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Posted: 04/04/2012 at 15:11

Hello Dave,

your seedlings could be affected by Damping off, which causes seedlings to collapse. Here is some information from the BBC website about the problem. Also, when you prick out seedlings, try to hold them by the leaves rather than the stem, as the stem is very susceptible to damage and infection. I hope you resolve the problem,


Bog gardening

Posted: 04/04/2012 at 14:54

Hello PRH,

That sounds like a wonderful idea. There are some great plants that you can use, often referred to as 'marginal plants'. Have a look at Joe Swift choosing marginal plants for a garden pond, or Chris Beardshaw growing marginal plants in a pot.

Good luck,

Emma team


Posted: 04/04/2012 at 12:23

Hi Percy,

What I'd like to know is what has happened in the past few years that you've been growing it. If you've already had it a few years, has it already self-seeded all over the garden and what did you do about that?

Emma team

How to plant a Rose??

Posted: 03/04/2012 at 15:34

Hello Raina,

To plant a shrub rose look at Monty's video.

Also have a look at our rose pruning project.

Also see our taking rose cuttings advice - you could get some from your friends for free.

And finally, here are some great tips in our feature Five ways to grow better roses

I hope you enjoy your plants,

Emma team


Posted: 03/04/2012 at 15:23

Hello seed storers,

For those of you who are into science here's a link to Kew's information on how long seeds can live . You'll see that mung beans and an African grass called teff are particularly impressive. Storage and the genetics of the species in question are very important. I never give up on an old packet but I wouldn't use up my best fresh compost by sowing old seeds in it.

Emma team

Patio Apple/Pear Tree

Posted: 03/04/2012 at 13:01

Hello James,Karen,Katie,

A trick that gardeners like to perform from time to time is to graft several different cultivars onto the same rootstock. You would then have, for example, different apple varieties that can pollinate each other. It's a method of producing fruit in a small space. It's called a family tree (good pun). A quick internet search reveals a few examples of apple and pear grafting, but if you want fruit I would recommend buying two sure fire compatible varieties of the same genus. They need to flower at the same time too!

Enjoy it,

Emma team

Small green eggs? in compost.

Posted: 03/04/2012 at 12:40

Hello Pink Wellies,

Slow release fertiliser sometimes comes as greenish balls. Some composts contain this kind of fertiliser. The packet would have wording on it to say that plant food was included in the mix. Vine weevil eggs are cream/white, gradually turning brown.

Emma team

rose arch dilemma

Posted: 03/04/2012 at 12:28

Hello Lesley 4,

Just a word of caution about hops, have a look at Adam's blog on growing a golden hop. As you can see it started off being well-behaved, and then...Be careful when you invite things into your garden!

Emma team

Broad Beans

Posted: 02/04/2012 at 16:54

Hello Paslode,

Broad beans are pretty hardy. I've got some on my veg plot that have been out all winter. However, please make sure you harden them off before planting them out. This involves gradually exposing them to the cold and open air by placing them somewhere sheltered. As we're due to have frost soon you need to be a little careful. You could put them somewhere cool indoors, like an unheated conservatory/greenhouse while they acclimatise to cooler conditions.

Emma team

2 for 1 entry

Posted: 02/04/2012 at 16:42

Hello Melli,

The 2for1 entry offer will be in the May issue of Gardeners' World Magazine.


Emma team

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