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Posted: 21/02/2014 at 18:29

Sorted MrsG 

Have a lovely time. I'll keep this lot under control....if I can...

baldy wormy lawn

Posted: 21/02/2014 at 18:10

Sounds like the leatherjackets may be part of the problem but I'd agree with Verdun that they wouldn't cause big bare  patches - it usually just looks messy - and it does seem that the ground's compacted if it's very soggy. I'd say since there's no obvious wear and tear from other sources that Dove may be on the right lines with chemical damage of some kind, so Verdun's advice for some spring attention is worth following. My front grass is very soggy too - like many other people's - and I won't do anything to it till it's dried out a fair bit.

Probably around July if the rain doesn't stop soon!

GardenIng jokes

Posted: 21/02/2014 at 17:59

I know Verd. And my modesty is even more impressive - as you know so well  

They weren't strictly garden-y jokes so here's a better one:

What do you call  two banana skins?

A pair of slippers.

I'm definitely getting better at this....


Posted: 21/02/2014 at 17:53

Don't worry pd - wand's at the ready. May have to use it as a club though... 

'Stuff' is getting sorted lily- slowly but surely. Bit too slowly for my liking though!

GardenIng jokes

Posted: 21/02/2014 at 17:24

And how do you know when the elephant's been in the fridge Dove?

Footprints in the butter....

They like using the telephone too...to make trunk calls.....

And holidaying in Tusk-any...

Th th th that's all folks! 

That's ok - no applause necessary for those fine specimens 

baldy wormy lawn

Posted: 21/02/2014 at 17:11

Not sure what to suggest yet, but a few questions : Does the grass get a lot of sun or is it a shady aspect?  Does the grass get a lot of traffic - is it very compacted? Did you notice lots of crows/magpies pecking at it in autumn ? They would be looking for leatherjackets and can pull out loads of 'handfuls' of grass and moss when they do it which get left in clumps on the surface.  I've seen lawns look dreadful because of them.


Posted: 21/02/2014 at 17:00

Hi fidget, Pam  and KEF. Hope you two had lovely birthdays - did you keep me some cake?  

I don't ask for much 

You're in luck fidge - the wand's just been serviced and has some supercharged new powers....

We had a little sun today - briefly  - before the lashing rain came back on. Very soggy here still but the days are lengthening so spring will be here soon 

baldy wormy lawn

Posted: 21/02/2014 at 15:32

What made you think it was worms springfield? I've never known worms to cause something like that. Unfortunately  I can't get a clear enough picture when I enlarge. Can you give us more info about the conditions?

GardenIng jokes

Posted: 21/02/2014 at 15:21

Honestly you lot - I don't come on here for a few days and when I do, Verdun's still talking about cakes...I'll have to put you on a diet....

But here's a joke, since I'm sure you've missed my quality quips -

What's green and square?

A lemon in disguise. 


Posted: 21/02/2014 at 15:17

Hello all. Not been around much recently due to 'stuff'. 

Will catch up on the posts over the next few hours. 



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