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Posted: 01/08/2014 at 21:58

Congrats bekkie -the advantage of being an auntie is - you don't have to keep them....

The 'care for the elderly' system is dire. I'm sure my Mum would have been diagnosed as having Alzheimer's but my Dad would have been terrified of that because he'd have been convinced that she'd be  'taken away' and put in a home somewhere, so I can understand how certain situations can develop. He would never have asked for help financially either, but when people have worked all their lives and paid into the system they're  entitled to proper care, and we're an ageing population so it's only going to get worse.  You're right fidget - if all the  relatives who are full time carers  just said  we can't do it, what would it cost the NHS to fund it all?  Ordinary families are saving the government a fortune, at huge cost to their own health, and they aren't equipped to deal with it, but it's the easy option for the powers that be.  I think it's time politicians had a reality check.   


I hope you can get some help Verd.

Garden Gallery 2014

Posted: 01/08/2014 at 21:32

The fairies are little,  but not too young BM! They're quite self sufficient - most of the time.. 

Hope you've had good weather in Yorkshire BL. The under gardeners have done a great  job for you 

What if you rant about your neighbour and

Posted: 01/08/2014 at 21:18

They are awful those things  

I remember a neighbour in a previous house got some for his back door - they drove everyone nuts because they jangled tunelessly in the slightest breeze. We all took the mickey out of him till he had no option but to take them down. Just as well we were all friends at the time though!  


What's the star in your garden right now

Posted: 01/08/2014 at 21:10

The extension will mainly be in the area to the side of the house  BM, which is just grass. All the garden is new since last summer . Apart from the buddleia and a couple of other shrubs, there was no planting -  just a fenced in area at the back full of gravel and slabs, and  grass outside that, running along the whole side boundary. There's a mature conifer and a pine in the back corner where I now have a shed which was inside the 'enclosure'. That's all been opened up, so the back garden is now much bigger - and full of plants! 


Bargain shrubs

Posted: 01/08/2014 at 20:54

Can't beat a bargain Runnybeak!  I got a couple of clematis last year at my local GC - £4 each. Both are doing very nicely.

Pachysandra is a very nice plant  - I put one in a shady narrow border  last summer, right beside the back gate. It's covered in buds just now - nice little white flowers. Quite understated, but  a great plant for underneath a specimen tree or just as good ground cover. An underrated little shrub I think. 


Posted: 01/08/2014 at 20:48

My pinks never stop flowering  from late spring/early summer right through summer. I'd agree with Verd - they need watering regularly but they like a good gritty free running medium to grow in. I use a similar mix to my sempervivums and herbs like rosemary and thyme, but I water them a fair bit if it's a long dry spell, especially as they're in pots. I wouldn't bother so much if they were in the ground though. When they get a bit gappy or leggy, I cut them back and peg stems down into the compost with wire, adding a bit more compost on top and they root into it and make the plant 'full' again. I did that recently with one plant and it's full of new buds and starting to flower again.

What's the star in your garden right now

Posted: 01/08/2014 at 20:38

I have to uproot this buddleia as it's right where a path and the  new extension will be going, but I've got cuttings and I'm hoping that it'll be sturdy enough to survive hacking back and moving to another part of the garden. I'd like to put it right down near the front gate if possible so fingers crossed! 

Lawn help required

Posted: 01/08/2014 at 20:35

Anonimouse, my grass was a disaster when I moved in here almost 18 months ago. Very compacted, neglected apart from being scalped regularly, and mostly buttercups, daisies, dandelions and clover. I fed it in spring then used a standard weed and feed about a month later. It's only been cut regularly since - no water even in the hot summer of last year - and no autumn feed. I did much the same this spring. There's a thread here called Ideas for privacy solutions (currently on page 1) which shows a small part of my  grass. You can see how green and healthy it is. Perhaps you're not using at the correct dosage, as hogweed suggests? Most rough lawns can be renovated quite easily with these products. It's usually only when there's additional problems like waterlogging or animal/insect damage that it can be difficult to sort. 

Ideas for privacy solutions where Dry & Shady,

Posted: 01/08/2014 at 20:26

I'd agree Topbird - GD's site is not so desirable, but with a good bit of rotted manure, compost and plenty of water at the start they'd adapt well. My site was compacted weedy grass and full of stones, so no nutrition until I started digging it out and doing just that! 

What's the star in your garden right now

Posted: 01/08/2014 at 19:32

I aim to please art -   

The white buddleia is a bit of a star just now :


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