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I have a very dead lawn

Posted: 26/06/2016 at 18:08

Remove all the dead grass first. I'd wait a couple of weeks before doing anything else, but you can check the optimum amount of time on the packaging regarding the breaking down of the weedkiller.

No need to use a lot of soil/compost - you only need to sprinkle some over the surface with the seed mixed in. A centimetre or two of coverage is sufficient. Rake all the surface of the plot first though, to get it broken up a little, then proceed with the soil/compost and seed. You can use compost or soil on their own or a mix - it doesn't have to be too scientific at this stage. It's not too big an area, so you won't need much - two or three standard bags is probably enough.

If the garden's shady, you can get seed designed for that aspect, otherwise go for a general purpose, hard wearing mix which is more suitable for wear and tear. Your local Garden Centre or DIY store will have loads of different types - just check the packaging for the right amount you'll need, and the type which will suit best. 

I have a very dead lawn

Posted: 26/06/2016 at 16:30

Hi Glen - you'd probably have been better just mowing it and then giving it a dose of weed and feed. Glyphosate kills everything unfortunately.  You'd be surprised how much mowing alone improves grass. I usually give mine a feed in early spring, followed by a weed and feed 4 to 6 weeks later. Mowing every week, only taking a little off the height each time, encourages the grass to thicken up and spread sideways, giving you a decent surface.

If the ground's compacted,aerating will help in spring and autumn. An ordinary garden fork pushed in to a good depth will often be all that's needed. 

If you wait till the effect of the weedkiller's gone, you could mix some grass seed in with some soil or compost, and sow that over the whole area, making sure it's in contact with the ground by firming it in well, and then watering thoroughly if there's no rain forecast. It won't take long to germinate at this time of year. I'm afraid it won't be suitable to play on this year though. Alternatively, you fork it over, adding some soil and compost, level it and lay turf. 


Posted: 26/06/2016 at 15:22

Well - that would have been the problem Joyce...  

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends - part 2

Posted: 26/06/2016 at 15:06

Absolutely agree T'bird. Mine were 5 and 8 when their Dad left - youngest had just started school and that was no picnic. Oldest had a meltdown on the way to school one day. When she calmed down, she told me it was because she was frightened I would leave them too. I had to do a lot of reassuring for a very long time. 

I dealt differently with each one because they were, and still are, very different characters.

DD knows her lad extremely well. I'm sure she'll deal with it appropriately, and with great tact so that he feels secure.  


Posted: 26/06/2016 at 14:56

That's a very swanky playhouse geum kbg!  

When can I move in?....

Just got the grass cut before the rain came on and it's been on since lunchtime. Managed quite a few other bits and pieces too, so I'm quite happy. H****work done too - a necessary evil  

Been to get some bits and pieces. Was going to go and get some more lettuce seed - oak leaf and lolla rossa - but decided it might be a bad idea when I have a bed to pay for   

Getting Rid of Shingle

Posted: 26/06/2016 at 12:12

I think one of those plastic ones for raking leaves might do the job well enough. I created a new rear lawn last year - the whole area was that red gravel ( ) but I incorporated most of it into the existing 'concrete' clay soil, and mixed more soil and compost with that to get decent drainage for our high rainfall. I used one of those rakes to remove big pieces when I was weary of using my hands!

You'll always get a few stones coming up until you have your turf or seed in place and the lawn's established though. 

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends - part 2

Posted: 26/06/2016 at 10:01

T'bird - you're right about being truthful. Keeping it simple but not shying away from questions. It can be very confusing for children otherwise.

As you say, it's easier when both parents are 'singing from the same hymnbook' .

Loads of love and hugs from the Fairies, DD xxx


Posted: 26/06/2016 at 09:45


Hope you're a bit better today lily. Horrible thing. I rarely get headaches too and the only thing that shifts them is a night's sleep.

You must be knackered DD.     I'm sure the lady with the dog never noticed though...   

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends - part 2

Posted: 26/06/2016 at 09:38

Bolshy's good DD  

The 'phone checking' is also classic. HIS insecurities. I was never allowed near a computer, and I didn't have one of the phones which have internet access. That would have been a whole new can of worms!

Glad you have plenty of support - isolation is another tactic they use, so keep that contact up  

You'll have the chance to talk frankly with Charlie at some point. He clearly has a grasp of what's going on anyway. All he needs just now is to know he's safe, and as long as he's with you, he is 

How would you group these plants?

Posted: 26/06/2016 at 09:08

The pulsatillas will seed around too. They come into growth quite early and the seed heads are beautiful  


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