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Sad plant!

Posted: Today at 12:46



Posted: Today at 12:14

I now only have a ten minute commute to work Jo, so it's easier to resist 

'Fess up Hosta - you were partying hard at fidget's hen do and that's why you're Kerry Packered. I've seen the photographic evidence....

I really must get on and shove all the hacked bits of greenery from yesterday into the brown bin - or else it'll be dinner time and not a pot washed...

Is this really cruel?

Posted: Today at 12:08

Is that pig a friend of 'Dave's' Lesley? 


Verdun wrote (see)

Just a thought...wot a mess this forum would be in without serious mind-challenging threads like wot this is 


Quite so Verd 

What leafs should I use in a leaf mold pile?

Posted: Today at 11:11

No - they were wet going in and they stayed wet Jo.  Yours should too where you are - similar weather to me!

 I just poked holes in the bags and shoved them in a corner. They were usable after a year though not completely broken down. Surprisingly quick.


Posted: Today at 11:08

I'd  do the walk Jo  

Letting them melt Jo....

That's a hanging offence....

What leafs should I use in a leaf mold pile?

Posted: Today at 11:03

I had mainly sycamore at a previous house Jo. I used a wire container, then black bags because the trees got bigger - so more leaves! I found the ones in the bags rotted much more quickly. My wire box got plenty of rain, so it wasn't that they were too dry. I didn't shred them or do anything different to each load. More heat in the bagged ones I think. 


Posted: Today at 10:42

Didn't realise they were whiffy Tetley...

I seemed to have plenty in the garden this year, unlike many folk, so there must be somewhere that already suits them. Plenty of little places for tiny bugs and beetles  

Camera Corner

Posted: Today at 10:29

I like to live life on the edge David....

Is this really cruel?

Posted: Today at 10:27
Buddyboy wrote (see)

Toad in the hole, thats what i got from my Mother when I didn`t do what I was told

sorry I couldn`t resist that


Hee hee 

The fake 'moleskin' for clothing is velvety and slightly suede like, but I wonder if the skin itself was like a chamois. What would plumbers have done  with it though? Polished the boiler? 


Posted: Today at 09:49

Liri - I think that's the crux of the problem. Being able to make the decision. 

I wish you all the best with it - great that you have a couple of options now 

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