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Moving house

Posted: Yesterday at 20:47

Might as well leave the heads till the whole stem dies back unless you have a few which haven't gone to seed yet. You can usually separate bulbs quite easily if they've got a bit congested. Just tease them apart gently and re plant each one giving it a bit more room. Best to do it when they're dormant probably, although I've done it after flowering without too much problem. It's just a question of keeping an eye on them and not letting them get dried out if you do. You might see some small bulbils forming around the main bulbs - those will eventually become full sized bulbs. 

The lily beetles are a pain. I haven't had too much problem up here with them, but it's just a case of being vigilant, early on in particular. They're sneaky little b***ers!

what to put here

Posted: Yesterday at 20:27

I have Osmanthus burkwoodii in a shady spot rosemummy, and it's growing very happily. Nice scented flowers in early spring. Might be earlier where you are too. 

I'd echo the Lonceras as well. They're great foliage plants and you can clip and trim them whenever you want especially if they take over the spot they're in. I have one called Golden Glow which is a nice bright green if it's in a shady spot. It's a good foil for other foliage shapes and colours.

I put a pic of it on the garden gallery (or star in your garden) thread with a buddleia just the other day.


Posted: Yesterday at 20:05

Piece of roasted salmon and some fresh salad bits from the garden for tea. Very pleasant and simple 

Were the 'burny' people Scots fidget? 

KEF - nobody thought about sun screen in those days. I worked outdoors then, and always had brown arms! Got fed up with people saying how lucky I was, being out in the lovely sun all day .... had to restrain myself from saying -'come back in November/December mate, when it's p***ing down all day for weeks on end, or in January when there's several feet of snow and you have to dig out a four foot snowdrift just to get into the stables before you even start'. 

Happy days.....

Was thinking of cutting the grass. I've thought about it.... and decided I can't be bothered 

Sick Sundance Orange Blossom

Posted: Yesterday at 19:51

Hi Tigermad - if it's getting the full force of the midday sun just now, it's probably just a bit of sun stroke! I have one which was planted last year in a very sunny spot and it was suffering in the same way. I've moved it to the other end of the bed it's in, where it doesn't get so much sun until the afternoon, and it's much happier. It still gets loads of light, but it's a bit more protected. There's  a few 'airy' plants in front of it too which also helps. If you can't move it to a place where it can get a little bit of shade through the hottest part of the day, you could perhaps put a couple of pots in front of it fro now, or even erect a simple bit of shading with some canes and light material. Once it's a bigger shrub, it'll be able to withstand it more easily. Just make sure that it's getting enough water too, since it's quite newly planted. 

Moving house

Posted: Yesterday at 18:27

Most people just leave lilies in situ Gingerfingers. They're hardy. It's best to remove the flowerheads when they finish, rather than letting them go to seed, so that the plant doesn't waste energy. It will put it into the bulb instead for the following year. Leave the stems till they've died back and either leave them there or remove them to make the plant tidy. Then just tuck them somewhere sheltered where they won't get drowned in wet weather over winter - a house wall for instance - and they'll start pushing through again once spring comes. That's when you can remove some of the old compost and replace it with new.  


Posted: Yesterday at 18:09


If Lesley's temps have been like this side of the country she'll need a body warmer with her!

 I went and bought paint after work today as I can't go out in that heat. Still almost thirty in the shade of my buddleia just now. Have to stay inside - there's no breeze. Rain forecast for tomorrow which will be a relief 


Posted: Yesterday at 18:04

Still roasting here too - far too hot for me outside - 30 in the shade and there's very little of that anyway 

At least we're to get some rain over the weekend which is badly needed.

I remember '76 too Woody - and I'm only 27 - what a coincidence...

It was horribly muggy like this when I was expecting second daughter 17 years ago. At least they'd changed their view about having it 'nice and warm for the babies' since I'd had the first one - it was early July and they had the heating on despite the humidity and the thunder going on outside. When we opened the windows in the ward they kept coming round and shutting them and telling us off  

Glad hoghedge is fine fidget. I was watching the wasps coming for a drink at the little birdbath (seed tray filled with gravel and water) - easy to forget that insects need somewhere to drink too. There's a few nice little rocks for them to perch at the side, although the sparrows were impatiently waiting to get in for a bath as well. 

What's the star in your garden right now

Posted: Yesterday at 15:10

Definitely Sphaerocephalon Charlie - Christophii is a big mental space-age looking alllium!  

They're great for bees - mine are always covered in them.

Loving my new white sweet peas just now- these are White Frills or White Ensign - I have both in the same pot and only one lot are in flower at the moment so not quite sure yet which one this is


Posted: 24/07/2014 at 17:08

Afternoon all. Too hot for me out there for doing anything energetic after work - just a bit of re potting, watering and deadheading. I'm going to take the girls out soon for something to eat (ice cream definitely!) and then go out in the garden as it might be cooler. Oldest fairy has just told me it was hotter here today than Florence.  Not sure why or how that's happened! It's usually high thirties/forty there in July  

Glad you had such a good result for last Saturday Woody. 

Will have a quick look round here to see what's been happening before I head out. Catch you all later 


Posted: 24/07/2014 at 07:41

Morning all. Cloudy here just now but it's to burn off and be hot again.

I'd like to apologise on behalf of all 'normal' Scots for the abomination of that opening ceremony. If you missed it - well done -you did the right thing. Every stereotype thoroughly reinforced. 

Apart from the ballet sequence and Amy McDonald it was thoroughly embarrasssing. Can someone please put John Barrowman back on  a plane to America and leave him there?

Work for me too but will hopefully get something done outside later - apart from watering! Tomatoes are looking good so I'll enjoy those when they ripen. Ggirl - definitely get some toms in your growhouse next year 

Have a good day everyone, whatever you're up to. 

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