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HELLO FORKERS May 2016 Edition

Posted: 21/05/2016 at 19:10

We get everywhere fidget....

I've cut grass and tidied mess round the 'stension, and started digging out the compacted ground to level it for the path round the side. 

Knackered now. Easier being up a hill.... 

Nice columbine T'bird. I don't have enough columbines. I could easily rectify that...but I'm not supposed to be spending on the garden. I need a bed....

Well maybe just one...or two..

Problems with sweet peas

Posted: 21/05/2016 at 19:05

No need for the greenhouse Rob - they're hardy annuals. Keep them outdoors somewhere sheltered and they'll germinate quite readily. Keeping them undercover will just produce soft, lanky plants which are less able to withstand attacks from pests. 

Are they getting eaten Michael? Young, small plants are susceptible unfortunately. Remove any slugs or snails at night if you can. It's easier to control them in pots by using copper tape or grit or any one of the other usual methods, but physically removing and dispatching them is often the best method. 

Isn't she lovely?

Posted: 21/05/2016 at 16:47

It would have been a crime to leave her LG 

Lovely colour - and very similar to the alpina clematis. That would be a good combination in a border.

Nice open, single flowers for the bees too  

HELLO FORKERS May 2016 Edition

Posted: 21/05/2016 at 16:38

Mynx - you could always buy ...a wood....

BL - I think it's time Hosta visited the 'old country' and he'll need to keep the weight off to come for a light sprint up a small hill with me....

Nice clems Panda. I have no montanas now but I love the white Grandiflora. Had a pink one on a fence round the corner, with Rouge Cardinal nearby. 

I've steamed and brushed and wiped...sealing and painting next. I used to enjoy it but have no enthusiasm for it now. I'm too particular about filling all the holes and caulking round switches and sockets. Maybe I'll just sling a carpet down and go for pale and interesting on the walls  

Problems with sweet peas

Posted: 21/05/2016 at 13:43

We've had fewer slugs than usual this year as we had cold but dry weather at the right time to kill a lot off! They can devastate plants so quickly.

Might be worth getting some seeds and pushing a few in around the ones you've got as a back up 

Growing basil

Posted: 21/05/2016 at 13:42

I grow sweet basil and usually sow it thinly in small pots and just split the plants up a bit once they're big enough - at about two  or three inches. I put a couple in a 4" pot and that seems to work quite well. A bigger clump would need a bigger pot. 

Garden Pictures 2016

Posted: 21/05/2016 at 13:37

Lovely pix B3 - all looking nice and luxuriant and 'full' if that makes sense  

VicS - I bought the LIbertia a couple of years ago. It hasn't flowered, but I think it may be a bit damp there for it. I really wanted it for the foliage anyway, so it's not a hardship.

Sun wasn't meant to happen here today so the front must have moved a bit! Plenty of rain yesterday and overnight so everything is putting on growth now. If the temps would stay in double figures reliably during the day, it would help the sweet peas though. 

Problems with sweet peas

Posted: 21/05/2016 at 13:28

That's pest problems Rob. They've been eaten quite a bit - slugs and snails have done that. There's a bit of leaf miner damage which is the whiter bit. That won't stop them developing, it just looks unsightly. I take dead leaves off. 

With a bit of luck they'll survive, but try and keep a look out for slugs especially - they love the nice fresh foliage. Make sure the soil has plenty of oomph - if you can add some extra compost and a general fertiliser like Blood, Fish and Bone that will help. They need a lot of nutrition to give their best, especially if you have other plants nearby which compete for food and water  

HELLO FORKERS May 2016 Edition

Posted: 21/05/2016 at 12:24

Ta - hopefully I might be able to taste it. Maybe a bit of curry on it would help  

HELLO FORKERS May 2016 Edition

Posted: 21/05/2016 at 12:17

Could you make one for me instead KEF?  

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