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Delphinium Delfix Rose

Posted: 26/07/2015 at 18:48

Hi All

I'd be grateful for some help.  I bought some plants to fill a bit of the front border a week or so ago.  All plants are doing well except for a plant I bought called Delphinium Delfix Rose.  For some reason the flowers have all but disappeared and the plant seems generally thin and lanky.  As with the other plants (Astilbe, Campanula, Phlox, Heuchera, Ruben, Salvia, Geum) I ensured it was well watered, had good soil conditions (used compost at base of roots and infill) and also added some feed.  All other plants seem to be settling in absolutely perfectly except for these.  It is in a bit of an exposed site so I am thinking of moving it but I don't want to cause further disruption if not necessary.  I'm not sure if sometimes plants might need time to adjust.  

I've noticed this for the last few days.  

I would offer to take a picture but it's pouring down with heavy rain so might have to wait until it clears.  

I'm not a very professional gardener but I have spent some time doing lots of research and lots of careful planning.  I've transferred many plants before ensuring they are in the right spot etc but I'm struggling with this one.

I haven't had professional testing but I am confident we have clay soil, however the beds have been worked so well for the last decade or so I'm not sure the clay is anywhere near the surface.  I bought the property from my grandfather who loved his garden and one many local prizes for his flowers and had many admirers so I know the soil has been well cared for before we moved in a couple of years ago.

Do I move it to try and recover it or wait and see what happens. 

Many thanks for any help



Dahlia planting

Posted: 31/05/2015 at 14:28

Thanks Dorcas.  I've tried grit, crushed egg shells, coffee grounds ... anything and everything and nothing works.  I've already done my fair share of evening patrols this year  Hopefully I can try and stop them from eating the ground shoots this year.  For the few I have in pots a little bit of copper tape has done a fabulous job.  A few nibbles but they could've been from anything.  



Climbers in pots?

Posted: 31/05/2015 at 10:49

I have passionflower in a pot that is new but getting on very well.  I am also aware of others who have both clematis and honeysuckle in pots.  I'm not sure of jasmine.  Ivy might also do well in pots.  I assume best way to help them succeed is ensuring soil is of good suitable quality and providing good support (both of which I think are already mentioned above).

burnt lawn

Posted: 31/05/2015 at 10:46

Can I jump on this lawn problem thread?  


I have daffodils amongst my lawn in varying patches.  One patch is large at approx 2m x 1.5m.  The problem is that when the green leaves of the daffs have died back and I mow the lawn, the remaining grass is yellow.  Can anyone advise on how I can prevent this?  I'm going to try feeding and watering but I wonder if that will be enough?


The daffs are still in full green at the moment.  

Dahlia planting

Posted: 31/05/2015 at 09:48

I have two lots of dahlias.  I've taken on my grandfather's garden after he passed away last March.  The original Dahlias (for which he was locally famous and won so many prizes) are kept in the ground all year round.  However slugs are my recent problem for these when they first start shooting.  

I bought other Dahlias (Bishop of Llandaff) but I plant these out in pots and protect with a strip of copper tape.  These seem to be doing well at the moment.  The ground dahlias tend not to start shooting for another month or so. 

birds in my garden

Posted: 03/01/2015 at 15:17

Just realised my starting sentence of second paragraph might have sounded a little inappropriate - so so sorry

birds in my garden

Posted: 03/01/2015 at 15:17

I'm not quite sure if it is acceptable to jump on this thread but here goes...

Today I've been a little under the weather and after the rush of the Christmas and New Year holidays I have taken camp in my bedroom with laptop and camera.  Using the audio facilities and bird descriptions on the RSPB website and zooming in on pictures taken on the camera, I have found that we have the obvious and regular blue tits, great tits, wrens, blackbirds, sparrows, robins, thrush etc but I also have a visiting bullfinch (2nd or 3rd visit to garden in last month or so), chaffinches, goldfinches and I think I've seen a goldcrest.  My partner does not have the same excitement as I do so I thought I would find somewhere online to share my findings instead.  What a delightful day to forget the pains and aches of my throat/head etc.  I have nyger seeds on order which I am definitely going to place somewhere in the garden but am also thinking of getting some other seeds (sunflower hearts or something) to further attract the bullfinch.  

This year I left a lot of the rose hips, seed heads, dead plants in situ after they have passed.  I've also created the odd pile of sticks etc around the back of the garden and I wonder if these have all contributed.  

Now that I've aired my thoughts I'm off the get the lemon and honey

Thanks for reading in advance

Hope you've all had a lovely start to 2015



P.s. I'm super exciting at the bullfinch!!  Yikes!!  


Average Spend in garden centre

Posted: 14/11/2014 at 22:28

Hi Nic, 

I live in quite a rural area.  I would love a quality garden centre near me that offered quality local organic material (mulch type - manure etc), quality plants and quality advice all of which at competitive prices.  I often find myself googling online for compost etc trying to find the most economical way around it.  I'd love so much to have a one stop shop and massively support local.  One quality of being local, you would have great knowledge of soil conditions.

I am very new to gardening so perhaps I don't know the good tricks of the trade yet, or maybe I'm wrong in what I'm thinking.

Weed or flower?

Posted: 14/11/2014 at 11:07

I've also heard that alliums are good companion plants for fruit trees, and they look fab.

remind me please

Posted: 14/11/2014 at 11:04

Sounds like you'll have a fantastic show next year if all pull through.  I'm tempted to grow from seed myself but lacking confidence at the moment.  Would be great to see pics next year when they come through

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