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Time for planting bulb lasagne

Posted: Today at 20:28

I love tulips but I now treat them as short lived perennials or even annuals. I don't have the time or energy to plant hundreds every year,  much as I'd love to.

I only do them in pots so that I can give them sharp drainage. They don't like the winter rain here 

Time for planting bulb lasagne

Posted: Today at 20:17

Tulips are prone to disease when planted earlier - in warmer weather - hence leaving them till November RB 

So they say anyway - it's cold enough here so I'm not sure it would matter much!

Layers Redwing - hence lasagne 

I'm not keen on doing it personally - think you need a big pot for it to be effective, and careful consideration as to what you use. Unless done well, each successive display  can look a bit mean. 

Maintenance only anyone?

Posted: Today at 20:07

Full marks Verdi 

Anyone done any gardening today?

Posted: Today at 20:03

I have the white marsh marigold Jo. Not sure it will spread as well as the common yellow one but it's pretty. I have it next to the corkscrew rush 

I did a lot today - mostly tidying, pruning and weeding, but also did some painting, and a bit of tweaking and footering too. Got my Fatsia planted as it was suffering in it's pot. That was a bit of an effort - pickaxe needed for the rocks and hardcore underneath, and loppers for tree roots. Good job the sun had gone and it was cool!

Fixed my front gate after charging 'my' drill too RB. The power tools have always been my territory -  no matter who I've shared my home with 

Maintenance only anyone?

Posted: Today at 19:54

Useless women infuriate me even more than useless men. An old neighbour used to say ' I can't do the grass, that's G*****'s job', I don't know how'.  I said - 'but you can use a Hoover....'  There really isn't that much difference. 

She refused to put oil in her car too, because it was 'his' job. She nearly b*****ed the engine. Stupid tart.

Garden Pictures 2015

Posted: Today at 19:46

It's changed again since this morning MrsG -  I've planted the Fatsia into the ground  It was getting a bit chlorotic in the pot

I love your white standard - what is it ? 

Bob - lovely flutterbies. Think I've seen more when walking than I have in the garden this year. Weather was really poor, cold and wet for them. 

Few more snaps - whites and creams in the shady spots

 Your Canna's looking terrific Yvie 


Posted: Today at 19:12

I don't know if anyone's watching Countryfile. Just watching that young girl who's going to do a mountain walk with Matt made me feel very humble. There was a piece about a young Scottish lad recently too - he has severe brittle bone disease. I'll be thinking of all the people like them when I walk next weekend, and thanking all of you who are so generously sponsoring me. Bless you all 


Posted: Today at 19:00

Where I'm doing the C in Need walk next weekend (Pentland Hills) there are Merlins. I've seen them before but not taken much notice because I always assumed they were just bog standard hawks of some kind - usually too far away. They'd put new signage up so I took note a few weeks ago, and half an hour later - I spotted one. Could see right away the wings were totally different. Beautiful birds,  and lovely pic Hosta  

RB - 'nippy sweetie' can mean almost anything you want....'boot' is a favourite... other four letter words are also available...

Been right busy outside although it looks as though I haven't done much. Sorted my front gate - had to take it apart - as it had swollen a bit. Weeded my rear fence window box and added some compost, pruned and deadheaded a few things (not my finger this time though) and planted my Fatsia into the ground, after a recent thread about chlorosis, after painting that side of the shed first. Required a pickaxe and loppers for all the tree roots 

Feel a bit weary now, and there's ironing...

I'll have a cuppa and a catch up with all your doings first  


Posted: Today at 10:30

Hello KEF  - hope your hols were ginger peachy 

Nine seems quite pleasant here, but then, I've not been somewhere 'totally tropical' 

Really must shift my a*** and get on. Washing's out and so is the sun  

Complete new lawn on weedy soil

Posted: Today at 09:52

Love that phrase ppauper - 'made free with my facilities'  

I'd give those little spots a go too. Cold here at night, and has been for ages, and not that warm through the day, but the little edges of the new lawn I seeded a few weeks ago germinated quite well. It's a question of weighing up your own conditions. A big area's a different thing altogether though. 

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