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Hello Forkers - February 2017 Edition

Posted: Yesterday at 17:44

Just had a look and steephill's prog is on again on Sunday night at 8  

Rain came on so went to get tail light bulb replaced. Daughter had decided to be 'helpful' by doing the indicator on way back from work, and has knackered it - it's wiring rather than bulb. The guy couldn't fix it this time, so I'll have to go to the garage.   B****y cars. B****y kids....   

House bulbs are a total lottery nowadays aren't they? I must have every type imaginable in this house, and it's not that old. Drives me nuts.

Not too bad then Yvie, re your damage. I see a couple of people have lost fence panels here, but that's a regular occurrence. They need to replace them with the right type of fence - those larch lap things are useless in windy sites, but they haven't worked that out yet  

Garden Gallery 2017

Posted: Yesterday at 17:17

Can I ask why you're fleecing crocus and reticulata Irises, Jacqueline?

Or have I misunderstood....

Hello Forkers - February 2017 Edition

Posted: Yesterday at 14:51

Would you like the loan of a simmit Dove?  Temps got up to five here after the frosty start, with a faint bit of sun.  Rain coming later though 

Might try and get summat done outside, but I now need a back light on the car so should go to Halford's and get it done in case I walk tomorrow. The east is looking marginally ok for later, but the forecast is pretty pants everywhere... sigh..

Pesky Squirrels

Posted: Yesterday at 14:21

I'm waiting for the wolves to be reintroduced to keep the deer under control. Can you imagine the stooshie that would cause! It would be brilliant  

On a lighter note - they did an item on 'wolves' on one of the episodes of our outdoor prog here - Landward. It was an alternative to trying to keep deer away from new saplings, instead of building a physical barrier - expense of it and all that. The solution? A group of volunteers who went out to the vulnerable areas on a regular basis, and howled like wolves.....

I kid you not. Hilarious!

and no, it wasn't April 1st  

Hello Forkers - February 2017 Edition

Posted: Yesterday at 14:17

Nice to see you steephill 

I noticed that programme was on and meant to watch it, then forgot  

I'll try and catch it  

doc - I used to moan slightly in a previous garden about the leaf gathering, but the sight of one of the trees in autumn always made up for it. A common old maple, but it was a beautiful shape and, providing the stormy weather didn't annihilate it, the most glorious colours. Sadly - the new owners are currently removing it. It posed no problem where it was sited, and I loved looking at it from the front windows. Very sad. 

Will you be able to get a replacement door?

Dove - you might have come up and done my housework if you were finished with yours... 

Pesky Squirrels

Posted: Yesterday at 14:09

Man interfering with nature Hostie - rarely works too well, does it?  

Arrival of frogspawn

Posted: Yesterday at 14:07

Lovely Daisy.  We've a while yet to wait for it here, but it's always good to see it arrive 

I used to do something similar at my last house as we had some of those r***y Koi which ate everything in sight given half a chance  

It was a big pond, but I built a little breakwater with some large rocks at one end of the beach, and when the frogs had spawn, I guided lots of it in there. The fat fish couldn't get in as it was too shallow, so it gave any little tads and froglets a bit of a chance  

Pesky Squirrels

Posted: Yesterday at 14:00

I know what he'd say Hosta....

...but I can't possibly repeat it here on the forum....

Lucky enough to have seen quite a lot of reds on my travels. Unfortunately, some of those are squished on the road  

West of Ireland is the other main area they're surviving, as opposed to thriving, along with the Highlands. They're trying to make inroads into the grey squirrel populations, Iamweedy, but it's such a difficult thing to tackle. 

Benefits of planting a very wide hedge?

Posted: Yesterday at 08:08

I'm not either  

Do you mean cut the hedge back to make it narrower, and then plant another at right angles to it?

You really need an overhead (bird's eye view) plan to make it clear where the planting would be on the ground, lb. Makes it easier to offer suggestions  

Garden Gallery 2017

Posted: Yesterday at 08:02

Always a challenge Cloggie 

Nature has a way of 'lighting' things up sometimes Tara - just when we often think it's all going wrong. Always a little hope for the future 

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