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Garden Gallery 2014

Posted: 20/08/2014 at 10:01

This isn't my garden, but a nearby War memorial which I'd mentioned  before because they have a bed of Hackenochloa in front of it and it's beautiful on a breezy day - looks like a golden version of the sea. I took this yesterday when I was out and, although it was quite a calm day, you can see what a lovely grass it is. I don't like the surrounding bedding but that's just me -  the parks dept. always do it for the summer.


slabs havent stuck

Posted: 20/08/2014 at 09:52

Dave's right. He said it in a much more scientific way than I managed! 

A bit of practice was all you needed cd. it's easier if you have someone to show you though, then you get a feel for when it's right.

You'll know next time....


Posted: 20/08/2014 at 09:49


I don't have many plants that are prone to it, but mildew's not a common problem here - we get plenty of rain all year round! The last couple of summers have been an exception though - rare for us to go for a few days without rain let alone weeks. 

I've cleaned out my greenhouse

Posted: 20/08/2014 at 08:32

Cross your fingers and toes now nut 

I've  tended to have cuttings through the summer so I always have them outside in a sheltered but reasonably shady spot so that's pretty much the same thing as you're doing  isn't it? I've not had many losses over the years  (apart from the dianthus!) but I suppose it depends on the type of plant too. 



Posted: 20/08/2014 at 08:25

Panda - I know - I never thought to mention it before !  

Looking forward to your tree pic. I used to ask for compost for birthday presents - aren't we daft!

Hope the day goes quickly for you  


Plants to attract wild life in a shady concrete courtyard

Posted: 20/08/2014 at 08:15

What other plants or gardens are nearby Tracey? Would be worth taking a look at some other people's plots if you can. I had the same problem when I lived in a rented house for a year and it was totally sterile. There wasn't a lot of planting in nearby gardens either so it was even hard to get birds coming in for food. I had a Ligularia which is great for attracting bees and hoverflies and if you can grow lavender then you should find it does well. If you can squeeze one in - you can't beat a buddleia. There are now ones for patio pots too so they're a bit smaller. Alliums  are great too and don't take up much room. They'd go well in amongst the lavender - they like the same conditions. Heucheras , Tiarellas and Heucherellas are all great for bees and hoverflies. 

Should have said - those will all take some shade anyway, especially the Heuchera family, and the buddleias will grow virtually anywhere anyway. 


Posted: 20/08/2014 at 08:04

Do you water after cutting back too nut? I find that helps a bit although I only tend to get mildew when plants are a bit crowded.

 I don't get mildew - the plants do..

Strawberries for the north

Posted: 20/08/2014 at 07:55

I used to grow Elsanta which are always prolific and do well up here - I'm in central Scotland - and last year I bought some called Everbearing Buddy which I'd never seen before. The fruits are beginning to come through well now - we've had a few and they're big and tasty. They grow like mad and I've already taken runners off them  this year as they were good sized plants. The runners rooted very quickly and have now produced flowers which I removed to let them build up. 


Posted: 20/08/2014 at 07:41

Morning all. Happy Birthday Panda - lang may yer lum reek 

No lums reeking here, much as I'd like a real fire again, but cold enough for one. Hung  a few towels out to dry ten mins ago and it's only 7 degrees just now but a lovely looking day. 

We get deer on a local bit of motorway - there's a little family who seem quite happy to breed and live in all the woodland. They graze right next to the barriers. Pretty, but  a real nuisance in a garden!

Hope the workers have a good day. I don't have to go - did I mention I'm on holiday this week? I'm sure I didn't...

Off to see what you're all doing while I have my tea and breakfast. 

Clearing a garden

Posted: 19/08/2014 at 20:35

Not too many beers MrT -  you don't wobbly lines 

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