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Hello Forkers ... August edition

Posted: Yesterday at 19:56

They'll certainly be coming inside to a cosy windowsill in a month or two Obelixx! 

Pelargoniums aren't  a favourite plant of mine, but they usually grow well enough in our summers. It's been colder than usual this year though. I've always loved the colour of Lord Bute, so that was really the motivation for getting them  

Are you allowing him a putting green if he behaves? 

Hello Forkers ... August edition

Posted: Yesterday at 19:37

It's quite oppressive just now LP, and we've had another shower. The wind direction's to be coming from a more southerly/south westerly direction later, so I doubt we'll avoid it completely, but you never know. There'll certainly be a bit more rain. I'll need to push the Lord Bute pelargoniums under cover again. They've been lovely, but I think they'd have been better if it hadn't been so cold through June and July. They probably haven't grown and flourished as well as they should. Always next year.

I forgot to mention that the nursery I got them from was on G's World a week or two ago. Cramden Nursery in Northants. They're absolutely superb, and couldn't have been more helpful. 

Wildlife pond

Posted: Yesterday at 19:25

'If you build it, they will come' Angie 

Isn't it great when they start moving in? He looks more froggy than toady - toads are quite warty, but you'll certainly be able to tell when you get some spawn. The toad spawn is laid in long lines rather than a big lumpy clump of jelly  

Hello Forkers ... August edition

Posted: Yesterday at 19:18

It's a little beauty Hosta. That would do me for my trips to the remote hills  

Congratulations to littlest chicklet. She comes from good stock of course   

Got that Joyce - thanks. Will reply later  

You must have needed your dinner Pat. Hope you're on the mend, although I expect you're tucked up by now  

Yvie - I'm so sorry - I didn't know. Nothing anyone can say to make it any better, but I'm sure you know we're all here to hold your 'virtual' hand if you need to rant, rail or cry. Or all three   x 

LP - we had a torrential downpour earlier and there's thunder and lightning forecast for tonight.  It felt like it would thunder this afternoon too. It cleared, but the sky's as black as sin again. At least it was largely dry today though - nice and warm ,but still not enough for the r***y grass seed 

They say the fire started in a fridge, but you'd wonder how it becomes so devastating, so quickly. Hope we don't find out there's another  'cladding' issue. Must have been combustible material nearby. 

Just glad I'm not in Barcelona. What a hellish time people are having in so many places throughout the world. 

Concrete Planters - liners?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:11

Hi Sally - any heavy duty plastic will do. Pond liner's expensive so no need to use that. Something similar to the weight of compost bag plastic is fine. I have a big roll of black polythene which I've had for a while - I expect if you ask Mr Google, there'll be plenty to choose from  

Hard to tell the weight of it, but mine looks like this - 

I had no need to put any at the base as my beds are all built directly onto gravelly ground.

I'm not sure you'd need gravel, but if you feel it would help, it would certainly do no harm. Probably a layer on top of the plastic is better - it will certainly help to prevent soil clogging the drainage holes. A larger size would be best for that.  I prefer to mix fine gravel or grit with the soil/compost to get good drainage, rather than having a layer on it's own at the bottom, but it comes down to preference, and what type of plants you're putting in. It's similar to how you would plant up a pot - something over the hole(s)  to prevent clogging. 

Novice looking to create a perfect lawn

Posted: Yesterday at 12:45

Having a perfect lawn can often mean a lot of work Joe! 

As Bob has said - deal with the weeds - whether by hand or using a weed and feed product, cut regularly - not scalping it, but only taking about a third of the height off, and give it a feed (liquid seaweed is ideal) during the season if it needs it. If the drainage is poor - you can fork it over or use one of those hollow tined doodahs to remove a core of soil, and you then brush coarse sand down into those holes. That helps drainage. 

You'll have a perfectly nice 'green space' if you do that - without breaking the bank  

Bungalow path border ideas

Posted: Yesterday at 12:39

Just remembered - dianthus is another good one if your soil's suitable. 

Bungalow path border ideas

Posted: Yesterday at 12:38

How much room do you have for planting there, jm?

Thyme is lovely - many people like lavender, which will also be fine if you give it the correct requirements. It should get enough sun there. I'd also recommend some of the smaller hebes which are easy to maintain. All evergreens, so you don't have bare ground and extra weeding. 

You could plant spring bulbs in between any of those for some extra colour in late winter/early spring as josusa mentions.  

Identifying a plant

Posted: Yesterday at 12:31

Sounds like one of those varieties to me too Lyn.

The paniculatas have a pear shape flower  Glenys - or like a fat buddleia flower, if you know what I mean!  

Hello Forkers ... August edition

Posted: 16/08/2017 at 18:52

Daughter made some brioche buns at Christmas. They were a little flat, but I think she made too much dough, and didn't really have the room or the time to let them prove etc. They still tasted good  

I've had to succumb and put the heating on. It's not been above fifteen today, and there's wind and heavy rain so it's a few degrees less in real terms. House feels very cold as it's not really warmed up since the weekend. 

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