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Posted: Today at 12:57

Phloem bundles sounds like something that cats cough up lily....

Just as well I eat my nanas green 

doc- quite sad that professional people are like that, Just shows that even with all the medical progress made, we really haven't come very far 

I've been cleaning and organising some space in the kitchen for the drier getting delivered later today. Not really got room for it in there but I can't stand having washing lying around the house to dry on various 'things'. It will go in the new bit when it's built -if that ever happens 

Time for some lunch and possibly get out as it's trying to clear up 

Pleached hedging advice

Posted: Today at 11:01

Hornbeam is ideal as felixstowe gardener says. Beautiful for any type of hedging. It will take a fair bit of time and effort to achieve though. Good luck with it if you decide to go ahead.

Before the darkness

Posted: Today at 10:35

I often seem to lose days fact I'd lost a whole week at work because we had an order to be completed for the 29th and I thought that was next weekend 

and when daughter's off school I'm completely lost as to what day it is 

The clock change in spring never affects me but this one does. Is it something to do with the fact that the spring one is 'optimistic' and the autumn one... just isn't 


Posted: Today at 10:31

I've  always wanted Everest Woody. I'm sure you can spare one can't you? Pretty please 

You could get a pair of braces for your jeans BL 

Sorry KEF - never thought of that  and no, I didn't wash them Pauline - no room in the machine 

LP- I don't think a one off treatment would do much for my back - maybe about twenty 

Glad the finger's a bit better MrsG. It's weird when the nail comes off though isn't it?

I'm with you Forester - bananas have to be green for me. I used to work with someone who called them 'giraffey' when they started to get really yellow with the brown spotty markings. Very apt!  


Posted: Today at 08:53

Mine often get a bit yellow at this time of year and through the winter because of heavy rain. As long as they're in good gritty soil and not sitting in wet conditions long term, they recover. As mine are all in pots I sometimes move them into the shelter of the house if there's prolonged rain...if I remember  


Posted: Today at 08:49

Morning all. You'd need more than a brolly if you landed here fidget 

Hang on to your pants though...Clari's have turned up in my garden so I hung them up to dry...

 Congrats Auntie Panda. 

Blank Canvas

Posted: Yesterday at 18:59

What direction does the wall face Katie? That's important when you choose plants. If there are good little holes there it's quite easy and it can look tremendous. We had a large wall at last house which supported the terrace above it. Very neglected,  but a good clean up and some new plants and it looked totally different. It was south west facing so I  used dark red sempervivums, small shocking pink geraniums and  white trailing dianthus and repeat planted those. There were lots of little self seeded ferns already there which I left as well. I initially put in some lovely dark ajuga but I knew it probably would be far too dry for it, which it was, so I had to replace those.  I pushed the plants in with a bit of compost and then used chicken wire squashed in to hold them in place.  


Posted: Yesterday at 18:48

Well - new ISA sorted with oldest daughter, shopping done and  sausage casserole in oven for me and youngest - her request as older sis at work 

Had to look back at BL's cat situation - so sorry , but as others have said - you gave her a nice few weeks. You couldn't have done more.

If I don't get out walking properly soon, doc will be able to hit my a*** with a banjo.... while wearing a blindfold...

Before the darkness

Posted: Yesterday at 18:22

I can't tell whether I'm pruning or digging in the daylight nut...

It's ok Verd - I'm putting mine back 2 hours tonight so that I'll be right tomorrow night... 

Lyn offline

Posted: Yesterday at 16:17

What a nuisance for her Fishy. Some phone lines in more rural areas are a bit dodgy. We had problems at  last house as the exchange was 'damp' - whatever that means! Hopefully she'll be all joined up soon 

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