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Yet more moss in lawn advice needed

Posted: Today at 06:31

Thank you all for your advice.  Horrified to see how much more expensive gardening supplies are this year.  Will be shopping around.  I intend to scarify first, apply chemicals then scarify again.  I have resigned myself to having to fight the moss every spring.  It always looks great in summer and autumn and this year is probably the best the grass has looked so early in the year.  Still looking for perfection though!

Yet more moss in lawn advice needed

Posted: 25/03/2017 at 08:04

I have always used a granular weed, feed and mosskiller but have read recently that a liquid mosskiller is better.  What do you think and if I use a liquid would it help to scarify first or wait until it dies off?  If I scarified first I would be able to compost the moss which would be an advantage rather than have to take endless bags to the tip. Oh yes........and which mosskiller do you prefer?

Wild garlic pesto

Posted: 24/03/2017 at 21:17

Thanks Peggy, seems that I am going to have a lot of experimenting to do!  You are talking about regular basil pesto with walnuts?

Why have the bluetits attacked the wire of my nest cam?

Posted: 23/03/2017 at 18:47

Mike, I think this might be a privacy issue.  😉

Wild garlic pesto

Posted: 23/03/2017 at 13:57

Thank you everyone, I shall start with pine nuts then experiment with later batches.  Never thought of freezing it, makes sense as wildgarlic is seasonal.  One recipe I read suggests using the flowers with the leaves but right now, before the flowers appear, it looks perfect for eating.  Torg's recipe made my mouth water.  Once the garlic harvest is over I shall try it.  

Wild garlic pesto

Posted: 23/03/2017 at 10:52

The woods are awash with a sea of fresh, green wild garlic so I thought I would try to make pesto.  Every recipe I look at uses different nuts, pignuts (whatever they are), pinenuts, hazelnuts, almonds, almost every type of nut I've heard of.  Have any of you experimented and if so which nuts do you feel works best?

What do I need to do to this?!

Posted: 21/03/2017 at 07:41

Have a look at crassula, it's the nearest I can find.

What do I need to do to this?!

Posted: 21/03/2017 at 07:31

I root mine in a glass of water on the window ledge.  Inherited the plant so no idea what it is.  Sorry.


Posted: 20/03/2017 at 22:01

It will give me great pleasure to cook the leaves.  Thank you for that Dove. 😀


Posted: 20/03/2017 at 21:49

Dove, do you just use the leafy bit or the stem as well?

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