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What plant or weed is this ?

Posted: 25/01/2015 at 10:12

Very invasive  Each spike produces around 100,000 seeds 


Posted: 25/01/2015 at 10:11

Morning all. Dreary day here and I haven't done my birdwatch yet so I hope they turn up and haven't gone off to get their food in the woods and hedgerows instead. Fickle creatures 

I missed seeing that it was DD's birthday...hope you had a lovely day. Was there any cake left?  

Hang on in there BM. The adrenalin keeps you going so you will get there! 

Clari - how about cacti.....  My daughter brought home a Mexican hat plant (don't know it's posh name) from school once. Kids love them as you can grow on all the little babies that drop off and they are virtually indestructible. 

porridge oats

Posted: 24/01/2015 at 13:46

I like my bananas green so they don't get a chnace to go 'giraffey' as a friend used to  describe them. 

Banana loaf with the old bananas bekkie. It's very easy - honestly. Measuring and stirring, pouring into a loaf tin and sticking it in the oven. 

I haven't made any this year as I could easily an entire one by myself...

Daily Bird Sightings 2015

Posted: 24/01/2015 at 13:38

I've noticed a huge difference since I came back to this area Lesley. My previous house was only a few hundred yards away and there was a large area of grass between my front garden and a small bit of woodland which may account for some changes in numbers, but I haven't seen any chaffinches since I've been here and no greenfinches either. Chaffinches were the most common bird there. I was pleased to see the little goldcrest yesterday - conifers do  have their uses! I think the mild winter last year probably made a difference too - the blackies only come in when there isn't much natural food about so I didn't really have any visiting till a week or two ago. I'm pleased to have more and more birds coming in regularly - even if it's a battle of wits with the starlings

 It just shows what a bit of helpful planting and some food in winter can achieve. 

Cutting Back Climbing Honeysuckle

Posted: 24/01/2015 at 11:19

I think it looks more like a montana Clematis you have Jim but they get out of hand and the treatment is the same. You'll lose the flowers until it gets going again but you can tidy it up in late summer or early autumn to keep it in check. They often flower a second time in early autumn but it's the best time to give it a haircut. I'd just tidy up the tangled bit enough to let some air circulate round the new shoots but if it's a montana, new growth will come from those dead looking stems so don't go mad! 


Posted: 24/01/2015 at 11:06

I promise I won't distract you BM - you'll do plenty of that yourself  once you're settled in your new home watching all the wildlife round that lovely pond and may you have many glorious days to do that 


Damp Shady Area

Posted: 24/01/2015 at 09:49

I would suggest Heucheras too DD. They're great for brightening dark areas and very easy if the ground's damp. I've got Pachysandra and Tiarellas in a north facing narrow bed and they do well too. Perhaps you could do a similar thing to mine using Edd's suggestion of a raised bed. The border runs along the fence  beside a gravel path,  and I made a raised bed at one end which has an Osmanthus burkwoodii, a Tiarella and a white Astilbe in it with lots of spring bulbs. This is the most recent  pic I have of that end. I use lots of foliage - Lonicera, Dwarf variegated ivy and Euonymous as well as our native primulas to give a unified look - green, gold and white.


Novice Gardener in need of tips!

Posted: 24/01/2015 at 09:37

I'd agree with bekkie's comment about grass as you have a north facing garden. Grass needs sun and open conditions to do well and the part nearest the house will struggle to grow  - especially if you have children running around on it. I know lots of people don't like fake grass, but if you can afford to do a patch near the house for the kids, it will be better than constantly struggling with the real thing and some of it is very impressive. Easy enough to remove when they outgrow it too. You can plant sturdy shrubs and planting around it to soften the look and withstand any abuse! That leaves you  the rest of the garden to play with in a more conventional way 


Posted: 24/01/2015 at 09:28

Morning all. Cold and wet with sleet and hail so hopefully the birds will be suitably hungry fro the birdwatch. I looked out the window yesterday to see a small bird   scuttling from the back fence into the big conifer. I knew it wasn't a regular visitor but suspected it was a Goldcrest.  He flitted about until I eventually I got a good enough look to spot the little flash of yellow on his head. Hope he returns today  

Lovely range BL - what are you making for us tonight? 

DD - coming from Glasgow, I love a good murrrrde - P.D. James etc. Not a murder as such, but have you read any of Kate Morton's books? I enjoyed The Distant Hours adn bought some of her others though I've not started them yet. Got some second hand on Ebay or Amazon so not expensive if your library doesn't have them. 


Posted: 23/01/2015 at 10:55

Good list Dinah - but my ice plants (sedum) got decimated as soon as they started into growth. Had to protect them or put them in pots up out of reach  

Rabbit pie - yumm 

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