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Posted: Yesterday at 19:44

Recording and watching Dove 

I think Sonya Yoncheva is stunning 


Posted: Yesterday at 19:31


Off to watch Placido on BBC4 now - lovely jubbly  

have a good evening all 


Posted: Yesterday at 19:00

I don't usually have anything to drink with my meals Dove... unless my tea's gone cold  



Posted: Yesterday at 18:55

archie - you've set the bar pretty high going to Monte Carlo this year....

better start saving now 

DD - when my girls are at their dad's it means I can just heat something up and it does feel like a treat. I suppose cooking becomes a bit of a chore after so many years especially when it's for (often unimpressed) children. 

Black Friday bargains

Posted: Yesterday at 18:35

Edd -  pick a  window - you're leaving....

you couldn't pay me to eat one of those though   ....right enough!


Posted: Yesterday at 18:31

archie - are you going to be the man who broke the bank?....

Have a lovely time with  Mrs archie 

Hope you feel a bit better tomorrow BL, Ggirl and LilyP. Shingles is a horrible thing so fingers crossed it's not that LP. Everyone around me is full of horrible colds and whatnot so I hope I don't succumb 

Chilli and baked tattie for me as it's leftover night - girls away 

To deck or not to deck.....!

Posted: Yesterday at 18:27

It will be worth it. If you can get some manure to put on your veg plot to leave over winter, that will really benefit you. I did something similar last year as I created a border along part of the new boundary fence. When the plants went in during spring they really took off . Just keep telling yourself it will be great in another year. I was beginning to despair earlier this year as the garden looked dreadful and I felt a bit daunted with the amount I still had to do, but it's almost there and I know by next summer it will be a much more  useful space. 

Christmas Door Garland/Wreath

Posted: Yesterday at 18:11
ginagibbs wrote (see)

 I dont bother with a Christmas tree as we dont have kids, and they are so expensive.

You're right gina - especially to feed and clothe....

It's ok - I knew what you meant 


I always used to do a garland for the top of mantlepieces when I had them. Had a set of lights that I draped through them and just used whatever greenery I had in the garden and added some small baubles and big pillar candles on dishes in amongst it. Those glass lanterns with some greenery round them would look good  on a mantle.


To deck or not to deck.....!

Posted: Yesterday at 18:04

I have the same problem here with muddy boots and clay soil Gemma 

The bonus is that when you get it in good heart you can grow plants really well in it  -as you've found with your veg plot. I've always had clay soil to garden in and it can take time to get it right but it's a great medium. This summer and autumn have been very dry so it's helped enormously with all the digging I've been doing.

 Looking forward to seeing your pond gradually develop. You have a lovely site for the garden 


Posted: Yesterday at 16:43

Oh I do like Cleve Dove  

I don't like mince pies     ...though yours do look good enough to eat Lyn!  

Hope your Mum enjoyed them 

Been sorting out my Canna - cut it back and put it in a little makeshift cold frame thingy. Bit more gravel has been shifted. Sick of the sight of it...

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