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Talkback: Couch grass

Posted: 14/04/2012 at 13:48
My experience is of a couch grass infested allotment.
The best advice I've had is:

Clear out a small area at a time very thoroughly - rather than doing a half-hearted job in a big area. Gradually extend the clear area as you have time.

Once you've cleared a space pretty well, plant something like spuds that cover the area and go down deep. Once you've harvested the spuds, you can make sure the area is really clear for planting other crops the following year. Then next time plant your potatoes in the new area you've cleared.

I've heard that drowning the couch grass is a good idea so that it can then be composted. Does anyone have experience of this method - does it work - or any other suggestions for dealing with couch grass waste?
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