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More ID

Posted: Yesterday at 20:56

Your shrub's a Berberis GD. They flower in spring - small yellowy/orangey flowers with a nice scent  

Garden Pictures 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 20:54

Lovely flyfifer. Mine are just about to start opening up - and I'll have a wall of dark purple  


Posted: Yesterday at 20:52

I've just followed it with a cup of tea...and a Snickers though....

Forum design update

Posted: Yesterday at 20:51

Hosta - even those with phones still can't get photos to upload  

and yes, many experienced and longstanding members are posting less and less 

I find the photo thing very awkward and it's a vital part of a gardening forum. When the file opens for choosing your pic, the photos are tiny and you can't enlarge them. I have to go back into my Windows library to see which one's which and make my choice, otherwise, if there's  a few similar ones, I could be picking the poorest one.

I want a particular Paul Simon at my funeral, but the song before it on the album might be just as good...  # Gone at Last....

followed by The Doors'  # Light my Fire.... 

Camera Talk

Posted: Yesterday at 20:32

I really love them Sheps, and they remind me of the hills. Growing them for the first time, but haven't decided where they're going yet! I'm sorting all the bit along the side of the new 'stension, so some can go there. 

You're right - it would barely make a sandwich...

I quite like pigeon, though I've not had it for a long time. 


Posted: Yesterday at 20:30

Joyce - I've done 'stuff' because the forecast for tomorrow was ok-ish  

I'll just head up to Rest and be Thankful/Butterbridge to do a Corbett there. There's three there I've still to do. Rain's to come in tomorrow afternoon. 

Did a lot of grafting - pulling a pallet apart . There was quite a lot of swearing I'm afraid...

It was solid...and big... 

Worth doing I suppose - it's forming part of the new side fence where the gate is being relocated. Painted some bits as well, and then picked some sweet peas and took a couple of photos. 

Nice dinner of salmon and veg then some strawbs from the garden, blueberries (not from the garden) and cream. I deserved it...have to maintain my stamina after all...  

Confused with clematis

Posted: Yesterday at 20:13

I think your suggestion was closer to the mark obelixx. MY EV mostly seems to have five to a flower.

Garden Pictures 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 20:09

A few from today

Sweet pea Juliet with lily Black Out behind

Cupani and Harebells

Harebell close up

Camera Talk

Posted: Yesterday at 20:00

Forgot to mention your cute duckling Sheps. Beautiful photo - as always.  

Did you have it with plum sauce?.... 

My harebells are coming on a treat

Confused with clematis

Posted: Yesterday at 19:41

Not Etoile Violette I think.  It's much darker, and the petals are rounder

Unless there's something wrong with the colour on your camera  

The flowers do fade and change on clematis, so it could be hard to ID anyway. As long as you like it, Jason,  that's all that matters 

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