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Never Never Not Ever

Posted: Today at 17:19

Where do I start....

Most bedding plants - sorry to all those who love them. Those big blousy begonias 

Purple loosestrife  - looks far too much like b****y rosebay willowherb for my liking 

Don't care for the yellow one much either 

Golden Rod - whether bees like it or not

The pink Spireas with the yellowy foliage 

In fact - pink and yellow combinations of any kind

With you on the 'blue' roses too B3. Every shade of wrong. Why do they have to meddle with stuff? Tulips that colour would be vile too   

I'm sure I can think of more if I put my mind to it 


Posted: Today at 17:08

Wot - no gold hotpants, Liri?

I was thinking of you today Panda - because the weather was hideous here today. Amazing the difference a half hour's drive can make  It's become strangely warmer and windy now. All relative though - it's only just in double figures 

Slightly envious Dove - I'd like to go to the Tate down there. Not very good at holidays though   You'll have to make sure Verd goes with you though - for a bit of culture 



Posted: Today at 12:50

No chance of me overdoing anything Hosta - except the flapjacks  

Glad you're having a lovely time and the weather's helping. I may have to drag you up a hill next year if you keep improving 

Lily - I'm just like Tinkerbell really... 

I'd agree with Lesley about your weather Pat. Every shade of wrong  

Casserole prepared for dinner, daughter will finish it off and stick in the oven for me coming in later. 

Birds are stuffing their faces out there and the squirrel's looking in daughter's bedroom window. He's sheltering under the eaves! 


Posted: Today at 08:13

But I'm only 27 - time must be going more other possible explanation 

I'll get me coat...certainly need it today! 


Posted: Today at 08:04

Persisting is exactly the word B'man 

KEF - never mind dogs, I'm thinking of training the birds to come and fetch their own grub...

Off to work - in the dark. Sigh...

I actually wrote ark initially, instead of dark. A real Freudian slip! 

Have a good day everyone. Stay war  and dry if you can  

Gardens to visit

Posted: Today at 07:52

Well done Kevin. Changing your job's a hard decision, so I hope it continues being the success it already has 

It's my birthday

Posted: Today at 07:48

Happy Birthday Hosta - go on, spoil yourself. Oh yes - you already are....  

That's a good one jo -  he'll get a fortune for that! 


Posted: Today at 07:47

Morning all - we've avoided the snow, just manky rain 

Hard to believe it's December. Is it only me who thinks this year has gone very quickly?

chicky - you'll be counting down the days till chicklet's return  

I'll wish Hosta Hippo Birdy on the other thread. Will he have cake do you think? 


Posted: Yesterday at 20:33


LesleyK wrote (see)

Your snowy pic made me feel even colder Fairy - shivery face.

Sorry Lesley 

That pic was taken on a beautiful day in April. Better than many I had in summer!  

Verd - that's almost bikini weather - have you been wearing the mankini? 


Posted: Yesterday at 19:12

There you go Liri - you'll be stashing those apples into every corner of the freezer now! 

Hope Panda has plenty of warm clothes with her - it's none too warm here, though it will be slightly better near the coast. Of course , she has a fur coat to help...

Two degrees when I came home, and hasn't been much warmer all day. Thought about covering the windscreen as it's looking like frost, but there's some dark clouds looming, and we are supposed to get snow...decisions, decisions ... 

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