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Rescuing soil after years of membrane and stones?

Posted: Today at 17:19

Good stuff - now you can crack on with what you want to  plant sooner than you thought. Add extra nutrition anyway when you start putting plants in 


Posted: Today at 17:17

I've bumped it up KEF

Anyone done any gardening today?

Posted: Today at 17:17

Bumping up for KEF  

I've deadheaded and taken pix  

Off to do the grass now

Camera Corner

Posted: Today at 17:15

I think that's Phacelia Clarice but not 100% sure


Posted: Today at 17:05

You can have this - it's the last bit

 and if I eat it, I'll need to add another hill on tomorrow to pay for it  

Can You Identify this Bird?

Posted: Today at 17:04

It always saddens me. There aren't that many red kites up here as it is. As Dove says, the grouse industry is huge and while I also support that, the negative image often portrayed has to be stamped out.

'Someone' knows exactly what they're doing - and should be held to account.


Posted: Today at 16:57

Did it flower RB? The seed pods should form afterwards. Perhaps it's just getting a decent rootball just now?

Been so lousy here mine thinks it's spring and is flowering - along with the pasqueflowers  


Posted: Today at 16:54

Can someone please explain what's going on? I feel a bit like Margo in the Good Life....

or are you having some kind of breakdown Verd? 

Camera Corner

Posted: Today at 16:48

I had a chance to get a good pic last night  when I was about to go and collect daughter. Sky was clear with a brilliant moon, but there was a huge bank of black clouds moving in front of it. Shafts of light from the moon were just showing in behind them giving an eerie,but quite beautiful effect. 


Posted: Today at 14:03

That's the best kind of rabbit Hosta  

BL - it could have been worse - it could have been you that was vibrating   

I'll get me coat 

1 to 10 of 9,352

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