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Trellis or Wire?

Posted: 30/04/2014 at 17:01

Good advice from obelixx Sam. I've just put trellis onto the horrible fence here and have several Clematis which are getting established. When the rain goes off I'll get a pic to let you see. Get some soft string from a Garden Centre/Supermarket/DIY place for tying in the  shoots initially as they can be quite fragile.  I'd second that about the variegated ivy too. I have one called Gloire de Marengo which is a nice colour - cream and green-  and Sulphur Heart is also nice. 


Posted: 30/04/2014 at 16:32

Hello all. Not had time to get on here for a bit.  I wanted to get the grass all sorted and raked and weed round the hedge etc. after work yesterday as it was so sunny.  Did loads of other 'stuff' too and was totally kerry packered. Was outside till 9pm and it was lovely.   Chucking it down here today 

Desperate to have a pond again. It's the thing I miss most about the last house. We had some massive koi and Golden Orfe which always knew when it was feeding time. They ate loads of tads but the pond was huge so there was always a plentiful supply left.


Posted: 29/04/2014 at 07:50

Don't see why not Tracy. I only got round to planting some in mid March -all sprouting like yours - and they're all growing well. As Bob says, you probably won't get much of a show from them now but they'll be happier planted and you could get them where you want them later on. 


Posted: 29/04/2014 at 07:46

Morning all. Pleasant looking day just now but working all day 

Off for a quick look round before I go so have a good day everyone 


Posted: 28/04/2014 at 19:59

Evening all. Been out doing stuff but not as much as I'd wanted as a neighbour came by so we put  the world to rights instead...

Hope you've had a lovely day OL. Did you remember to have the fire brigade on speed dial for the candles? Just in case....

MrsG - Forget those rotten old fishy folk - they were probably just miffed cos they were 'fishing' for compliments and didn't get any and thought they could just 'batter' you into submission...

It's ok - my coat's already on 

Possible garden shrub help

Posted: 28/04/2014 at 15:01

I like Potentillas for a long flowering season. Deciduous but they start into growth quite early. Flower colours from whites, creams, yellows through to deep oranges and the odd red. Hebes are great for a well drained spot. Evergreen and all sorts of varieties. Bees love the flowers - whites, pinks and purples. Both of those are pretty easy and readily available. Lots of the Azaleas come in dwarf form so they're slow growing and you get lots of colours, and Pieris are slow growing too. The new foliage on those is nice after the little white flowers at this time of year.

I have Osmanthus burkwoodii for the first time in this garden and it's very nice. The scented white flowers are lovely,and it has dark green foliage.

My mind has now gone blank! 

Possible garden shrub help

Posted: 28/04/2014 at 13:52

Choisya ternata would be nice Cleo. There's a golden variety as well. Evergreen. Does it have to evergreen or does that not matter, and can it be any size? Any colour preference?

Azaleas, Rhodos, Camellias and Pieris would grow well there too if your soil is acidic.


Posted: 27/04/2014 at 20:29

No - once you reach 40 you start going backwards OL. 

Tomorrow you're 39 again. 

lovely bluebells Dove. 


Posted: 27/04/2014 at 20:19
4thPanda wrote (see)


MrsG, I always have to google Verd's plants 

Had to do a double take there Panda- glad to see there's an 'l' in that last word...





Just in and had boiled eggs and brown bread for tea 

Lots done and a friend came round as well. The blue tits now have a small hanging bird table, with a roof made from bark. They really don't like the one with the cage round it.  I got a bit side tracked when I was doing other things....

Off for a look round to see what you've all been doing.

Anyone planted out their sweet pea seedlings?

Posted: 27/04/2014 at 12:15

Yes pinch out the growing tip to encourage bushy growth. I mainly grow mine in big pots so that they can be positioned accordingly. I don't use anything special as far as compost is concerned but I add some grit and always make sure they are well fed and watered. I use pots at least 15" diameter normally but I put gravel/polystyrene or old plastic pots in the bottom so I  use less compost. Hope that's of some help 

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