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......the good guys

Posted: 13/02/2016 at 13:10

Bumping up for Judith and her 'Hellebore hunt'   

Hellebore disappointment

Posted: 13/02/2016 at 13:09

It's a bit of a lottery with these offers Judith. I've never been tempted - I like to see what I'm getting, but whatever you buy should match the description given. Do what Verd suggests, and in the meantime, treat yourself to a couple from a reputable outlet 

We have a good thread here too - it has a lot of recommendations of good online nurseries. I'll see if I can find it and bump it up for you to have a look.


Posted: 13/02/2016 at 13:05

Good for you Wonks. I like to think I'm a reasonably rational, considered person who gives others the benefit of the doubt, but it sometimes just feels people are taking the p*** ....

I'm raising my mug right now... 


Posted: 13/02/2016 at 12:40

Speak for yourself Hazel - I'm completely hinged. It's just that my hinges are a bit rusty....

Brilliant Wonks. It doesn't do their cause any good does it? That sort of nonsense seems to happen a lot. I'd raise a glass to your future peace and quiet - if I drank!. Will a cuppa do?   Cue rusty/unhinged giggling....


Posted: 13/02/2016 at 11:21

Hosta - I'm slightly frightened to ask what beaver tail glass is.... 

Think you need some sunshine down your way  to lift the mood. It's the worst time of year (January and February) I reckon 


Posted: 13/02/2016 at 11:13

They've only just got rid of the last lot over there Pat  

Glad you had a good time the other night DD. Next time - fall over something on your way in..... 

You're right - dust is definitely the worst bit of any building work. I'm having a last ditch attempt at getting the extension done - builders are hopeless at communication. If the quotes get any higher I might not bother...I'd have to stay here for ten years to get my money back 

Nice to see you again MrsG. How's the garden and the family?

Reviving an old slightly tired garden

Posted: 13/02/2016 at 11:00

How great to have an update cc. Garden looks terrific 

I'd echo BL's suggestions for an ornamental  tree - all lovely. Have you also considered the ornamental pear - Salicifolius? It has lovely foliage and a slightly weeping habit. What sort of room do you have for it, and whereabouts in the garden is the current pear tree? 

Plant ID Please

Posted: 13/02/2016 at 10:53

Pieris vary a bit Mark so you have to have the variety  

It certainly wasn't the Gaultheria but I ruled out Pieris because the foliage looked too rounded. Heath Green is rounder than most of the others so it looks like you have the right ID.They have little clusters of little white bell shaped flowers in spring so you'll know then for sure. They're always happier in the ground if you have the right conditions but  a decent pot will suffice if you don't. Neutral ground is fine - just not alkaline.   


Posted: 13/02/2016 at 10:41


Perhaps the rugby will cheer you up. It's a rubbish time of year really - no chance of proper gardening up here but at least tomorrow is supposed to be lovely day. Stay tucked up 

Pat - isn't that what they just had in America or have I somehow missed that? 

Enjoy your walk chicky 

Where to start???

Posted: 13/02/2016 at 09:47

Shirley - I'm south side of Glasgow - only a few miles from Paisley. Chances are your soil will be largely neutral to acid. 

Have a look round the area - if you see rhododendrons, pieris, camellias etc growing - that's the soil type you're likely to have. Google those names and see if you recognise any of them  

I'd leave grass cutting till about April - and do it gradually, taking off about a third of the height at a time. If you scalp it, the grass doesn't get a chance to recover well and that's when moss etc gets an upper hand. You'll get plenty of lawn care on here in another month especially!

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