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HELLO FORKERS! September Edition

Posted: 08/09/2016 at 09:03

Missed you there B'man. Hope today is cheerier for you  


Posted: 08/09/2016 at 09:01

How did we miss that one Verd? 

Happy Birthday - 21 again I suppose....

HELLO FORKERS! September Edition

Posted: 08/09/2016 at 08:56

Just took youngest to work LP - b****y awful! 

Hosta  - lovely to have those young 'uns visiting. I'm 'well jell' as these awful people say these days 

I got two windows from someone who was having theirs replaced. Haven't quite got round to that cold frame yet...

You can have an extra bun then GWRS! 

I want to create my first winter pot

Posted: 08/09/2016 at 08:19

In addition to what Ladybird has said, crocus and daffs are pretty foolproof - just plant at the correct depth. Tulips need good drainage, so use a nice gritty compost for those.

It's normally recommended to plant tulips later in the year when it's colder, to avoid the viruses, so if you're buying some in the next few weeks, you may want to keep them somewhere colder for a month or so. I usually just plant them and keep them in a shady spot and have never had any issues. 

Drought tolerant

Posted: 08/09/2016 at 08:08

I had the Bronze Form Phormium in my garden round the corner Verd - I presume that's the same one, just  a different name?  Lovely plant  

HELLO FORKERS! September Edition

Posted: 08/09/2016 at 07:53

Missed your post chicky - I was wondering what DD meant about the chicks   

Take the camera chicky  

Has anyone else been looking at the lovely pix on the BBC breakfast news of Wild Britain. Beautiful.

Although they just showed one of Stonehenge and said it was Glenfinnan Viaduct...ooops!  

Last edited: 08 September 2016 07:56:17

Paint colour for this wall?

Posted: 08/09/2016 at 07:50

I think that's why I don't like blue Dove. It doesn't suit our climate up here very well. It needs careful choice. Reddish purples are better.  Beautiful in the right area, as you say. 

Grey foliaged plants can be tricky here too. Too much grey sky  

Garden Pictures 2016

Posted: 08/09/2016 at 07:47

Hi BM - did you mean dark sweet peas? I just bought some but thanks for the offer  

I took a couple of pix while footling around yesterday. I have a seedling Japanese Anemone ( from Whirlwind ) which has flowered and has a nice rosy blush on the rear of the petals. The parent has pale green/ cream backs.  Not a great photo, but  you get the idea...

Another Acidanthera pic

HELLO FORKERS! September Edition

Posted: 08/09/2016 at 07:36

I do my best DD 

I love those mornings Dove. Really beautiful. We could do with some more of the sun to go with the dampness and mist though....

Clematis gone wild

Posted: 08/09/2016 at 07:33

Looks terrific Michelle. They're great plants and almost impossible to kill no matterhow hard you hack them back ! 

The woman across the road from me has  a white one covering a shed or garage at the back of her house. I get a lovely view of it in spring. It's stunning.  

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