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Blank Canvas

Posted: Yesterday at 18:59

What direction does the wall face Katie? That's important when you choose plants. If there are good little holes there it's quite easy and it can look tremendous. We had a large wall at last house which supported the terrace above it. Very neglected,  but a good clean up and some new plants and it looked totally different. It was south west facing so I  used dark red sempervivums, small shocking pink geraniums and  white trailing dianthus and repeat planted those. There were lots of little self seeded ferns already there which I left as well. I initially put in some lovely dark ajuga but I knew it probably would be far too dry for it, which it was, so I had to replace those.  I pushed the plants in with a bit of compost and then used chicken wire squashed in to hold them in place.  


Posted: Yesterday at 18:48

Well - new ISA sorted with oldest daughter, shopping done and  sausage casserole in oven for me and youngest - her request as older sis at work 

Had to look back at BL's cat situation - so sorry , but as others have said - you gave her a nice few weeks. You couldn't have done more.

If I don't get out walking properly soon, doc will be able to hit my a*** with a banjo.... while wearing a blindfold...

Before the darkness

Posted: Yesterday at 18:22

I can't tell whether I'm pruning or digging in the daylight nut...

It's ok Verd - I'm putting mine back 2 hours tonight so that I'll be right tomorrow night... 

Lyn offline

Posted: Yesterday at 16:17

What a nuisance for her Fishy. Some phone lines in more rural areas are a bit dodgy. We had problems at  last house as the exchange was 'damp' - whatever that means! Hopefully she'll be all joined up soon 

Stones to use in wildlife pond

Posted: Yesterday at 16:14

I don't think there's much to worry about Col. I've had rocks like these in a few ponds , they were all full of wildlife, and at my last house we had lots of fish too - it was a big pond so plenty of room for everything. 

I'll let you know if everything dies in this one though...


Posted: Yesterday at 15:46

lily - re the clematis - I once sent my sis a birthday card along the same lines....


Posted: Yesterday at 15:42

Trachycarpus fortunei is the one which is hardy in Britain - that would give you a tropical sort of look. That era benefited from all the plant hunting and technological advances of the previous century so exotics were very fashionable.  Phormiums would work too if you want an architectural look to go with the building. Fatsia japonica if you want something with big  foliage. You could  create something very stylish if you use the right plants. A bit of symmetry and some more floral stuff for the spring and summer 

I agree with art about the fake grass. It will help with the look and is definitely better than paving big areas. Some people are snobbish about using it but the new stuff is very good.  

Blank Canvas

Posted: Yesterday at 15:28



Posted: Yesterday at 15:28

doc - only problem is that polar bears run a bit faster than cows...

and why are you using banjos instead of a gun? I think you need to question the credentials of that instructor...

Interesting about Negrita - it's a very nice tulip. I've not bought any this year but I always use pots for them because of the conditions. If you're successful I may try that!

Weather is clearing up a little bit - at last. I've done nowt today  

Blank Canvas

Posted: Yesterday at 15:10

Gotta love a nice wall artjak  

My raised beds and apple tree boxes weren't expensive to create - they just take a bit of time and effort. Well worth it as pots or large containers can be very expensive and you can get more scope for planting if you make your own. 

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