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what wrong with my hydrangea?

Posted: Today at 12:46

Same here cathy - in central/west Scotland. They grow like weeds 

The OP's shrub looks as nut describes. I'd get some nutrition into the soil, keep it well watered, and mulched to keep the moisture in.  Give it some room to breathe too - the more plants there are round it, the more the soil is robbed of moisture and nutrients.

Before and after

Posted: Today at 12:35

Fantastic eve - you must be thrilled  

Lacy phacelia purple tansy everywhere. Cruelty to bees.

Posted: Today at 07:44

I'd love some as well a1154 if you have enough 

PM me if you're able to get some and I'll send you the postage.


Posted: Today at 07:42

Morning all - very damp here but I ordered all the rain specially for my grass seed...

I didn't feel guilty watching the tennis at all Dove - absolutely tremendous. Recorded some as I had to go out. Eventually saw it this morning at half five 

Hope chicky hasn't done anything naughty if we've to watch the papers...

Welcome Happygrower -we're all mad here apart from me 

Think you're right about pdoc Lesley - I was wondering where he'd gone. Hope he's ok

Have to go to work - have a good day all 

What annuals can I plant now that will look nice for a couple of months

Posted: Today at 07:36

Better to start a new thread for your query Brian. Many people who might help will miss it if they don't look on this one as it's about annuals 

dominoman- I'd stay away from T&M - the plants won't be 'garden ready' till next year - if you're lucky!

You should still be able to get some things at GCs or diy stores but you're better opting for perennials or shrubs, as any annuals are unlikely to make an impact in that space of time unless you pack hundreds into the space. Patio roses are particularly good at the moment. They can all be kept in a corner till you have the garden redone. 


Posted: Yesterday at 19:04

Evergreen ferns - Hart's Tongue  - is a useful plant especially beside ponds. Most of the Carexes are evergreen and will happily cope with varying degrees of shade and  moisture. I'd have a few taller grasses as well even if  they're not evergreen, as well as the bog plants that Ceres is talking about. You can create a boggy area anyway next to the pond - using some liner with a few holes punched in it so that it retains moisture all the time.  Primulas of all types are useful in the shadier damp areas, and Caltha (Marsh marigold) is virtually evergreen and would grow alongside those. Don't forget you can add some spring bulbs for early cover along with plants like hardy Geraniums which start into growth early.

There are obvious evergreens but not all of them look right beside ponds so it pays to take a bit of time before buying. It also depends on the type of 'look' you want for your pond and how it will fit with the other areas you have in the rest of the space you have. 


Posted: Yesterday at 07:28

Don't rotivate - for the reasons teamleader states. It creates more problems than it solves. Make sure you follow instructions carefully for weedkiller. You have to keep doing it until everything's gone - one application won't be enough if there's a lot. Annual weeds can be hoed off and will give up quite quickly. Dove is right - what weeds are resisting the weedkiller?

Blanket Weed

Posted: Yesterday at 07:25

I use watercress. It's worked in every pond I've had - big and small. Easy to pull out if it gets going too much. 


Posted: Yesterday at 07:24

Morning all. Dry for now -pity I have to work 

That Agapanthus looked like a lovely present chicky - can you charm the birds out of the trees too? 

BL and LP - I will send cake.  Hope you have better luck today BL. LP - try and get your feet up  for a little while - you'll be wanting home for a rest 

Hope everyone has a good day. Catch up with you all later 


Posted: Yesterday at 07:18

Go out at night and pick them up and dispatch them. People use different methods - from putting them in a bucket of salt water to crushing them underfoot. I lob mine into the road to take their chances with the traffic. Many swear by the slug pub - dishes of beer which they go into and go out in a happy way! 

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