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Posted: Today at 10:04

Brian - didn't you know - it's really 'Rent a gigolo'...  

I'd have to agree with Dove. Over time, many members here have got to 'know' one another and therefore chat privately or meet up for outings. Not quite the same thing as posting it all openly. Very unwise to use real names or divulge private info for the world to see    

To cut everything down, or leave.

Posted: Today at 09:35

I don't like messy either. I use a lot of evergreen planting though - necessary here as the winter drags on and on and spring is often late, cold and wet, so it's important to have something bright and cheery to look at every day. If I had to wait till decent spring weather to tidy up, the garden would look pretty poor for a long time. Like Verdun, I have wildlife visiting and I hope that will increase. This was a very sterile garden when I moved in but there are now plenty of areas for insects etc to overwinter and birds are fed every day through the winter.I protect the odd plant which will need it but I mainly grow hardy stuff. If something doesn't survive severe cold weather I'm not sentimental - I'll replace it. I see it as an opportunity.


Posted: Today at 09:22

Morning all. Think you all need to move here - wall to wall sun after a frost  

No excuses for not shovelling gravel then...

Keep all your lurgies to yourself please. Tuck up warm - and plenty of hot drinks is always a good cure  

Off for a look round. Wasn't on last night...wonder why...  


Posted: Yesterday at 16:21

Hope you enjoy 'the Madame' BL. Do you sing along to 'one fine day'...or is that just me....

Bob - know the feeling when you get something dug out and replaced with a more suitable specimen. You'll enjoy that burst of colour when it appears 

Progress made with my paths but the rain and light beat me. Will start to get the proper stuff down tomorrow now that all the prep is done.  Can I borrow your sofa again chicky? Think I may be dozing later  

Get the adblocker lily. No more **** 

Glad I never had to experience what you're going through with your mum Verd. Big old hug from me. 


Posted: Yesterday at 14:44



Posted: Yesterday at 14:44

Hmmm. Lots of masts round here...and shed loads of wasps and bees 

Christine Walkden Fans

Posted: Yesterday at 14:42

I have to agree with you Salino. I haven't posted on this thread as I haven't watched the programmes - I don't like the woman at all. Each to their own eh? 


Posted: Yesterday at 14:39

Bette Midler is ...well....divine 

Won't mention it as such Matty, but....glad you're doing ok 

Are you sure it's the dog that's eating the leftovers Verd? 

Had to come in as it's raining a bit now but finally got the last bit of 'stuff' dug, including sawing some large tree roots out  ( why is the last bit always the worst? )  so I'll go and start shovelling gravel in a moment or three. Keeps me off the streets I suppose... 


Posted: Yesterday at 14:34

What about the soup and salmon and pate - don't you have a starter then Charlie?....

you missed the pigs in blankets too  

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