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Hello Forkers - April edition

Posted: 18/04/2017 at 17:30

Evening all. Little warmer now so I might go and do the grass after a cuppa. 

I think on this thread - the regulars are all quite good at discussing politics Liri. There was a small 'faction' who made mischief but I feel we're all friendly enough here to say our piece but respect those with a different view....then move on to chat about  vine weevils, car/kitchen salesmen, babies or dodgy builders   

Didn't realise your hubby was a  musician. What's his forte?

LP - you'll have the joy of the visitors to take your mind off the election - at least for a while! 

If they come round my door, they might get a swift knee in the n*ds if I'm busy. Sorry doc..  

Cheap Kitchens Manchester 5

Posted: 18/04/2017 at 12:53

Be off with you Beelzebub - 

potting up a bulb

Posted: 18/04/2017 at 12:51

Too cold I'd reckon. 

I thought most Crinums were non hardy - unless you live somewhere very warm. I'm under the impression they're mainly greenhouse plants but I expect someone here will have better info and advice. 

Damp shade

Posted: 18/04/2017 at 12:45

Lots of daffs are happy in that sort of ground and aspect.

Solomon's Seal ( Polygonatum)and Jacob's Ladder ( Polemonium ) too. 

Hello Forkers - April edition

Posted: 18/04/2017 at 12:42

Joyce- that's what we've been producing rosettes for recently - and the 'organisers' of those can't even organise themselves to do it in time, or collect them after we knock ourselves out doing them in the time they aske them for. Says it all really. Piss-up and brewery springs to mind. 

Reminds me of Ed Byrne's little piece when Cameron jumped ship after saying he'd stay (after Brexit) and sort everything out. Then disappeared after saying he'd still be an MP.   'I'm starting to think these politicians can't be trusted....'

I'm with Hosta. Bunch of self serving egotists in my opinion. 

Thank heavens indeed Obelixx. Just as well I've got grass to cut later. If it dries out. Not that pleasant here. Dry, but cold and cloudy. 

Small tree ideas for back garden

Posted: 18/04/2017 at 08:10

Ornamental pear would be my choice - Pyrus salicifolius - as the foliage is so nice, and Amelanchier as it also has good autumn colour, (it also has flowers and fruit)  and Euonymous alatus  (?) which has great autumn colour would also be good.

I'd go for something which has flowers and fruit every time. Most evergreens are fairly dull as specimens. 

Pruning Hellebore

Posted: 18/04/2017 at 08:05

I don't do anything to mine either, nut  

I find the foliage stays quite tidy on those, but I expect you could cut away any rough stuff if you're careful.

Is Devon different?

Posted: 18/04/2017 at 08:02

I'd have nothing in my garden if  woodlice ate plants! Definitely sounds more like the weevil.

I'm more confused about what a pot full of 'bellies' are?  

Raised flower bed vs Cat Poo

Posted: 18/04/2017 at 07:58

You should be able to retire now Hosta 

It's an ongoing issue discussed at length here NewbiePaul. I've tried every method known to man - from bamboo skewers to chicken wire to lemon peel, and all points in between. The only thing that works is a water scarecrow. You can buy them online. 

Hello Forkers - April edition

Posted: 18/04/2017 at 07:54

Morning all/afties Pat .

There's been sub zero here as it's only just got to zero now, when I fed the birds, but no white.It was a lovely starry sky when I went to bed though.


Cheeky b***er fidget. You'd think it would be slightly better nowadays, and they'd stop jumping to conclusions. I had a similar experience when buying a car. The entire conversation was being directed at my then hubby, until he said - I'm not buying it. I just looked at the guy and I think he could tell I wasn't impressed...

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