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Camera Corner

Posted: Yesterday at 22:30

BL - he can stuff his face all day on pine tree cones - I have a pine about ten feet from that spot! Loads of Scots pines round here , so they never go hungry 

He was very funny to watch  

There was a woodpecker on there this morning just as I left for work. I'll need to put a feeder in the open to attract him in again, so GI Joe will get a share of that too 


Posted: Yesterday at 21:42


Posted: Yesterday at 21:21

Don't be silly Edd. Grey ones of course.... 

Missed the bulb boat?

Posted: Yesterday at 21:08


Hope they grow well for you DD. Plants are often very forgiving of our lack of organisation. Mine certainly are... 


Posted: Yesterday at 21:03

Edd wrote (see)

Beware of sycophants in the first two weeks, Panda.


..elephants are worst though Edd....

Glad you're happy at your new job Panda. It really helps doesn't it?  

Enjoy your hols Hosta 

Recommend a good bird food?

Posted: Yesterday at 20:57

Sheer coincidence LF. We were talking about bird food a few days ago and she sent me an email  

Camera Corner

Posted: Yesterday at 20:55

I had to laugh. Yesterday, GI Joe the squirrel launched an assault on the birdcage...


'what's this? I smell grub...'

'but - how do I get in...'

 'I'll try this first...'

'nope, maybe this way....'

'hmmm...maybe there's a door somewhere underneath...'

'oh b&&**r....'




Recommend a good bird food?

Posted: Yesterday at 20:32

LF - my sister gets hers from there, but you can get them direct from the maker even cheaper. £22.95 for 20 kg  


Posted: Yesterday at 18:26

Not bad here Dove. Not as wet as they said it would be today, about 5 or 6 degrees,  and we didn't have the wind we had yesterday. No jokes now... 

Think tomorrow's to be ok before more rain, wind and sleet comes along on Thursday  

Are you getting more frost tonight? 




Posted: Yesterday at 18:08

Ponies are always greedy little b*****s. Starvation rations needed for them or they get laminitic. We always had to keep them on bare ground during spring and summer. The competition ones were trickier than the riding school ones - especially if they were part Welsh A. They live on fresh air 

Cute pup Pam  

Good work Gertie. Bet you're really pleased with the result.  

We're always amazed at work when people seem incapable of even sewing on a button. Everyone - of either sex - should be able to do it.

Glad you're ok Bushman. I was concerned you were unwell again. Nice to have you back 

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