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When will people learn the difference...

Posted: 28/02/2016 at 13:06

pansyface - I know!   Even better is  'don't do that'. Reply is 'How no? '  


Posted: 28/02/2016 at 13:04

You have my sympathy Yvie. Hopefully things will get sorted soon and you can have your house back  

I think I'll go and paint some of the fence while the sun's out. Borders are still pretty solid so not much can be done there. 

fox poo on my rose

Posted: 28/02/2016 at 13:01


Sammymummy wrote (see)

My husband spotted our visitor looking a bit surprised by the jets of water one night and inquisitively examining the very thing few days later 


the b***er - trouble is, they can't read the instructions..... 

There's rather too many of these deluded people RB 

When will people learn the difference...

Posted: 28/02/2016 at 12:59

Bob - I work with someone who says loss when they mean lose.... 

Anyone done any gardening today - Version 2

Posted: 28/02/2016 at 12:57

Prune them quite far down Caroline - otherwise you get the flowers too high - as you've discovered! If they flower before June you can leave them and when the first flush of flowers is over, you can tidy them back and you get a second flush. Those are group 2 clematis, but if you don't know which kind you have, prune them back fairly low and then make a note of how they flower for you.

Mine are all pruned to around 2 feet - I don't go down further (although you can) in case the weather turns. Then I have backup. They have other planting at their feet anyway.   Etoile Violette is pruned right down to about a foot - it flowers in later summer into autumn  

Camera Talk

Posted: 28/02/2016 at 12:49

Gotta love the ol' red squirrel David  

Buzzards and skylarks a'plenty, and the all powerful ravens and crows. I got a couple of raven pix but they dive out of sight as soon as you want them to stop and stay 

Sheep, sheep and more sheep and Hielan' coos in the glens if you're in an estate. Plenty of those at the farm where that walk starts. not really wildlife I suppose - unless you poke them with a sharp stick 

Some areas are real golden eagle country - that's the one thing I want see before I pop my clogs. Perthshire is good for them but I've yet to see one. The northern highlands are better. Mountain hares - some hills have high populations. Grouse - late summer on the heathery hills is a good time for those, but they're pretty common.  Woodcock - even at summits. Gave me a fright one day on one of the Orchy hills as they appeared out of the clag! I've seen a capercaillie up at the Lawers hills. They're very rare, but that's one area they thrive.

Lots of butterflies and dragonflies at various points in the year on most hills  - getting the right weather is the biggest issue! 


Posted: 28/02/2016 at 12:34

Wasn't being negative Begonia - sorry if you took it that way. I'm just a realist. Sometimes these offers are  misleading and offer just a general range of plants. There are numerous threads from disappointed customers because offers tend to make things look bigger and better than they often are. You mentioned that your site is exposed and windy - many clematis won't do so well in that kind of situation which is why I suggested looking at the specialist growers. If you're prepared to wait and look after plants then - yes - these offers are fine. 

I think obelixx has clarified it all perfectly. 

Garden Pictures 2016

Posted: 28/02/2016 at 11:54

Always good to have a nice link though. Makes them special  

My robin's Dennis - no link - just didn't want that alliteration thingy of Robbie, Rudolf etc 

Camera Talk

Posted: 28/02/2016 at 11:50

It's a gorgeous area David - but I'm possibly slightly biased.....

That hill I was on isn't high, or terribly thrilling in itself, but the views are just amazing, especially as the cairn, and therefore the view of Arrochar, is slightly hidden as you approach.  I had one of the best walks I've ever had - and I've done all the Munros you can see in that panoramic. I could happily have spent several hours up there 

You can do the hill across from it in a longer horseshoe walk - it's a good excuse to go back though  

Filling gaps in beech hedge

Posted: 28/02/2016 at 11:45

It's ok - I'm easily confused Andy! 

Skimmia can get chlorotic in the wrong conditions, so it largely depends on what soil you have. There are ferns which would be happy enough there and they often establish quite well. Ones for dry shade are what you probably need to look for as there'll be a fair bit of competition for moisture. Dryopteris springs to mind, but they might not get tall enough for your space. 

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