London (change)

Edwin Reffell

About me:I have just had 376 crowns stolen by Allyourmusic.The weather was bad for gardening this year.No blackcurrants and scarcely any redcurrants or other fruit. 2 minute tomatoes from about 12 plants on my glazed balcony. Seedlings and plants withered and died. Invasion of insects, very small flies whose larvae destroy roots and seedlings. The coldest June for 50 years. Of kale, Brussel sprouts, carrots, parsnips, beetroot and kohlrabi sown only carrots came up because too cold (after +26 C when it should have been under +15 C so only 1 Summer stock may flower). Not a single plant survived from those few that germinated from a fresh packet each of broccoli and cauliflower seeds. 2 small remaining Joseph's coat of 10 plants from the most expensive seeds I have ever bought, an "easy" plant. Too hot inside for my busy lizzies and balsamines. No fruit or flower on my 2 metres tall tomatillo on the balcony. From last year's potatoes I made 3 rows this year. I have harvested a few radishes, some broad beans, lettuce, bush beans. rainbow chard, garden purslane,one long ?cubanella pepper, 2 zucchinis and by mistake a small carrot. If they have not been stolen I have a few beetroots, turnips, purple autumn radish, broccoli, Kenyan sukumawiki chards, Chinese amaranths and Kenyan amaranths and perhaps another Kenyan greens whose name escapes me. I planted the weakest tomato plants out. They are now the best. All my best plants were broken off when I fell and brought the table crashing to the floor after I had taken them in from the balcony when the temperature dropped from a high of 26 C to 4-13 C. The dahlias have just got buds. After the cold, dark, wet month of June which should have been the lightest month with summer temperatures we had a heatwave in July, Now are down to below 15 C and it is dark by 8 p.m. In other words it is probably too late to get fruit on tomatoes and peppers and flowers on dahlias and for amaranthus plants to thrive. 2014 has been catastrophic.
more coming soon...