, harden off and then plant out. Give them warm rich soil and enjoy what happens.

Blue Onion.

I have struggled with salvia up north. I tried indoor/ and out, germination.  Grown on with my help but they seem to like late planting straight into the ground. They grow fast. I keep looking for early signs and worrying where they are?

Then I realise if they were wild, then mother nature has control. No matter how fast we try and start them off. One frost will kill them. 

They are perennial so stop trying to force them and let mother nature do her work.

We all try to force seeds to grow earlier for one reason, only??? WHY?

We are impatient and would like new blooms earlier. We would also like to be doing something when it is quiet at this time off year. We get bored and need to see results, unfortunately our impatience often results in failure!

You will never beat nature.

I will bet you now that you could not stop trying to grow your garden for one year, from this date?

Could you stop???? Do nothing?

Stupid thing is, you do not have tooooo! (you can have the extra ooo's)

Its a shame but that is why we are top of the chain link. 

You will never be able to take the bet, because you want to grow things, Just like all of the rest of us do. 

The question is good! 

Stop now! At this date and moment in time!/!

Do it (or try)  one day later you would not be able to find another interest!  and at this moment would be lost, so what is the point !!!!

You would never try it because you do not have the interest in anything else for a whole year without thinking about it. You could not sit back and watch mother nature do her destructive thing and let it happen while we enjoy our new/old world so much that we could not keep our fingers out of it.?

Could we?





Posted: Yesterday at 23:59

PS. 'Gazza'

From now.  (not)

The things we do for a bargain

Posted: Yesterday at 23:42

Wish I could get wood, it seems to have depleted lately. I think OH said Screwfix is cheep and what I need?

What DIY chain gives you wood  Steve the Gardening Vet?

EDIT: Cheep - a short, high squeaky cry made by a young bird. (sounds familiar) or 

Cheap - Relatively low in cost; inexpensive or comparatively inexpensive.

(There was no mention of free! My quieter,preferred and less hassle, option!!!

I will find wood soon. 

Making Nematode Soup from Slugs

Posted: Yesterday at 23:12
Trial-and-Error wrote (see)

  Thanks for sharing your experience.


Its fine but they have to be kept at the right temperature indoors over winter.

I have no problems with that but OH...

I started with Nemaslug in the soil to make sure they were there in the first place and continued.



Ideas for a end of garden mound?

Posted: Yesterday at 23:02

I think a picture would give us some idea of what you have. Use the tree icon above, to post pics.

Are you clearing/digging it out at the moment and struggling with extra soil. Or do you just want to cover it up and (possibly) make a feature out of it?

 Raised beds could be the answer but we would need a good nosey round your garden first. Just so we could help you out,of course.

Welcome by the way.


Posted: Yesterday at 22:43

Is Bill around for this one. Not heard from him of late? 

I am a bit concerned now.


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