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Posted: 20/07/2015 at 20:32

Did the watering system work then fidgetbones?

My OH has the same problems. She is away for a week with the LO in a caravan in Hartlepool. I'm away for 3-5 month and will miss her, every day. (well she does have control of my money!!!!

Its the long summer hols for my son, but it will make our Christmas for us all. 

Wish for the time he is older and we can all go together.


Posted: 20/07/2015 at 19:59

Wow 1Runnybeak1!

Can't believe you are 27 Now!. You have ingrowing rows of eyelash now??? There is no need to worry as your ears will follow!!!!

You are a beautiful person. Stop putting that black compost on to your eyes to make them grow and look good!!!. You know they are just for show!!!!

It's just a vanity thing and you know that! 

I will try and not priorities people when and if i get back, but get a life hun!

You do not need cover up makeup and if you must. I can offer VERDUN money to lie one here, to make it OK.???


Posted: 20/07/2015 at 19:32


I was impressed with cauliflower, as that is hard to do.

 3 Autumn sown onions? Was that 1st, 2nd , 3rd???

Tray of 5 different vegetables!?  This is hard to do. What did you include. 

Certain veg are hard to grow, but if you get them right on the tray then the judge has to give you points.

THAT IS THE WAY THEY HAVE TO WORK!!!! ( i did not understand this at first.)

I had 3 potatoes and 3 long beans (perfect) and 4 tomatoes (perfect) with 1 carrot (long), On a waxed white plate that you would use at a picnic !!!!!.

How you live and learn + win from that is a bonus. 




Posted: 20/07/2015 at 18:40


Not sure what to say to help comfort you.

You know i'm thinking for you.

Try some Bicarbonate of soda or Epsom salts, if not a bit of worm tea is always advised???

Please take my good luck and pass it on. Then tell me when I get back how you got on.  

I predict BIG smiles form you when I get back.


Once we set off, my batteries will be depleted in 3 days and no reception. 

When I get there, there is electric (thanks to me and others putting it up last year( all green)

But the adapters (plug sockets) are all industrial, round sockets. We have some huge Wagon and Submarine battery's, stored in the shed we built, but my phone plug or adapter will not fit.

Not sure how to say this but i do not think i will miss it

If all goes well i should be back in 3 month and (one day)  

But who knows what is going on? ( the captain i hope) 

Helped fixed the ship last year and then traveled and got sick for 2 weeks!

What can I say. I hope Ginger works this time. The herb helps and i hope i am not put down the head again. Trust me 2 week sea sick is not good. even when you step onto land and it continues.

Kind regards.




Posted: 20/07/2015 at 18:11

Hi 1Runnybeak1

You are obviously still a young one. (perhaps 26?)

After that, hairs grow out of every orifice and they hurts, when removed!!!.

Leave them but please take out the side shoots.



Posted: 20/07/2015 at 17:50

Stuck in Liverpool. Crew member did not show up . Will just have to wait!

GWRS. WOW! fantastic.  It's just like a savings bank with extras when you win!!!. Pays for the seed next year. 

So. so, Pleased you liked the showing side of things.

It is such a life booster, when you win and the money comes in handy.

There is big money up here with leeks and onions and lets not forget the potatoes!.

Buy some good seed plants from the auction. Shallots and big (heavy) onions are always a good thing, you can't beat a good bread, then grow them on! It will take time but a top prize could be yours.

You could be a world beater in a couple of years!!!!! 

I'm chuffed to bits for you, with your result and a little bit jealous.

Its worth the wait and time to get the conditions right



PS. It's hard to see what you won. Can you list them for me please.


You may have seen parts of this before?

Posted: 18/07/2015 at 23:15

Hey Nanny Beach.

I have rapid re-cycling Bipolar disorder as well!

It was called manic/depressive no result disorder when I was younger. 

It's when you come back with nought in your hands. It seriously affects your day.

Soil conditioners

Posted: 18/07/2015 at 23:04

You will never guess what I'm going to suggest.



Posted: 18/07/2015 at 22:39

Hi all.

Apologies to all for the other night. The Elder flower Champagne/wine took over. I had to add extra to make it the same strength as a bottle of wine!  Unfortunately I am more familiar with drinking pints and there is not many in a bottle of wine or five!    Forgive me please.   Not sure if you remember last year but at this time I headed off on a adventure to the Azores on a tall masted sooner to Valadouro (or close. it's on the google map.) I was working all the way from setting sail in Liverpool and was only sick for about 2 weeks!     This time I'm a guest but the weather does not look good again. We shall see!   New house, garden, water and electrics put in last time and worm bins, of course!   This time it is a extension for a new build using the timber we cut and dried from last year. Its a bit 'grand design' on a earth ship scale so I'm looking forward to it. Not sure about internet connection again so it could be 3 month to 5 month depending on weather. I will be back before Christmas.   Hope you all have a perfect summer/Autumn and all your seeds come true.    You will all know when I get back.    Kind regards.   Edd.    I head off early Sunday/Monday morning.

Unidentified cherry pest

Posted: 15/07/2015 at 01:25

Bl**dy hell Paul!!

Does the OH now you are infected???

Let us know how you get on please. I think we all need to know the answer.




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