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Posted: 24/08/2014 at 09:24

Never too early for cake. Get it while you can 

Got some lovely pix of young fairy. She looks very grown up now...need a wistful smiley

Glad the buddleia's doing fine Ggirl - but I think it may need a bit more room...  I've just hacked it's 'mum' back to a more manageable 6'/7' and will do it more when it's gone over so that I can take it out. You've been very busy as usual though. Lovely pix.

More tea and another look round here to catch up, then washing to put out and some grafting.

Have a good day everyone 


Posted: 24/08/2014 at 09:07

Work tomorrow lily - so I'll get a rest then 

Glad you had a good time KEF.  That's positively balmy with you  - I took a bin out at about 8 and it was 7 degrees. If the tomatoes don't hurry up and ripen soon I'm going to have a lot of green chutney to make - don't have enough big windows to put them on! How I miss that conservatory...


Posted: 24/08/2014 at 09:02

I'd agree with Dave - they're not happy in pots long term. If you can get it in the ground soon it will benefit, providing you prepare the hole well first if a rhodie's been there. What size of pot is it in? I've got several  shrubs - bought last year - for instance, but I re potted into 8"/9"/10" pots in spring as they had nowhere to go at the time. They're thriving and will go in the ground soon.


Posted: 24/08/2014 at 08:53

Morning people 

Forgot to put pic of young fairy's cake on here - will find it. She wanted chocklit cake with chocklit  in the middle as usual (you have to  say that in Waynetta Slob's voice)  

No day of rest here either  OL, but at least it's not work work. Grass to cut and possibly hedge given a trim but not vital yet. Some fence to finish. Wish I'd got more done after visiting a friend - might have stopped the cat doing you know what at half 7 this morning on the grass....if I'd only opened the curtains slightly sooner...

Advice on overgrown garden

Posted: 24/08/2014 at 08:40

Weedkiller first Joe to get rid of the weeds that are there. If you cover it up, the weeds that exist will  just come back as they'll be the tough, thuggish ones. Avoid rotivating as you risk chopping up weeds which can grow from tiny pieces and therefore making things worse. Get the whole area weed free - as well as you can - and then put your soil down to create the areas you want, but you will still get weeds coming through and will have to be vigilant and re apply until you get it all manageable and can do it by hand rather than chemicals. Once you get planting, grass, hedges etc in place it will make it easier, but regular weeding is something we all have to do if we want to grow plants well. 

Clear pond please !!

Posted: 24/08/2014 at 08:30

Angel  - a little drop of washing up liquid when you scrub as well if you want - then rinse really well, especially if it's a type that wildlife can use. No cost! 

Mystery stowaway

Posted: 24/08/2014 at 08:26

No - not in my experience nut! Leaves are quite similar though.

What's plant to use that is similar to perfoliate alexanders?

Posted: 23/08/2014 at 11:16

Alchemilla mollis - if you keep on top of the deadheading 

Euphorbias are easy and so many varieties so that probably is the best suggestion Caral.


Posted: 23/08/2014 at 11:09

I find baking bread or making scones gets the dirt out...well - a little extra flavour does no harm...

I permanently have paint or something on or under nails, no matter how much I scrub. Perhaps that's why none of us ever have tummy bugs! It's good to eat a bit of dirt every day

Talking of which - cakes's ready so I'll get that out and go and do something productive outside till it's ready to fill with chocolatey-ness. 

sorry who is this?

Posted: 23/08/2014 at 11:05

or me lily 

I tend to just 'theoretically ignore' people if you know what I mean.. 

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