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Schizostylis coccinea

Posted: 09/05/2017 at 08:00

Bit of a bonus, yarrow 

Nice supports 

Garden Gallery 2017

Posted: 09/05/2017 at 07:58

Nice pic TGG ! I might try that one day - if I ever lie down on the grass. I should make the effort just now as it's probably as dry as it's ever going to get  

Pottering's good b'foot gardener. I like a bit of that too. Lovely pix   

Christian Kitchens Dukinfield Reviews(13)

Posted: 09/05/2017 at 07:56

It's why they're in the jail now - standard conmen! Usual crap 

Hello Forkers - May Edition

Posted: 09/05/2017 at 07:52

Morning all/afties Pat - hope you don't get sub zero temps too soon. Not  terribly warm here at the moment but it's dry - again. I can't remember it ever being so dry for so long here inthe west.

Congrats Clari  - when do you start? Hope you're appreciated a bit more at the new job. Wouldn't be hard! 

Gorgeous photo Liri. I fancied some of the white ones but I don't have any room in the places they would do well.  

I'll just have to move again and start another garden....

Off for a look round before I go. Have a good  day everyone. 

Jam jar flowers

Posted: 08/05/2017 at 19:36

Tasteful is my middle name Liri....   

That's a pic of Ardmair Bay, north of Ullapool, behind it as well, so doubly tasteful  

I don't have lots of frilly flowers for cutting at this time of year either. Once the sweet peas get going, I'll have more 

Jam jar flowers

Posted: 08/05/2017 at 18:52

That's a really beautiful  jarfull hogweed 

I discovered a few Dutch Iris I'd forgotten about had flowered, so I picked one along with a couple of the last narcissus and a stem or two of white broom

You are so lucky.

Posted: 08/05/2017 at 18:35

I can't imagine living anywhere else but Scotland - I have no desire to live anywhere else. 

Once I retire - I'm going further north and west and I'll be spoiled for choice for views. I know how lucky I am to have the best scenery on the planet within easy reach of where I live just now.

I  might be slightly biased.....

Installation of new turf

Posted: 08/05/2017 at 18:32

Have to get out and sell yourself on the streets then d'boy...

Using old bricks to disguise a turf stack?

Posted: 08/05/2017 at 18:31

How about a combination Kitty? If you make the stack lower and wider, then arrange the bricks in front and round sides, cover with black polythene (old compost bag or similar ) put holes in for drainage then add some soil and compost over that and grow a few annuals which don't need much attention - nasturiums or even quick growing salad crops.

Alternatively, put a board or paving slab over the top  (sitting on the bricks) and stick a selection of small pots with various bits and pieces in them on top. An alpine pan perhaps?

I usually just stack mine in a corner out the way too, but if you can't find a space - make the most of the situation!

Euphorbia cyparissias

Posted: 08/05/2017 at 18:15

I have some bits of Euphobia c. Fen's Ruby which I use in places where not much grows. It's also good along the top of my rear fence which is like a long 'window box'. It does spread around, but it's easy enough to pull out. That's how I got all my little pieces of it - it grows at the entrance driveway where I work, and there are always little seedlings!  I expect you could keep it potted. 

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