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Hello Forkers ... August edition

Posted: Yesterday at 12:58
Dachalover says:


...he knows more about fairies than the Knights Templar .....

See original post

 I don't know him - honest guv....

My sister turned 13 on Friday 13th.

Hosta - I've had a thought - I know - dangerous...

How about trying a different approach - sort of reverse phsychology? You're lucky if you get a few hours at one go, so why not tell yourself  'if I can manage more than an hour, that's brilliant - a real result'. Anything beyond that is then a huge bonus.  Your partner could back you up with it too - 'brilliant Hosta - that was 2 hours'.

Could that possibly work do you think? 

Hello Forkers ... August edition

Posted: Yesterday at 11:28

Have these on me anyway BL   

Last edited: 23 August 2017 11:29:43

Hello Forkers ... August edition

Posted: Yesterday at 11:26
Obelixx says:

FG - hope you're not feeling old now the teens have gone.

See original post

Unfortunately, the 'teens' have gone, but not the fairylets  themselves..... 

Brilliant BL. Hope you're having a peaceful day today and getting your feet up a bit. If I was at work, I could have made you a Supreme Champion rosette!  

The sun has put in an appearance so there's a wash on. Better make the cake and get outside and see how soggy everything is after all the rain. The newly dug pond has about six inches in the bottom of it. The only problem with having solid clay in the garden. It'll hopefully drain away so that I can do the new liner which I should get later today. 

Shallow beds

Posted: Yesterday at 11:19

Bog plants are the ones which will cope with poor drainage, and there are plenty of those, but when you say shallow, do you mean the depth of soil, or the distance front to back of the beds?

Also - what direction (aspect) do the beds face? There are sun lovers and shade lovers, so it'll help with suggestions if you can offer a little more info. 

The surrounding area and what else you have there will also help with advice- fences, house walls, hedges, open site etc. 

Real world cost of heating a greenhouse

Posted: Yesterday at 11:15

I'm also confused by the 'frost line' query too. It's a variable - not an exact fact which you can rely on. Frost can occur anywhere in the country, from this time of year in the north of Scotland until next June in lots of locations, so you simply have to be aware of your own location and local climate, and check forecasts.  Even within a garden, some areas will get frost and others won't. Siting your greenhouse is therefore an important consideration. 

Heating's only relevant if the plants you have growing in a greenhouse will suffer if they get below a certain temperature for a long enough period of time, and you'll simply have to be ready for that with an additional heating source as Clari has indicated. The points Hostafan has mentioned are all additional considerations which have an effect on the amount of extra heat you'll need. 

Bulbs (again)

Posted: Yesterday at 11:05

I've never done that Kitty...no sirreee....never....honest...... 


Posted: Yesterday at 10:39

I don't tend to sow much for overwintering Mary, as it's better for me to sow in spring, but yes - something which doesn't have too much food in it is ideal for potting on young seedlings. You can also pinch them out, depending what you're growing. That helps keep them bushy, and helps avoid the legginess. 

I just keep shrubby cuttings in ordinary garden soil over winter. It's usually got a little bit of compost added, and some grit if they're bigger and they're going to get a lot of rain, but I usually just keep them a bit sheltered from the worst of the elements - if possible. Not always easy here! Depends on your individual situation and what room you have etc. 

Hello Forkers ... August edition

Posted: Yesterday at 10:24

Pat - I'm sure everyone understands that you've been very unwell. Hope you're on the mend soon. The garden will take care of itself for  now. It's far more important that you take it easy. 

LG - tidying bedrooms....aye right. Have you got the camera ready?...

Dove - for crying out loud. That's dreadul.

I spotted a butterfly so went out to see,and it was  a peacock. First one this year. Hardly seen any butterflies of any kind. It's been very poor, cold weather for them, all at the wrong times - worse than usual. Buddleias are usually hoaching with them. 

Hello Forkers ... August edition

Posted: Yesterday at 10:07

Morning all/afties Pat if you look in.

I was awake at 5 with the fab thunderstorm overhead here Dove. There had been a weather warning for heavy rain, although no mention of thunder which seems odd, but it certainly felt very thundery yesterday. Lots of thunder, lightning and torrential rain for over half an hour. It was quite spectacular - we don't get too many of them.  It had been wet since about 10 last night anyway, but it's drying up now and looking a bit better.  Sorry Hosta - but I did eventually get back to sleep for a few hours 

Enjoy your night out GWRS. 

Sounds like you had a lovely night too Obs.  

Do you think BL will be a bit weary today? 

Lovely pic Yvie - so glad all went well for you. You sounded so much happier and relaxed in your post  

Hope chicklet is better today chicky - and, more importantly, hope you're all fine! Don't pass it to me though....or my fairylet. We have cake to eat later.  She's positively ancient today - no more teenagers here now. I'm far too young to have 'adults' in the house....

Who is this visitor?

Posted: Yesterday at 09:53

How lovely for you Kaymay. Just shows how we don't need a huge pond for attracting all sorts of wildlife into a garden. Greta photo too  

Maybe you'll have to stop your nightly slug patrol now - you've got a built in worker instead  

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