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Posted: Today at 12:14

No lily. 1st of December in this house and not a day before apart from daughter making her cake the other day.

Hard school here....

Andy's from our neck of the woods Lesley - he's about half an hour south of me 

Training a clematis

Posted: Today at 12:10

Daryl - I have a similar set up for summer clematis and I just do the same as chicky. Some of mine have about 18 inches to reach the trellis and a few will have the canes removed as they don't need pruning back hard so the framework will remain. I do train them across the space but the theory is the same as you can see in the pic below.

You can also add a length of wire on vine eyes to bridge the gap if you prefer. It's almost invisible especially once the plants grow a bit.


Enlarging a pond

Posted: Today at 12:02

Think nut's gone out Sbeetle 

I think you could do it either way. If you can get everything into the new pond it will all settle down quite quickly so if you're able to get the new pond ready just get all the contents in right away. I think nut just meant don't leave anything in the bottom of the box as it's the part of the pond that supports so much wildlife.  

What is this pond plant please?

Posted: Today at 10:32

It does keep the water clear. It also looks a bit like Brooklime which has little blue flowers. I think it's a relation of Veronica.  Often these things come in from other pond plants if you've bought any, or bits dropped by birds.Duckweed certainly does that. 

What is this pond plant please?

Posted: Today at 10:20

Did you stick some watercress in the pond Victoria? It looks like that 


Posted: Today at 09:45

All fixed Dove - nice and quick. Fortunately didn't need the second part so that saved me a fair bit  

I sound like a stereotypical mean Scot don't I? 

I'll get on with all your washing up now....

pictures have gone

Posted: Today at 09:41




Posted: Today at 09:37

Aye Liri - you'll need to nail everything down up there now...including yer wellies 

But when we get the weather ...nowhere on earth can compare  

Autumn Colour

Posted: Today at 09:29

Terrific colour from those Acers, Ribes and blueberry. 


Holly Bush monoecious or dioecious ?????

Posted: Today at 09:14

Perhaps Blue Princess is like Bee caviar pansyface 

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