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Posted: Today at 08:06

But Woody - does that mean we'll have to hold on to winter too? 

Can you maybe have a word with the powers that be so that they can organise spring a bit earlier up here too? 

Looking forward to seeing all your new planting taking shape. New broom and all that.

Unhappy with new fence - doesn't match old

Posted: Today at 08:02

Hi Gareth. The new bit of fence will have been older wood as Dave says, which would be fine if you were going to paint it, but I do understand that some people just like to leave the timber as it is. Over time, all your fence will weather and end up more or less the same colour if it isn't stained or painted, but since you requested the new fence should be the same as the fence you already have, and it clearly isn't,  I think you have every reason to complain. Your photos are perfect for backing up your complaint so good luck with it. 


Posted: Today at 07:53

Morning all. White rabbits is what we say on the first. 

Thanks for all the advice re sting. My medicine cabinet never has much in it apart from paracetamol, micropore tape, savlon and tcp. We don't suffer from too many ailments in this house so apart from adding  cough bottle it doesn't change much! It's not so itchy today anyway so I'll see how it goes. I'm sure I'll survive 

I saw that MrsG. How is it going to differentiate between just day dreaming and checking mirrors and looking around to see what all the other clowns are doing before you can make a manoeuvre. 

Damp here but supposed to clear up and be nice. Now I'm wishing I'd put weed and feed down on Saturday after all the rain on Friday, but I left it because there was no rain forecast and I don't have an outside tap yet for a hose. 

Hope you get sorted fidget. Always difficult when unexpected things happen to disrupt your plans. 

Off for a look round before I go to work. Have a good day everyone 


Shabby Chic Anyone?

Posted: Yesterday at 22:26

It's a cheap B&Q one called Bonsai. Nice sagey green and has covered well. The other branded ones were a bit dark or too blue for what I was after, so I was pleased with it. 

Shabby Chic Anyone?

Posted: Yesterday at 22:16

That's the privacy screen - it's almost finished - just a piece to go on the top. The bench will be the same colour once it's been sanded back to get all the old paint off. We put all the rest of the battens on and the piece along the bottom, after I took that pic. It's between the two apple tree 'boxes' ,behind a tiny pond (under way!) and will have grass in front of it once the buddleia comes out and the extension's built. Not much to do really...

The fence I was doing is the remainder of the boundary round the front garden. I did all the rest of the boundary last year. Daughter helped quite a bit with that as it was quite a lot of work.

What's the star in your garden right now

Posted: Yesterday at 22:05

Might be Honorine Jobert BM.It's quite tall with single flowers and widely available. 


Posted: Yesterday at 21:46

Put it on your shabby chic thread BM 

I just slapped a bit of anti sting spray on it and some savlon when it was itchy. It'll be fine. 

Sounds good chicky. Know what you mean about these markets though.. the Egyptian ones aren't too clever either  

Is the tennis on a Sky Sports channel? I don't have those ones or I'd watch a bit of it. Will have to settle for something I've recorded before I turn in.

See you all tomorrow at some point 

Garden Gallery 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 21:19

Lesley - I had sown some pots of V. bon last year which I planted out this spring. I snapped some bits off them in the process so I just trimmed them up and potted them and they grew on very quickly - one even flowered. I sent some of those to hollie hock recently. 

Garden Gallery 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 21:10

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends.

Posted: Yesterday at 21:00

Not selfish at all Topbird. You're absolutely right, it can  damage relationships beyond repair and serves no purpose. As an aging population it's a problem which will become more common. We need more good quality care homes where old people are treated with respect and given the care they deserve.

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