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Shabby Chic Anyone?

Posted: Today at 08:12

I definitely don't have a cottage garden Bizzie! The sagey colour is a contrast to the black raised beds I've built. I inherited the bench when I moved here last year and it was a sorry state - covered in peeling paint. I have lots of strong colours so I wanted something gentle as a contrast. 

When I sit on it - eventually - the area of hottest colours will be behind me so that I don't need my sunglasses! 

Lawn Help!

Posted: Today at 07:57

Dave's right. I'd also add that the aspect of your site isn't going to be ideal for grass - even using seed suitable for shade. Make sure you've given enough thought to the maintenance of it in future because you may end up spending a lot of your time keeping weeds at bay if you want the grass to look good. 

New nieghbours, new fence and eye-saws

Posted: Today at 07:45

Check the height of a 'party fence' first with your council - I think it's normally 2 metres, but may even  be slightly higher. Offset your posts as previously suggested, erect a fence and then replant your climbers.

Just bear in mind that if there's six foot sections on the fence and you do your posts half way in between, you'll have concrete every three feet, because you'll have the neighbour's post holes as well as your own. Be generous with the nutrition you put in when planting 

I'd use a few taller evergreen shrubs as well if you have room - some will grow happily against fences and give height without too much depth.


Posted: Today at 07:06

Morning all. Quite dull and dark-ish here 

I have those back door shoes too Lesley. I can put them on with my slippers inside them so nice and cosy for my feet 


grass patches

Posted: Yesterday at 18:54

It's easily done marypig. Once winter's over you can take stock and reseed patches if necessary. If the weather's kind over the next month with a mix of rain and warmth, you might get some new growth coming through so it may not look nearly so bad by spring 

What's the star in your garden right now

Posted: Yesterday at 18:43

pootler- I can imagine exactly how nice that combination is. I have some dark annual cornflowers which are a similar colour and they look great with V. bon. 


Posted: Yesterday at 18:38

Evening all. Busy day today so haven't had much time to look on here. Girls all kitted out with new specs so they're happy even if my bank balance isn't..

Dove - if you're going for a pull on type, you'll need that machine on Wallis and Gromit to help  

I couldn't possibly go CD either..and I've passed them on to my girls too 

No time to garden today but the birds have been enjoying their new bath - at least the two young magpies have. 

Hope you have a lovely night BL. 27 again? 

Off for a look round while the ham cooks for dinner.

Slugs and Sedums

Posted: Yesterday at 18:27

Sedums have never been slug proof in my experience. They love the big squashy leaves  

I get a lot of leaf miner on mine too but I just put other plants in front to hide it where possible...

You wouldn't believe the plants that are on 'rabbit proof plants' lists either...

Who are they kidding? 

buddleia pruning

Posted: Yesterday at 12:51

Do you mean dead or just finished flowering Justin?

Buddleias are normally pruned in late winter/early spring as they flower on the new wood produced, but in autumn you can cut back branches by about a third as it prevents them being battered by wind and getting uprooted over the winter - windrock. I often trim branches back to a good pair of buds after flowering anyway, especially on older, established plants.

They're tough old shrubs so you can prune bits out that are congested or damaged without doing any harm. 

grass patches

Posted: Yesterday at 12:44

Is it a weed and feed you've used Marypig? If so, that's the normal reaction where there are mossy areas because they die back, along with  other weeds, leaving the black patches. 

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