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Inexpensive suggestions for improving garden

Posted: Yesterday at 21:46

You could always combine a little corner - bottom right of your pic - with the path so that you can have room for a seat there too. 

Take your time with it - do a bit of planning and thinking so that you have what's right for you and your needs. There's a seed swap thread here too so you can try growing some stuff yourself to save money  


Posted: Yesterday at 21:40

Only if you want a stir fry Fishy! 

Philippa's right - probably don't need it till spring, but if it's mild enough now it'll grow - sometimes hangs about quite happily all winter 


Posted: Yesterday at 20:14

Yup - just chuck a handful or two in, Fishy!  


Posted: Yesterday at 20:05



Posted: Yesterday at 19:19

You know what they say Lesley - there's no fool like an old fool 

If you're buying big pots ....

Posted: Yesterday at 19:06

Bandits...and that's the polite term...

Talkback: How to maintain a garden pond

Posted: Yesterday at 19:03



Posted: Yesterday at 19:01


I've got some spare timber - I can give her a hand...


Posted: Yesterday at 18:34

Ooh eclairs philippa...I'm sure I could fit just one more in!  

Actually - someone gave me grief for recommending it once - can't remember who it was. It's so easy, and if it gets a bit overgrown it's simple to pull out... 

and eat! 

Talkback: How to maintain a garden pond

Posted: Yesterday at 18:30

Just call me Benedict Cumberbatch  Lesley....

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