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Tawny owls

Posted: Yesterday at 17:18

At my last house, one used to come and sit on the outside light fitting right next to the lounge bay window, tucked in against the wall. There weren't any street lights so you were really just aware of him/her sitting there, moving his head. You got the odd flash of those huge eyes. Not a tawny as he had ear tufts, but beautiful anyway 

How much....

Posted: Yesterday at 17:12

Glad I made you laugh RB - sorry it was sore though   

I could see why the mother never drove it!

I've had several Fiats - all brilliantly reliable.

The only car I really miss was my jeep - Honda CRV. Those heated seats were a godsend after a long day's walk! 

When I was expecting my first daughter, I had to sell my car when I stopped work as I wasn't going back and we couldn't have afforded two cars. We also had to move and I accepted an offer on my flat a couple of days after selling the car. Suddenly, I was jobless, homeless and pregnant! 

Transplanting Perennials

Posted: Yesterday at 16:01

I totally agree obelixx. I also have long, cold wet winters (- and often cold, wet summers too!) and I can't understand why anyone bothers with Lavender here .

I find the best method for anything need sharp drainage is to mix plenty of grit through the soil and compost before planting, not dump handfuls of grit at the base of the plant which  becomes a sump, as you rightly say.  Many plants will cope with quite extreme cold if they're on the dry side, but cold and wet...

Flo - I often move plants when you're not meant to. If you get a decent rootball and you water them in well, they often barely notice. It depends on the type of plant as well though. Picking a cooler day for doing it usually helps. As obelixx says , it's best when they're dormant because of minimising stress but sometimes it can't be helped. 

Tulips, lift and store or leave

Posted: Yesterday at 15:48

They're best treated as annuals for most people Marc and  I'm inclined to do the same. It's a pity because they're beautiful and I would love to fill my garden with them. If you have the right conditions for them you'd have better results but, even then,  they need replacing every so often.

How much....

Posted: Yesterday at 15:44

...and was it doc? 

Mine was a Vauxhall Avenger. What a heap of s**** 

Can't remember what it cost but I bought from a friend, who's mum actually owned it  but she rarely drove. Must have been at the end of the seventies. It wasn't expensive - a few hundred quid -  but didn't last long so I bought an almost new car which I had for years. A black Metro. I was so proud of it but it was a lousy car too!


Posted: Yesterday at 15:39

Aren't we strange creatures! 

Forgot to congratulate WW on passing her theory. I'm fortunate to have done my test before all that malarkey. Not sure I'd have passed if I'd had all that to deal with  

The sun's shining so I'm off to get a few things done before I have to think about dinner. I'd be happy with scrambled eggs. Wonder if I can persuade small fairy to have something basic...

Cutting from St James Park

Posted: Yesterday at 15:35

Sharp drainage for them June. Hope it recovers - they're striking plants with their glossy black fleshy leaves 

Tulips, lift and store or leave

Posted: Yesterday at 13:41

Not sure about lifting them Marc. I've never done that although I'm sure others will find that useful. There's divided opinion on it! My potted ones have diminished over a couple of years, even though they're in gritty compost/soil and are fed etc. We get a lot of rain so they're sheltered after they finish flowering as well. It's just the way they are I think. The small species ones that flower earlier are completely different and come back year after year no problem. Different animal altogether.

Unfortunately, it's those fancy, high falutin' ones that we all love so much that are fussy, precious and high maintenance  

Ponds - When to Clean it Out

Posted: Yesterday at 13:35

Hi NewBoy - most people reckon autumn because of dormancy of plants. If it's mainly the irises that need splitting, I'd get them out now and divide them. It shouldn't do them any harm - they're pretty indestructible.

When you empty the pond, just get as much of the contents as possible into containers so that all the wildlife have a temporary home. Just remember that you need a certain amount of gunk in the bottom for all the creatures who live there. If it's building up too quickly, you may need to adjust the amount of oxygenators you have in it and also be wary of any debris that's adding to it. Leaves are the usual issue so net early enough to keep them at bay, and remove dead foliage from pond plants before they get a chance to settle at the bottom.


Posted: Yesterday at 13:24

I  love pinks Verd - I intend getting some more although they will probably be potted rather than in beds.

Hope Panda is calm and focused 

Great pix DD. You couldn't pay me enough to do that. I'm totally happy on top of mountains, even on quite exposed ridges, but zip wires etc ....

Lovely pic Betty....err Dove. You scrub up much better than me 

Off to take daughter to work and get a few things for baking. She made some pancakes so I may have to do a triple Munro this weekend, what with those, birthday cake and lemon drizzle this week...  

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