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new cold frame question

Posted: 11/10/2016 at 07:56

Yeh - no need for holes - opening your lid as and when the weather suits is the norm.

As you thought, you'll need the base lined and with holes as you plan on moving it around. Don't want it all falling out the bottom on the path behind you....

HELLO FORKERS! October Edition

Posted: 11/10/2016 at 07:51

Morning all/afties Pat. In answer to your question - no, we didn't try turning the puzzles. That's a bridge too far for me! I did one last night of the burn from my walk  on Sunday. It was quite tricky  

Dull and damp here today - back to the norm. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. 

Enjoy your windy fish and chips Clari. At least it won't have plaster dust in it....

I'm very lucky Lantana. I don't take it for granted, even when I have the long drive home after a walk. 

Looking forward to some  photos too obelixx. Your new surroundings sound beautiful.

I'll have a quick catch up here before I head off to t'mill. 

Have a good day everyone 

Clematis gift

Posted: 10/10/2016 at 21:55

Assuming it's filling that pot quite well, I'd pot it on into a deep pot, the proper clematis ones if you can, but a 6 or 7 inch standard one will do if you don't have that.  That will let it develop a good root system for next year. Just keep it in a sheltered spot over winter.

A clematis in a 9cm pot is basically a cutting. 

Last edited: 10 October 2016 21:56:24

Camera Talk

Posted: 10/10/2016 at 21:50

No midges now - too cold   

The summer months are the worst - especially in forested areas and near water, so our glens with wtaerfalls ar eparticularly bad. The perfect habitat for them.

Lochsides in humid weather is where they like to hunt the tourists....

Tall plant for shady spot suggestions please!

Posted: 10/10/2016 at 21:46

I'd agree with Verd on this - Acteas (Cimcifugas) are very architectural. The dark foliage ones rather than the plain green. Candles of scented flowers, and more height than width. Coupled with foxgloves - you can't go wrong  

I'll second Fatsia too - perfect for that location. Glossy foliage - and it does have flowers, although they're not terribly oustanding. 

Camera Talk

Posted: 10/10/2016 at 21:32

Lovely photos GD. Particularly the moody sky  

No moody skies in Glen Etive yesterday. We have to make the most of those good days - we don't get too many of them before the grey ones come back for winter  

En route - a stop at Loch Lomond, looking south east as the sun was coming up..

and Ben Lomond  from the same spot, further along to the north 

Approaching Bridge of Orchy, Beinn Dorain with the early sun highlighting her eastern flanks

Beautiful Ben Starav (right) and the ridge across toone of it's neighbouring Munros, Glas Beinn Mhor

View back across to the other side of the glen - Beinn Fhionnlaidh on the left

Played about with effects on the camera, beside the Allt Ceitlein 

Pano of the craggy north faces of the corrie running from Stob Coire an Albanaich and Beinn Chaorach  

The slabs of rock on the corrie

and on the ascent

On the way back out - the back ends of the two 'Bookils' - Buchaille Etive Mor (right) and Buchaille Etive Beag (left) . The translations are The Big Herdsman and The Big Herdsman's Little Brother 

Long view of the two ridges

Which grass is this please....?

Posted: 10/10/2016 at 17:33

Foliage looks too broad to be Evergold, and it has much more creamy/gold too. There are so many of them...

HELLO FORKERS! October Edition

Posted: 10/10/2016 at 17:29

Hosta - good progress  

DD - the eye... ...but your brilliant news...

Terrific. Really thrilled for you.  You deserve some good luck. Now the exciting bit,  working out all your plans.. 

What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 10/10/2016 at 17:23

Lovely here today after a bit of early frost, judging by the frozen bits of garden when I fed the birds. Very foggy first thing too.  Got up to low teens for a little while but back to borderline single ones now.

Pity I missed the sun - work gets in the way....

Lovely pix Johnny and Clari  


Posted: 10/10/2016 at 17:19

Don't do yourself down Pat. Get 'em on that camera thread! 

Remember your garden ones can always go on the Garden Pictures 2016 thread too. The camera thread is simply for anything non garden-y  

We all miss David's expert input, but Sheps often pops in to help us non techie folk 

Love that comment Johnny   

Pat's hubby is heavily involved with fighting fire of all kinds - especially the bush fires there. 

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