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Raised flower bed

Posted: Yesterday at 20:14

Exciting project Tiny. You could include a climber in your planting scheme too - to train up the fence. 


Posted: Yesterday at 20:09

Is she away for quite a while chicky? Mine have never wanted to go to festivals - thankfully! My niece went to T in the Park a few times. Makes me itch just thinking about it 

I had some great views today - always a bonus 

That poor beetle was struggling to make his way up that bit of carex and he kept sliding back down to the end. Poor soul. He was quite a plump little chap though 

Camera Corner

Posted: Yesterday at 20:03

It's mad stuff RB. Love the nasturtium too 

We had a lovely sunrise this morning Bob - unfortunately I was in the car so couldn't get a pic. The day turned out very well weather wise so it looks as if the little proverbs were off the mark today!

This was the moon last night viewed from my back door, courtesy of older fairylet

 and this moss covered wall, in the forest on my back from my walk, caught my eye

 The famous Corrie Fee 'amphitheatre' in Glen Doll


Buxus - help needed

Posted: Yesterday at 19:53

What sort of size are they Gavin and in what size of pot? Anything in a pot needs a bit of extra care re feeding and watering. Wind can dry potted plants out just as much sun too. It may simply be that one is catching more sun/wind than the other  

Favourite trees - sunny but windy site

Posted: Yesterday at 19:39

I like the Whitebeams. Lovely silvery foliage and a proper 'tree' shape. They grow quite happily in most positions and soils. 

I think anything you put in will need to be well staked until they get established if it's windy though. 


Posted: Yesterday at 19:07

I'm on the tea LP - nothing stronger!

It's a bonny place Steve. I resisted the temptation to say I came down 'the Scorrie with the Corrie' as it sound as bit too much like the Palace with the Chalice...

Other Steve () - the architecture's stunning in these buildings. The gardens at Stowe are very famous but I find the houses even more fascinating. How lucky we are to have these stately homes to drool over 

I also rescued a beetle

 only to drop my rucksack and just miss flattening  him...


Posted: Yesterday at 18:26

I was in Glen Doll - Mary's brother ...(that's for all the Scots who watched Rab C Nesbitt )

They're very naughty those two Dove. We'll have to take them severely in hand 

Steve 309 - it's the other Steve. The one who likes to saw bits off cats. I'm saying nowt  

Countryfile is on - they're at Stowe. Beautiful.


Posted: Yesterday at 17:57

Evening all - I'm home from the hill 

I had, what we call in the fairy household,  a 'Wallace and Gromit '  (Grand Day Out)  

Weather improved as the day went on so lots of pix were taken.

I leave you for a few hours though, and you all  get up to mischief. 

Jo's leg was stiff but it's ok as she's got new pants - did I get that right? Steve has got hanging nuts and chicky says there's lots of things popping up in between hostas in Hosta's  garden.....have I wandered in on the set of a Carry On film?  

Today's lunchtime/early afternoon view...the car's down there somewhere

Got some nice pix of the moon last night, courtesy of older fairy so I'll put them  on the camera thread later


Posted: Yesterday at 05:42

Morning all. No pink sky last night but we got a glimpse of the supermoon and daughter took pix. I'll see what they're like when I get back tonight. 

Hope you got a good sleep eventually DD  

Have a good day everyone whatever you're up to. I'm off on my travels 

Rescuing soil after years of membrane and stones?

Posted: 29/08/2015 at 17:19

Good stuff - now you can crack on with what you want to  plant sooner than you thought. Add extra nutrition anyway when you start putting plants in 

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