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Hello Forkers - February 2017 Edition

Posted: 10/02/2017 at 15:06

We had a spate of them at work for a while Dove, and had a good laugh at their expense. Not so funny if you're elderly and being subjected to their s**te. 

The best one was the guy who told me the problems with 'my computer' (he got very irate about the malicious threats I was subjected to)  were because of 'my photos'....

Sadly, I didn't have time to push him further on them. I was going to ask which ones - the gimp masks or the whips....    

Hello Forkers - February 2017 Edition

Posted: 10/02/2017 at 14:43

Should have kept my big  mouth shut....snowing now. Doubt it'll lie though, even though the ground's dry. The ski season is getting underway at last up here. They've really suffered this winter with the weird weather. 

I think it's an ongoing thing Hosta. I still have lots of poor nights too, even though I now have a bed to sleep in  

I'm sure Dove would have no knowledge of that Hosta.....

Last edited: 10 February 2017 14:44:49

Hello Forkers - February 2017 Edition

Posted: 10/02/2017 at 14:19

Leftovers to consume here too - in fact, I'm spoilt for choice. Could have sent you some to heat up doc. Hope you're not in too much pain. It's not so bad if the weather's keeping you in though - that would be worse.

Cold , still only about 2 degrees, and it keeps trying to chuck in a little snow shower, but we're betwixt and between here. But -  it's dry so always a bonus. White, even at fairly low level, from the other side of Glasgow and then north. Sky's clear enough to  get a reasonable view of the hills.  Eastern side, and LPilly further south, getting some too. If I go to Glen Etive tomorrow, I'll be getting plenty of the white stuff. Ice axe and crampons are packed....  

You're having a rough time, flowers. It could be worse - it could be spring or summer and you wouldn't be able to do stuff outdoors. Positive thinker, me... 

Hope you're  properly on the mend soon though. Any typeof illness or inury is really wearing when it drags on like that.

Glad the exams went well Obelixx. It's hideously stressful for so many. I remember my sister throwing up on the bus, on the way to school, because of exams 

Did you sleep well last night Hosta?

Raised bed around existing trees

Posted: 10/02/2017 at 08:09

Two feet is a bit different to six inches.....

I have soil banked up round a conifer and a pine - on a slope. They're fine, but it's a lot less than you have Anika. You might have to wait and review it after a year or so.

Have you any idea when the beds were built? If it's been a while, you might get away with it, if they're new -  maybe not so good.....

Heating a cold frame in winter to start seeds

Posted: 10/02/2017 at 08:06

That's what I was concerned about nut. It seems like a good idea, but it's only fine until everything starts growing! 

Hello Forkers - February 2017 Edition

Posted: 10/02/2017 at 08:04

Morning all/afties Pat- you'll almost be glad when autumn and winter arrive! Phewww....

Hopefully your symptoms might also improve a little when you have some heating Clari...

You're almost there - and not before time

Do you (and LG) ever usegood winter walking gloveswhen you're out and about? They're designed to cope with long periods at well below zero and you still have mobility in them. Silk liners are the usual extra. Ski/climbing gloves are a bit rigid, but fine if you don't have to footer with anything. Perhaps those would help when you're indoors!  

Glad you're on the mend now Joyce. Weather looks not bad for tomorrow. Plenty of snow everywhere too  

Hope you're a little more chipper today too Dove 

We're just hovering around zero here. Cloud's come in, but it was a bit sparkly earlier when I opened curtains. Didn't cover the car but I think I've got away with it....

Have a good day everyone - keep cosy if you can, and keep cool Pat 

Hello Forkers - February 2017 Edition

Posted: 09/02/2017 at 19:07

Maybe it's just tired BL, and takes till evening to recover... 

It's a painful thing Raynaud's. Very difficult for your daughter LG  

Don't envy you with your visitors either ...double  

I don't have a brilliant sense of smell. It seems to have decreased as I get older. I don't seek out scented plants for the garden the way many people do. I love my sweet peas, but I find a lot of scents overwhelming. It's the same reason I hate department stores with their perfume counters 

Hoping for Glen Etive Liri. The front coming from the east is keeping all the usual crap from the Atlantic at bay. By crap - I mean weather, not Trump. Mind you..... 

Rutting stags  on the Lomond prog. For anyone who has never heard them in full flow - it's a very impressive noise 'in the flesh'  

Overgrown Montana Clematis

Posted: 09/02/2017 at 17:38

That might not be down to the pruning Annabel. They're very tough plants and hard to kill. 

Has it grown and only produced foliage, or has it not grown at all? If they're hard pruned, it can take a while for them to rejuvenate and start flowering properly.  

Did you feed and water it well after pruning? What else is round it? 

Any further info you can offer will help with advice on how to get it flowering again 

Oh where art thou manure!

Posted: 09/02/2017 at 17:34

The issue is that Natbat can't collect lisabj - needs to be delivered 

Hello Forkers - February 2017 Edition

Posted: 09/02/2017 at 17:06

I couldn't cope with that heat Pat  

Funny how we're all so different though! I was looking at the hills on the other side of Glasgow, and even the lower ones are all white. I can get a decent view of the Arrochar hills and Ben Lomond for a minute or two from the road near my house, on a clear enough day. Hoping to get out and get some of the 'white stuff' at the weekend  

Chilly enough and cloudy enough for a little of it here tonight...

Not gardening weather anyway!

The Daily Mail - what's that about? I've always wondered....  

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