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Posted: Yesterday at 23:05

Pat - as we say here - there's 'nowt so queer as folk'. I'm sure you can work that out. People can be hard to understand at times, and the people we think should be understanding and supportive often aren't. You have every right to feel hurt, and time doesn't always heal, it only helps you to come to terms with terrible times. x

jo - I know it's only a gesture, but sending hugs to you. I can't imagine how painful that must be for you. x

W'song - couldn't agree more.Expecting others to have the same standards leaves a lot of room for disappointment.

Hosta - you and OH should just stick two fingers up at them all. Their loss right enough   

foxglove and delphiniums

Posted: Yesterday at 19:25

sanjy - if you're collecting seeds from the current year's flowers, they won't germinate and be big enough to be planted out this year. They'd need to be filling a 9cm (3 inch) pot by now to really be in with a shout of overwintering well in a border. You could try just scattering some where you want them to grow and see how many germinate in spring, or sow half in a tray for overwintering and potting on. It really depends how much time you have to spend pricking out and potting.  

Advice on bulbs

Posted: Yesterday at 19:07

Hi Chris - do you mean spring flowering bulbs like crocus and daffs etc? 

I have clay soil here which is fine for things like snowdrops and most daffs but if you dig in some grit and well rotted manure it helps the soil structure, making it ideal for most bulbs. Snowdrops are often better planted in spring 'in the green' rather than as a dry bulb in autumn, but many people have success with them so you might want to try that anyway. Crocus are great for early flowers for pollinators, and you can follow that with daffs and narcissus. The single types are best as the flowers are open and easy for insects to get into.There are also species tulips which flower in late winter/early spring. They're not as awkward as the more fussy later ones and won't mind  clay either. I also use the dwarf Irises - reticulata -which are early flowering, and anemones. They'll all enjoy the aspect you have, and you can follow those up with all kinds of alliums (along with the wild garlic) to take you into summer. There are loads more to choose from 

It's almost time for bulbs to be in GCs but if you look online at some of the specialists, you'll get a great range and you can pick the colours and heights that will suit you best for the look you want. Hope that gives you a couple of ideas to start with.


Posted: Yesterday at 18:55


I'm glad I don't have that issue although my own children have experienced a bit of that from their dad's family. I also had a similar problem to W'song's, with 'friends' who gradually pushed me and my children out of their lives when I became single. Very unpleasant, and it's made me very wary about who I allow into my life.  

The sun has decided to come out here.Having dinner now, but planted a few little things that should have gone out ages ago. Will probably never flower now....

How is the buddleia doing GGirl? If you'd like another one I've got a couple more. Just PM me 

The Instant Gardener

Posted: Yesterday at 18:40

Glad you're enjoying your new space AJ. Rather short sighted of the housing company not to allow shutters - it would have been the perfect solution for you.  

I expect you can add all sorts of extras to the design. That's what a garden should be - suitable for the owner so that it gets used. I know some people hate makeover shows but they always have a place. I felt this one was more realistic for a greater number of ordinary people with ordinary plots who don't know where to start or don't have much money to spend. No matter how experienced we might become, we were probably all in that position at one time. 


Posted: Yesterday at 16:47


B****y sod them I say.

Ballater's beautiful doc. A real delight. 

I'm off to get food  Catch you all later 

Help needed!

Posted: Yesterday at 16:45

Have to agree with everything Dove said. I don't use the weather thingy - I use local tv or online weather guides. The back to top button - yes, definitely. 

I like simple too 

The Instant Gardener

Posted: Yesterday at 16:43
Steve the Gardening Vet wrote (see)

Oh. My. God.


I've just seen AJ's 'device' for concealing Aimee's draughty orifice...

Ooh err missus.....

I'd have made a pair of shutters if it was me 

Yellow balls in centre of Oregano roots

Posted: Yesterday at 12:43

Fertiliser - just as kleipiper says  


Posted: Yesterday at 12:39

Tut tut Verd. Have you been a greedy boy? 

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