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What's plant to use that is similar to perfoliate alexanders?

Posted: Today at 11:16

Alchemilla mollis - if you keep on top of the deadheading 

Euphorbias are easy and so many varieties so that probably is the best suggestion Caral.


Posted: Today at 11:09

I find baking bread or making scones gets the dirt out...well - a little extra flavour does no harm...

I permanently have paint or something on or under nails, no matter how much I scrub. Perhaps that's why none of us ever have tummy bugs! It's good to eat a bit of dirt every day

Talking of which - cakes's ready so I'll get that out and go and do something productive outside till it's ready to fill with chocolatey-ness. 

sorry who is this?

Posted: Today at 11:05

or me lily 

I tend to just 'theoretically ignore' people if you know what I mean.. 


Posted: Today at 09:04

Ventilation is always important tea urn, so as ERiser says , watch for condensation on any cover you have for the cuttings - let them have some air. At this time of year they should be fine without too much help - I would only cover at night but it's a  trial and error process as it depends on your location and conditions.    

Help. Not sleeping.

Posted: Today at 08:59

Stress can be a major factor Pauline, that's always been the cause of my problem when I sleep badly, so if you've had any recent stress in your life try to address that.- Experts always advise going to bed at the same time every night too, to try and get a regular pattern. I also experienced problems at menopause which has now passed thankfully.

 I've always been a good sleeper - I was physically tired in my job when I was younger, and even when I had children I slept well. The two huge stresses in my life was when it changed but dealing with them has helped. I'm adjusting better now after the most recent one so it may be as simple as talking about it to the doc and taking it from there. 



Posted: Today at 08:41

chicky - zoo with teenagers  and work 

I'll save you a piece of cake for later.  Little fairy won't mind  

Ten degrees out there so not as cold as I thought but frost forecast for tonight. I'm quite high above sea level but toms are quite sheltered against house wall and fence so don't know whether I should get some fleece for them. Stuff taken out for making cake to get it warmed up, washing on and breakfast being had so I'll have a quick catch up here before baking 

Clear pond please !!

Posted: Today at 08:08

A scrub with a brush is the easiest way to clean water features. Bird baths are also prone to a build up of algae  because they're shallow, as well as debris from the birds themselves, and it only takes a few minutes to fix 


Posted: Today at 08:03

I know Lesley - and only 7 when I had the first one..


Posted: Today at 07:55

Morning all. Nice day here but it'll be chilly out there just now I think so will organise myself and get youngest fairylet's birthday cake made before doing more stuff outdoors later. She's 17 today - I'm too young to have children of that age 

Visited nephew's new baby yesterday. As expected - looks like Sid James...

Sorry to hear about your Mum Lesley but at least it's not something too horrific, and can be treated. Still very unpleasant though.

You're just like me OL - never mentioned your holiday at all. Think yours might be slightly more restful than mine though! 

Will catch up later - only had a quick glance on here. Have a good day everyone 


Posted: Yesterday at 10:00

OL said : Well it depends Fairy......I was born in germany 


I'll ship her down to you. You can keep the boys though..they usually eat too much...just look at Verdun....

Like Chris Evans show too - although I also like 'our' Ken afterwards and his partner in crime Lyn that does the travel. Must be my age.

I'm off too  - can't be lounging around all day like some folk you know! 


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