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Is this turf normal?

Posted: Today at 14:08

It's very dry looking which won't help. It has to be kept well watered till established. The gaps are because it's dried out, although they may not have been butted up well enough when laid either.

Newly laid turf shouldn't be full of weeds. 

Is there a size limit to postings on the forum?

Posted: Today at 14:05

Yes - but no notification of it approaching unfortunately.

Garden Rescue - TV Programme

Posted: Today at 08:39
calicooper7 says:

Hi me & my husband had a blank canvas garden it was just grass & a few thin borders, we transformed it into a beautiful relaxing low maintenance garden, it is now another room to our home, we love it, alot of people have said it looks like a show garden, were extremely proud of it & would love it to be shown on garden rescue.

See original post

 Yes - but as you've already done it, it won't be!  It's a makeover show - they don't want gardens that have already been changed   

I was under the impression these were repeats Daisy. It has 'repeat' beside the info on my tv guide. 

Dividing tomatoes

Posted: Today at 08:28

Water thoroughly and then tip them out and carefully pull apart. Plant them up individually and cross your fingers! When you replant, bury them a little deeper - up to the first set of leaves. Tht will help to anchor them.  You may not be able to keep all of them going, but you should get some. Good luck  

Alternatively, snip off all the stems and just leave a single one. The only problem with that is that they'll still grow, so you'll have to keep doing it, and that could be tricky. 

Spanish slugs

Posted: Today at 08:18

Thehh - but what about our own slugs? These foreign ones - they come here, they take our slugs' jobs....

I like that - Professional Hosta Destroyer - a slug with a PHD! 

As Dove says - they've been here a while. I'll deal with them when I see them - the same way as I do now. A spade....

Hello Forkers - April edition

Posted: Today at 08:14

Morning all/afties Pat - perhaps you could just push her into the wood burner next time.....

Did I say that out loud?    

Glad your lad's safely en route 

Cold and windy here, but hopefully I'll get something done outside. Some h****work needs doing too. 

Got a few things done yesterday - moved a couple of shrubs to form the boundary of the new bit by the 'stension, which was a bit of a faff. The sparrows are hogging the grub in the feeders - Mr and Mrs - so there must be a few little uns. Wonder if Mr will parade them along the fence this year for my approval 

Wonder if BL got away safely - she must be knackered!

Think your paeony will be ok LG. The one I bought a few years ago has been moved so many times, it's a wonder it's survived at all. Hopefully it'll get a chance to settle in it's new (permanent!) spot. They're not as difficult as is often portrayed. Perhaps you could do some cuttings for backup as well?

What planting do you have in your garden Kay8?

Red banana

Posted: Today at 08:01

Yes - but not everyone has those conditions I'm afraid....

C/h/e/a/p K/i/t/c/h/e/n/s Bradford

Posted: Today at 08:00

pansyface-  they must have to keep advertising because the product's so s**t it needs replacing every year  

Care and maintenance of a wildlife pond

Posted: Today at 07:57

If you can get a bag of watercress from the supermarket, chuck that in. It will root in the water, and helps to use up excess nutrients which cause blanketweed. You can pull it out  easily if there's too  much.

Make sure you also have some good cover near the pond which helps wildlife - rocks, logs, and planting . 

Mossy garden

Posted: Today at 07:50

A weed and feed product applied at this time of year will make a big impact too.If you use that, don't put new seed down for about six weeks as the moss killer ingredient will still be present and will affect germination. If the garden's shady, use a seed appropriate for that, but be prepared to work harder if you have a mossy site!

Regular mowing is also important - not scalping the grass, but taking a small amount off each time. That encourages healthy grass 

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