Eve Christmas

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Fuchsia 'Mrs Popple' Hardy fuchsia

Posted: 21 January 2013
Overall: Simple to grow, lovely to look at this fuchsia is simple to propagate, and is very forgiving. It grows just as well in a pot as in the soil, the flowers are plentiful and prolific, the leaves a darkish green which form a lovely background for the flowers. You won't regret buying or aquiring this one.:D

Fuchsia 'Checkerboard' Fuchsia

Posted: 21 January 2013
Overall: This is a delightful fuchsia, lovely clean colours and forms a nice shape. Depends on where you are how it survives the cold weather, I've had them survive in a pot on a sheltered patio, covering with fleece on severe frosty nights. However, I generally take cuttings of my favourite fuchsia plants to ensure survival and keep them inside or, now I have my greenhouse, I'm trying some in there. They survived when I lived in Doncaster, but now I'm in East Yorkshire I'm not so confident. Will let you know!!