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Green Ripple Ivy

Posted: 01/08/2013 at 08:15

Some ivies are more vigorous than others so perhaps Green Rippleis more contained than some of them? If you want a bit more colour 'Goldheart' and 'Sulphur Heart' have brighter foliage as their names suggest. Sulphur Heart foliage has lime/apple green centres rather than yellow and has bigger leaves. Good if it's very shady.

Replacing a lawn

Posted: 01/08/2013 at 08:03

Hi Bez- yes a bit more info and pix would really help. Seed versus turf is often a financial choice but turf gives an instant result. Usually spring is best for seed sowing but late summer early autumn can be good too as it's usually still warm and you get a bit more rain than in the summer, although it depends whereabouts in the country you are too. 


Posted: 01/08/2013 at 07:49

Morning all. Dove - is there anything you can't turn your hand to? 

I think we should all back you for PM.....kust when you though it was safe to retire.....

Wet here today - I might have to do the ironing unless I want to wear some very strange outfits soon.

KEF- when you said 'phew! still alive' - was that the piggies you meant or you? They might be good with a pasta sauce -like chicken perhaps...

Work soon - got some bags of 'manure' to pick up today hopefully. Useful woking in an equestrian centre sometimes!

Have a good day all 

Good Evening FORKERS

Posted: 31/07/2013 at 20:33

At the risk of having Verd turn up at my door in his blue t-shirt (Chicky ) my daughter made lemon drizzle cake today.....

Hope she hasn't noticed that it's a bit smaller than it was last  time she looked....

Rain stopped play at about 7pm so made dinner, but a good bit done outside again. The sweet peas are lovely now, and I can smell them from a good distance away so nice when I'm doing other things and not just sitting next to them.

If it's too hot for Tina she could get what the man along the road from me calls his 'sitootery'.....or a summerhouse! 

Pond is really great Tina- nice planting on the wall behind too. You can't beat that for sitting beside on a nice day can you? Have your fish been ok? 


Posted: 31/07/2013 at 20:23

Verd -yes Resolva's the only one worth having in my opinion. Not a fan of weedkiller, but when you need it that's the best one as it works quickly.

I remember the one with the brush too.

Weeds are extremely clever at growing around other plants they look like.  By the time you realise they are weeds it's often too late and they have a stranglehold! 

unusual garden, unusual problem to make safe - any ideas?

Posted: 31/07/2013 at 15:20

We were posting at same time there wb!

I don't think there is a cheap way of doing it natalie unless you can do it yourselves. I'd offer my services but I'm up to my eyes with my own fence!

Is it mainly the water wheel bit that's an issue? The rest of the wall just look like it leads on to 'normal' height land. Could you just  fence a small area for the children?


Posted: 31/07/2013 at 15:13

GG you need some gripper rod attached to the top of the fence. I'm thinking of putting some on my fence.....

I would have suggested cat from what you said but Verd's right- foxes are very acrobatic and much heavier of course. You'd think there would be a little more evidence though if it was a fox - if you know what I mean!

pg I'd need large amounts of chocolate and nuts spread on that to make it edible 

Welcome Tracey 

unusual garden, unusual problem to make safe - any ideas?

Posted: 31/07/2013 at 14:55

Certainly a problem natalie! A fence really is the best solution as waterbutts says, and could be removed at a later date, and you could mount it on top of the wall as FG said too, although if it has to go one stone topped part as well that would be difficult. What about putting a more informal, simple  fence using mesh? It would allow you to still see the wall just now but would provide a physical barrier for safety,and as you intend planting in front of it, it would disappear quite quickly as they establish. You can remove it more easily  than a solid fence as time goes on.

The wall will disappear too of course if you plant in front of it! 

An egg in my balcony trough

Posted: 31/07/2013 at 08:07

Do you know what kind of egg Jane? It's probably fallen there from a nest so probably not much you can do 

Garden Gallery 2013

Posted: 31/07/2013 at 08:05

TCM that's a lovely story and beautiful effect with the pebbles. I agree with chick- it's lovely to have these features in houses and gardens. What I find sad is when older houses get neglected and then someone comes along and flattens them and builds a new house because it's cheaper than renovating. Understandable perhaps, but sad to see nice pieces of architecture lost. I love the 'flint' walls  which I think are Derbyshire mainly (?) and your is a similar effect. Nice to have it inside the house as well so that you see it every day too. 

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