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Renovate or remove privet hedge?

Posted: 20/09/2015 at 09:18

I think what we're saying is, Bob - get the chainsaw out   

Is it too late to pot up?

Posted: 20/09/2015 at 09:16

Great that you've got plenty of successful cuttings Lena 

The buddleias will cope with pretty much any treatment though 

Pruning after slug damage

Posted: 20/09/2015 at 09:14

My thoughts too Tetley. Not seen them being vulnerable to slug damage - and heaven knows - we have plenty of those here!  

They're usually quite pest resistant if they're well established. Possibly something else has been munching as it's a younger/smaller plant and more vulnerable. In pots, that's often the case. 


Posted: 20/09/2015 at 09:10

Verd - I was watching Countryfile and they're planning a series of walks to raise money for Children in Need in October. Was thinking I might do something ... 

Probably not the kind of cunning plan you thought it might be! 

Is it too late to pot up?

Posted: 20/09/2015 at 09:06

Hi Lena - you can pot on at any time. It makes for bigger, sturdier plants when you eventually put them out and they'll withstand attacks from weather or pests better  

Renovate or remove privet hedge?

Posted: 20/09/2015 at 08:14
Hostafan1 wrote (see)

don't forget:





You're an old devil Hosta 


I should have added to my post that I did nothing to the hedge after the haircut it had either. Didn't even water it, let alone give it a feed  

Is this unusual

Posted: 20/09/2015 at 08:11

Hosta - don't all cats scare the bejeesus out of you?....

The lobster looks like an art installation!

Isn't nature both weird and fascinating - all at the same time? 


Posted: 20/09/2015 at 08:00

Morning all. Cloudy here. Think it's to stay dry though. 

Pat - sorry to hear you're still under the weather. Hope you can get some relief soon. Not being able to eat properly makes it even worse - time drags.

Have a lovely day lily. Make the most of that time - those days of them being tiny seem to vanish so quickly. Before you know it, they're smelly teenagers 

Brentford Nylons Lesley - I remember it well...  

Was watching Countryfile and a plan is forming. A cunning plan....

Fell asleep watching the tennis last night so have to see the rest before today's matches . Come on the boys!  


Posted: 19/09/2015 at 20:55

I'm off now RB - going to put my feet up and watch the tennis.

See you tomorrow 


Posted: 19/09/2015 at 20:46

Bri nylon RB  - that brings back memories! 

Ex hubby and I went to the Lake District once and the bed had bri nylon sheets. We were scared to move in case we created sparks and set the place on fire 

...and stop making up your own jokes 

Glad you enjoy my tales - I'm always worried that I'll bore you all   They had a big event on there today - three different walks (or you could cycle or run ) raising money for a local hospice. Very impressive. Walked a bit with a youngish girl who was really struggling up one of the hills. Easy to underestimate how hard the   ascents are if you're not used to hills.  Hope she got back ok. 

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