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compost bin alive with slugs

Posted: Today at 08:09

Just turn it anyway gsdff - that's what I do with mine.  You can buy twirly plunger things (sorry not sure of the proper name ) made specifically for the purpose.  It's like a big corkscrew which you push down into the bin, and when you lift it out it mixes all the contents to keep it health and help it rot down quicker. 

You might have been better making it a bit lower so that you can get into it more easily though. Have you got a stepladder? 

Novice needing advice!

Posted: Today at 08:01

Hi Abbi, I know you're keen to have an evergreen but if you have a big enough frontage on the house you could have two different plants, and you could have a different one for each aspect. For an evergreen,I'd echo obelixx's suggestion of pyracantha - there's a sandstone house near me which has one right up the corner and it's stunning just now - dense and covered in yellow berries. The climbing hydrangea is beautiful and would be happy in that side aspect as BL says - gorgeous flowers and autumn colour.  Don't rule out Virginia creeper either as it's autumn  colour is worth waiting for and if it's an older building, it really enhances it. I know lots of people find it's too  vigorous, but you'll always have some maintenance with climbers on a house wall anyway. 

I personally wouldn't choose honeysuckle because I think it's growth habit means it never looks happy on a wall. Better when it's scrambling over something. 


Posted: Today at 07:50

Morning all. Lovely pix Liri - Garden Gallery is the place as others have said, and it lets  people see them who don't come on this thread very often. Lovely view of that church  

Yvie - if you can get some outdoor clear sealant, you can use it on the crack on your pot. It'll keep it going for quite a while. Use a plastic pot inside for the plants rather than plant directly into it. You could even try some of the instant grab adhesives available now, although I don't know if there's an outdoor one, or some instant mortar on the inside 

Exciting day fro you OL - hope it goes really well for you both 

Dry again here but cloudy. Still waiting for some rain...anyone got any ? 


Posted: Yesterday at 21:19

I do love a buzzard...couldn't eat a whole one ....

It really wasn't funny Liri. Lost a lot of eyelashes, but the health visitor told me a man younger than me had just died from c.pox so I guess I was lucky  



You must be weary chicky. Feet up. 

That's what I'm doing now. Night all 


Garden Gallery 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 20:14

They're lovely pix BL - I particularly like the cyclamen  

I took one of the window in my screen today. I stuck the canna at the back now that it's finished and it was pretty with the sun coming in from the side. Please ignore the messy bit of grass  - it'll be a path by next year.


 and the planting by the little pond has it's new gravel. Just needs the pond plants,a top up and a few tweeks  now to set it up for next year 




Posted: Yesterday at 20:01

Evening all. Been glorious here all day. Think we're getting that Cornish weather here now 

and it's light till later too OL.... Pity you didn't get your pot. 

One of my work colleagues children had H,F and M recently. Mine missed most of these things fortunately, they had chicken pox...which they kindly gave to me  

Been busy but did sit down on the bench for my lunch and a couple of cuppas and watched the three buzzards gliding up above. The robin was busy in the feeder - think he gets annoyed with me when I'm working round there and he can't get in for his snack 

Note to self - not a good idea to keep painting timber right next to the washing...at least it wasn't a white one today 

Beech Hedging

Posted: Yesterday at 19:33

At this time of year you'd normally be able to water a bit less but, as you've only just planted them, you need to make sure they're not going short until they're nicely established. It depends how water retentive your soil is too.  In another month or so there will be enough rain to keep them going so just keep an eye on them for now. 

Bulbs in Pots

Posted: Yesterday at 10:27


We had big banks of snowdrops along our boundary at last house . They were happy because it was always damp from the pond run off, so nut's right, just watch those don't get dehydrated.

Bulbs in Pots

Posted: Yesterday at 09:59

Owen - I don't want any siberian 'squalls'  - it gets cold enough here! 

Apologies for that bad joke 

I'd just keep them somewhere outside - a quiet shady corner - till they're starting to grow and then you can put them where you want to see them. Bulbs don't really need any feeding as the bulb contains all the food already, but you can give them a liquid feed as they die back just to give them a boost for the following year. 

It's all quite shameful...

Posted: Yesterday at 09:48

You old curtain twitcher David 

Maybe she has a toyboy on the go.

David seems to know an awful lot about this neighbour ...I'm putting two and two together....

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