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My seedlings

Posted: 25/03/2014 at 19:52

There's so many things you can start seeds in. The wet-kitchen-towel-freezer-bag method is only recommendable for beans and peas... things with big 'seeds', so you can count out the ones that aren't going to sprout. Still, I'd definitely recommend planting right in soil. I've been experimenting and started seeds in a number of different places and ways. The ones I used the bag method on are a lot slower than the ones I've had in my windowsill propagators. I would advise you get at least one of those, they're really great! They don't have to be heated, just the cheap kind, I only paid £1.99 for mine at QD. I've got them in my east and west windows and they work great, solid results within days. They're good too because they come with a watering tray so you can water them from the bottom.
Another good thing I have is watering trays with capillary mats. They're a bit pricier at £4.99 for two of them, but I just sit little peat pots on them (from the 99p store) or those expanding peat pellets and water from the bottom also. You can also use egg boxes or toilet rolls with one end cut into strips and folded up to make a bottom.
I wouldn't put anything outside this time of year until it's at least a foot tall, and even then I'd put it in the mini greenhouse. Those are great also, I got mine for £7.99 from QD and I'm thinking of getting another because I got the three-tier although I would advise getting the four-tier - better value, uses the same amount of space but you get more space inside it.

Bed with varying light conditions - how to use shaded area

Posted: 25/03/2014 at 19:39

Thank you for your tips, Stacey! I have that little gooseberry plant... it's just a little wee thing at the moment so I'll pot it up and wait till it's a little bigger to put near the shady area.

I also had the idea of possibly putting a mushroom log there!

Bed with varying light conditions - how to use shaded area

Posted: 23/03/2014 at 14:47

I edited that hahaha, no idea where my mind was going at the time!

That's great to know that you could grow all these things, and early varieties are the ones I have invested in so that is great.

Bed with varying light conditions - how to use shaded area

Posted: 23/03/2014 at 14:30

Hi there guys

I have just moved into a new flat, and it has a lovely, big patio with a 4x1m stretch of soil at the back, so I am hoping to start my first fruit and veg garden. I found this soil does reach deeper than a spade, although it is extremely rocky. The soil quality is on the sandy side, but as I can't afford all the new soil + compost I'd need for proper raised beds, I've decided to strain as many rocks as I can out and use them to create borders so I can raise the beds just slightly, and improve the existing soil with however much compost I can get my hands on.

The problem is, the patio  is west facing, and this bed runs along the west wall, so a third of it is sunny, a third is partially shady and a third is in full shade. Furthermore, the buildings all around it add to the problem. I'm fairly confident I could grow raspberries, cauliflower or some herbs in the sunny corner if I build the soil enough. In the partially shaded bit I am thinking of peas, french beans, broccoli and maybe some lettuces. I am stumped though for what to do with the shaded bit. The soil is more waterlogged here, and I don't want to dump loads of compost into it if it has no chance of growing anything anyway. Will leafy greens grow in full shade, so I can have a little salad bar here? I also have a little gooseberry plant that I'm training at the moment, I heard gooseberry does well in full shade. If I keep that potted until it's bigger, and then plant it in the shady corner, would that be a solution?
Of course I am also using plenty of containers and vertical solutions on the sunny north and east walls, but I want to make the best use of all the earth I have here, any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Here are some pictures to illustrate the problem and show the soil quality. 







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Bed with varying light conditions - how to use shaded area

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