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New gardener -flowering bulbs questions..

Posted: 03/04/2016 at 10:28

Spring flowering bulbs will return each year Xyz. Do you just have a few specimen shrubs or do you have a fully planted border? Bulbs work best planted in and around other shrubs and perennials in a mixed border or bed.

Tulips are the least successful because they need sharp drainage and tend to fade after a couple of years. They won't be so happy in a north facing situation either unless you have enough sun getting to them in spring and summer. Snowdrops and daffs/narcissus will be fine for that aspect and also things like anemone blanda. Crocus will also be fine but they don't open so much in less sun. I don't mind that - I have plenty in a north facing border.  

For summer and autumn it's a bit trickier and I can't think of anything other than Colchicum, but they wouldn't look right for that situation -  I feel they need some other low level planting round them. You could try lilies, but again, they look best with other perennials or lower growing shrubs to complement them. 

You could simply plant some lower growing evergreens which will need very little attention. Pachysandra is excellent in shady areas. You'll get lots of suggestions for that type of planting and you can add bulbs into that too  

HELLO FORKERS April 2016 Edition

Posted: 03/04/2016 at 10:13

I'm finding more of the people slightly irritating than I ever did in the previous series. Do you think it's because they're doing an Andy Warhol - ie, just want their fifteen minutes - and are playing to the cameras more because they now see how the programme works? I feel the previous ones were much more genuine and interested in what they could achieve, and wanted some real advice rather than just getting on the telly. 

Buying plants on the spur of f the moment

Posted: 03/04/2016 at 10:06

Hosta - you're so right. I live 200 yards away from a garden I had for fifteen years. I have to do things differently in this one because it's very exposed. I'm gradually organising little areas, but there's not much I can do about the direction the wind comes thrashing in, unless I do a Trump and build a fifteen foot wall  

Beechgrove has started

Posted: 03/04/2016 at 10:02

I think you're absolutely right David and I'm not just saying it as a Scot 

Some programmes (of any kind) are simply entertainment and some are factual. I think of Beechgrove as factual and informative and I now see G's World as entertainment. Not sure quite when that happened 

Camera Talk

Posted: 03/04/2016 at 09:57

A couple from my walk yesterday in Glen Lyon.I returned to a hill after having to come home because of heavy snow when I was there in January and I'd have been stuck in the glen. Not a very exciting hill, but the views are pretty good.

The Tarmachan ridge from the summit of Beinn Dearg. A great walk 


The five Lawers hills which overlook Loch Tay. Ben Lawers (summit just in cloud here) is the tenth highest hill in Scotland and the only one not over 4,000 feet.


Still plenty of snow on the north and east sides of these lower hills.



I'm getting the hang of these self timed pix!  Lawers hills from the cairn. No wind - just beautiful to sit for a little while 


A nice day out   










HELLO FORKERS April 2016 Edition

Posted: 03/04/2016 at 09:41

It's  a really pretty place BL - and gets a lot of visitors because of it's location and the falls of course - they were pretty spectacular yesterday after all the rain and recent snow melt. At least  I wasn't in any danger of getting snowbound in the glen this time! I've only just changed that photo of the falls as my desktop pic to a more springlike one too. 

Best way forward

Posted: 03/04/2016 at 09:30

Is it shady Richard? The spongy lawn would suggest that. Can you give us an idea of the aspect so that we can take that into account when making suggestions. Many cottage garden plants like a good bit of sun so you might need a combination of plants there.

Some structure, as Darren suggests, is a good idea so that you don't just have a blank space in winter. With any deciduous planting, you can put spring bulbs in as well, to prolong the picture  

HELLO FORKERS April 2016 Edition

Posted: 03/04/2016 at 09:21

I'm going to have to rewatch that programme - mind you, I wasn't really paying attention to it - it was in the background while I was reading. 

I hear cuckoos on the lower areas on the hills in spring BL - was lucky enough to see one last year when I was out. There's a few in the Arrochar area in particular.

I thought of you yesterday as I drove through Killin - the road was totally snow free this time!  

Buying plants on the spur of f the moment

Posted: 03/04/2016 at 09:16

C'rose12 - you see it every year with the bedding plant thing don't you? How many people load up trolleys of 'stuff' and how much dies when they plant it in baskets and shove it all outside in April! Maybe I'm cynical, but I wonder if they go back and the staff just  flog them more instead of making sure the customer understands they need to keep plants undercover for a couple of months. 

HELLO FORKERS April 2016 Edition

Posted: 03/04/2016 at 09:06

Joyce - I have a few of the standard yellow ones which were already in the garden when I moved in, but all my nice ones are just budding. It came into my head because Monty's Thalias were going over and mine are a long way from flowering. Thought mine were even slower than usual so that's good that yours are the same  

Wet and miserable here too KEF....the weather I mean.....

Did you sleep better last night Hosta?

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