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Posted: 08/08/2014 at 18:51

David - I agree totally with Dove. If the subject doesn't come up till they raise it, then let it lie. If they mention it again, just say quite openly  'I assumed you were kidding as you must know I wouldn't allow dogs in my home'.  I don't dislike dogs, but I wouldn't want one staying in my house - the 'aroma' as you delicately put it! I'm sure you can carry off the 'old codger' very well...

A Senior Moment.

Posted: 08/08/2014 at 17:03

Flora - my Dad was the same with keys. There were tons of them.  It was like getting in to Fort Knox trying to get in his house too 


Posted: 08/08/2014 at 16:59

Hi Janet - apparently Britain's getting the tail end of Hurricane Britney or summat this weekend, but the forecasters are covering their backs by saying they're not sure just who will get it or when ....

oh - and I'm the only sensible one here 

Happy Birthday Philippa. Do you need the Fire Brigade on standby? 

Pond pumps/filters

Posted: 08/08/2014 at 16:55

I've never had a pump in any of my ponds - with fish and without. Mark's right - a proper balance with oxygenators and other planting is ample. In long dry spells, I used to aerate it a bit with the hose - fixed through the garden fork handle and stuck in the border next to the pond - to simulate rainfall. There's various ways of dealing with blanket weed and algae etc - everyone has their own preference depending on the size of the pond. I've always found watercress ideal, especially in smaller ponds, and it's easy to pull out if it gets a bit overgrown. 


Posted: 08/08/2014 at 16:47

lily - only you lot... 

I'm seriously 'off' men these days....

I love kippers. Lovely for breakfast with some brown bread and butter 

Are you getting Hurricane Banjolele by any chance KEF? 

My Garden - Past, Present and Future

Posted: 08/08/2014 at 16:06

I did all the fence and raised beds etc, including the ones on the other side of the garden, but oldest daughter helped me a lot with the fence. You need another pair of hands when you fix the planks on - too long and heavy otherwise. I had to sort a base for the shed as the ground slopes, and then my ex husband,my sis and BIL helped me shift it. Did all that last summer and autumn, and I moved the back gate along a bit too, so that I could put a border right along the rear fence and have a more direct route to the back door.  

I'll be glad to see the back of that old fence - I had to take a bit of it away to open up the garden and move the shed etc, and I put a temporary bit in across to the new fence (which is in the first pic) to give some privacy - but the bits that were left blew down in all the storms last winter. That was fun trying to do hasty repairs in the howling wind!  

Still lots to do though  

My Garden - Past, Present and Future

Posted: 08/08/2014 at 15:43

I'm a bit bigger now than I was in that pic LP ...

You can never spend too much time watching wildlife 

I need to follow my own advice and take a break from building stuff and just listen to the bees humming...

Steve  Take care of yourself - the pond will be doing it's thing so I hope you can relax and enjoy it in the meantime. I've missed the ponds I had before so I've started doing a tiny one. If I can get it in place before the weather beats me this year I'll be happy.

BM - these are for you. I did warn you they're not pretty!

 Behind the ropey old rotten fence is where the new extension's going, so the buddleia etc will come out. I can then finish the bed beside the wheelbarrow which matches one further along, and the other apple tree will go in that raised bed. All the gravel will go and be replaced by a new lawn and paths of 'nice' gravel 

It used to look like this (shed is on the left - just out of the pic)

Then I did this

 and then this

 and this

 and a few other things as well 


Posted: 08/08/2014 at 15:08

I'd like to visit your holiday cottage Liri - are you taking bookings! Got some holidays coming up 

It's ferdiddling down now so having a smooch about on here. Perhaps I could make it to the cabin later if there's some sunshine going.  I don't think a packet of Doritos will go far fidget....


sacrilege or what?

Posted: 08/08/2014 at 13:21

Hoisting them with their petards is what they need Dove 

Beechgrove was moved last week too, and while it's fine when you have cable or satellite tv and can series link programmes to watch at a more suitable time, it's annoying when you take a look at the schedule, don't see the prog you want to watch so you assume it's not on that week, only to find it's just been moved to another day.  I know some people can lose interest in a  series when it gets moved around constantly.

Me for instance.. 

Privet Hawkmoth caterpillar

Posted: 08/08/2014 at 13:00

Fantastic nut! 

Funny you saying you were lucky just to be there to see it - we must miss so much going on under our feet every day, so it's lovely when we're in the right place at the right time.

I'd be too embarrassed to show my hands right now 

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