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HELLO FORKERS! October Edition

Posted: Today at 19:14

Evening all. Glad you're having a good break BL. Sorry to hear you're having a bit of a family issue. Hope the weather stays fair and you get a chance to recharge. 

My text has suddenly changed...I  must have pressed something...  Quite like it though 

T/the/cat - we have a seed swap here if you need some bits and bobs, and also, people will give you cuttings etc if you want a few freebies 

Weekend at last - it's been an odd week at work. I may not walk this weekend as the weather is looking a bit pants apart from the far north east, but is to be not bad here, so I may just get on with some outdoor jobs. 

Anyone done any gardening today - version 3

Posted: Today at 19:06

Ta hollie  

I've also washed some pots to do seeds, and cleaned a bird feeder 

Karcher free hose offer

Posted: Today at 18:59

I suggested the same on the other - identical - thread Hosta 

Autumn foliage photos (2016)

Posted: Today at 18:56

Gorgeous Patsy.  I've always wanted a spindle tree, but don't have the right location for one at present...I'm getting very tempted though!

I've been taking a few this afternoon - Euphorbia Fen's Ruby , Tiarella Cygnet, Cotoneaster,  Clematis Constance and Euphorbia - martinii ( I think)

Still plenty of flowers to go with the foliage - Mahonia Winter Sun, Actea purpurea, Cornflower Black Ball and Verbena bonariensis


Posted: Today at 17:59

If it's slightly shady and there's enough moisture, Ajuga (bugle) is good. Nice dark foliage. I also use prostrate Gaultheria for that sort of site. They're both evergreen, and the Gaultheria has little white flowers which become berries at this time of year. The foliage colours up well too.

Heucheras and Tiarellas are also ideal for that location.

For sunnier areas, you could try Dianthus - lots of varieties readily available. Some of the Carexes make good edging plants and will grow in shade,and sunnier spots as long as they don't dry out.

Camera Talk

Posted: Today at 17:51

The calves would have been fairly newly born BL. That pic was taken in early June.

She clearly didn't have her 'post baby bikini body' ready.....  

Anyone done any gardening today - version 3

Posted: Today at 16:06

I've taken photos and  deadheaded the Actea and Japanese Anemones. Does that count? 

Did my buddleias a few weeks ago as the windy weather was breaking branches off. Took the height down to four or five feet and they now have the shelter of the fence for the winter, and cut back all the lower branches as well. 

I found the leaves in bags broke down quite quickly GD. Don't let them dry out though. I used some of mine after about a year or so, but they weren't completely broken down. I mainly used them as a mulch 

Camera Talk

Posted: Today at 16:01

Loads of lovely photos again here  

Love your cow 'friends' obelixx. You posted them before and I forgot to comment. As GD says, hope you will show us lots of before and after pix of the new project.  We had some 'holidaying coos' across the road from my old house. They rented the field from the neighbour for the young 'uns 

The 'Hielan' coos' are always great to see when you're on a walk though. Thes were the youngsters  in Glen Fyne last year 

I read someone's walk report for this hill, and the wife was too scared to go by them, so they went home! They're at the farm at the start of the walk, so that was a wasted day 

Johnny - we're getting the opposite issue here now. Many young people are hillwalking and only taking a phone with them. They're relying on that for photos and their GPS, as well as a phone. They don't take paper maps or use any other method for navigation. Really dangerous. 

Re planting Clematis and Miscanthus Grasses

Posted: Today at 15:50

Hi Jenny - I've just moved a Duchess of Edinburgh to a better spot and she has plenty of new shoots already. It's an ideal time to move anything. Just make sure you water them well first,  get plenty of rootball, and have the new site well prepared before you dig them up. Water them in well  too. It shouldn't be difficult as they've only been in a few months.  I would cut them back before you lift them. I don't know what size or type you have, but mine was an established plant. They ususally aren't too tricky. 

I haven't grown Miscanthus for a long time so can't advise on those.

Camassia bulbs & Allium bulbs

Posted: Yesterday at 20:41

Kind of opposites - sharp drainage and sun for alliums, and moisture retentive soil for Camassias. They can take a bit of shade too.

Mix plenty of rotted manure and grit into the soil where you want the alliums and plant all the bulbs in a hole about three times the depth of the bulb, ie the depth of soil above the bulb should be about twice the depth of the bulb.If they're all being planted in containers rather than directly in the ground, you can use multi purpose compost initially. I'd use a soil based compost for the Camassias though, as compost alone will be a bit lightweight for them. Each year, you'd need to replace some of that soil/compost to replensih the nutrients. 

None of the bulbs will need watering over winter - they'll get enough moisture from the soil. I don't feed bulbs - leaving the foliage to die back naturally is what feeds the bulb for the following year. 

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