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Posted: Yesterday at 19:00

All the hawthorns round here are covered in berries Joyce. Not too warm today either - about fifteen at best and windy with heavy showers 

Does that mean you kicked it very hard Dove?  


Posted: Yesterday at 18:54

Haven't quite caught up on here either! 

Sorry LP - didn't see your post this morning - I left for work. The thriller is quite moody and dark, but an awful lot of red herrings. Can't make up my mind about it. I'm struggling to keep track of the various people. Perhaps I'm just getting old.... 

Doggie bix look quite good...

Not sure about GW either. Don't care for that girl doing the 'testing'. Probably just me though. Proper explanations are vital for young folk just starting out, so I hope they address that well.  Will reserve judgement. 

fragrant patio suggestions please

Posted: Yesterday at 17:51


What's your favorit climbing plant?

Posted: Yesterday at 17:41

Perish the thought indeed Dove....  

Quirky Nursery

Posted: Yesterday at 17:29

Damn - they nicked my motto Dove....

Removing clover from lawn

Posted: Yesterday at 17:28

I wouldn't put dandelions - complete with roots - in my compost bin!  

What's your favorit climbing plant?

Posted: Yesterday at 17:24


Would this, by any chance, be a chance for a teeny weeny advert?......

or perhaps I'm just cynical....

Camera Talk

Posted: Yesterday at 17:21

That would be lovely Dove. Do you still have my address or will I PM it to you?

Anytime that suits you would be fine - I'd probably pot them up for winter and plant out in spring anyway.  

How are you at multi taskin'?

Posted: Yesterday at 17:16

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Camera Talk

Posted: Yesterday at 12:45

That's a lovely combo Dove. Did you grow the chives form seeds? Never seen those - and they'd fit in my west-ish facing border where I need a bit of vertical but not too much width. 

Crieff is around 30 to 40 miles south of where I was last weekend BL. It's a lovely area altogether  

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