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Pretty but tough plants to secure boundary

Posted: Today at 07:59

Oh - I'm becoming an expert on keeping out unwanted visitors cdanie...they don't like it when you ask them politely so I've taken the more direct approach of making it unpleasant for them if they do! 

I had a nice Berberis at a previous house which was more mound forming but I can't remember which one it was. I expect if you google a couple of nurseries online you'll find the ideal ones for your situation. I found it very effective for stopping the postman climbing through to next door's house - trampling all the plants and emerging bulbs on his merry way.... 

The flowers are scented too, so actually it's a nice shrub to have. Good luck with it 

Tomato truss broken

Posted: Yesterday at 22:13

Think the weather's had an influence Fishy. Mine were nothing like that size last year.Most of them were cherry sized with some slightly bigger. This year they're all massive!  

Pretty but tough plants to secure boundary

Posted: Yesterday at 21:54

Phormiums would do the job. Hardy enough to quite a bit below zero if they're in good free draining soil. The standard ones make big plants but some of the named varieties like Yellow Wave are more compact. Evergreen too. There are some good dark plum/reddish ones too. 

Just look at this seed head

Posted: Yesterday at 21:48

Early flowering nut, but it says semi hardy so I assume it's one for the greenhouse! 


Posted: Yesterday at 21:45

Lesley - if I disconnected Broadband my two would be off to live with their Dad....hey - there's an idea...

I thought you meant a chainsaw there 

I could never get excited about holiday packing...if it was left behind, I improvised. Just had to make sure I packed for the correct place though. Slightly different clothes are needed for hillwalking in Braemar than Italy in July .... 

I remember going on holiday to the Lakes when the girls were young. Littlest fairy was about two. I opened a drawer which contained all her little clothes, removed the entire contents and just put it in a case. Job done! 

What's my spikey plant??

Posted: Yesterday at 21:31

They can be quite jaggy Pam! 

Just look at this seed head

Posted: Yesterday at 21:30

That's very impressive nut! Looks like an exotic fruit 

What are the flowers like?

What's my spikey plant??

Posted: Yesterday at 21:27

That is a very nice  Phormium Pam 

Unlikely to get much bigger in height except when it produces a flower spike, which is just that - a tall spike with small insignificant flowers. If you don't like it there, you could move it, but you could also lift and divide it into several smaller plants to put elsewhere. They'll take a couple of years to get to that height again. 

Pretty but tough plants to secure boundary

Posted: Yesterday at 21:17

Funny you should mention dog rose too - after I posted I took daughter's friend home and we pass a house which has that as a hedge. Only drawback is that it grows quickly so you'd have to trim it a lot. The owner of that house is always clipping it as he keeps it quite a tight height and width, but it loses the flowers as you say, so may not be so suitable. 

Pyracantha's great Dave but the OP isn't allowed a hedge so it might be more tricky to keep as a stand alone shrub. I have some along my boundary fence for exactly  the reasons you mention! 


Posted: Yesterday at 21:10

Ggirl -I've lost count of the number of  buckets of paint I've gone through here! I got timber delivered last week and also half a dozen bags of sand so it was on a pallet...I thought of you right away! I'll use it for  a lid for the compost bin 

Lesley - my youngest informed me today that she intends moving out by the time she's twenty. This is the same child who, when she was about nine, wanted me to convert the garage at a previous house so that she could live there when she was older....

KEF - know what you mean... 

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