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HELP ! Evergreen Complete help needed.

Posted: 16/07/2013 at 14:19

Hi Dan. Don't wory - the email thing isn't working very well so you're better just following the threads you've posted on 

Grass will probably be fine but just be aware that the more it's used the longer it'll take to recover! It's always tricky at this time of year because of lack of rain - we're even having problems up here in Scotland as it's been unusually dry  - but you can give the grass a bit of a boost later on in the year again anyway, and then next spring. It's grass - it recovers!

What books do you recommend?

Posted: 16/07/2013 at 13:40

For design advice I can recommend the RHS book The Garden Designer by Robin Williams - (no not that one!) and Gardens through the Ages by Sir Roy Strong and anything by John Brookes. Depends also on the type of garden you prefer but the basic principles are really the same on design whether it's contemporary or traditional anyway. For me, anything referring to Ned Lutyens work would be a must have as I think he's a master of the scale and proportion of hard landscaping. For general plant reference the RHS books are hard to beat and I also have an excellent Reader's Digest book called the New Encyclopedia of Garden Plants and Flowers which is very informative.


Posted: 16/07/2013 at 13:24


Welcome Kapn hope you enjoy posting here. 

Fidget I thought you were having a laugh about the garden room thing until I looked. I think we should reply in the traditional manner by telling them to go and get carted - and not as politely as that....

Blatant advertising I think and I'd say report it. What does anyone else think?

PS Is a jig a pik the same as a jackhammer?

Tina- Verd's jokes are getting worse. He needs a holiday in another country. He could try England  

Bay tree drying urgent hell

Posted: 16/07/2013 at 08:16

Tim just remember too that the top growth needs to have adequate nutrition and water  from the roots and in a pot access to water is restricted right away. Athough bay likes the sun it may just be in too sunny a spot just now for it to get enough moisture for that foliage no matter how often you water, so it could be worth moving it so that it gets a  little shade during the hottest part of the day. I had the same problem recently with a ligularia. It's in a big pot and kept well watered but the large top growth was struggling to get enough moisture during this heatwave even though it likes sun. Moved it to a better spot and it's totally happy.


Posted: 16/07/2013 at 08:06

spam reported 

I cut the first sweet peas last night and they smell wonderful. Can recommend 'Cathy' - only cut 2 of those and they are filling the room!. Creamy colour and several flowers on each stem.

Pond level dropping.....

Posted: 16/07/2013 at 07:56

Hi Broggers- it should be fine. If you can use a spray head as suggested here already you'll get good aeration which is the key. I just used it straight from the tap through the spray headon hose but I'm in Scotland and our water is quite kind compared to some areas which may help. Hope you're getting great enjoyment from  your pond - lots of froglets is a good sign anyway 

neighbours fence

Posted: 16/07/2013 at 07:52

Glad it's going well Anthony 

I should have clarified before that Hydr. petiolaris is great  because it grows best in shade so it would have been ideal, and although I said I prefer it on walls that doesn't mean you can't grow it on a fence - in fact I have a fence here that it would be ideal for! It's evergreen too so it's a good alternative to ivies if you want to screen the fence all year round (and let's be honest - they're not attractive things!) and has large flat heads of white flowers. Boston ivy has great Autumn colour so that's a lovely climber to use too thought not evergreen.


Posted: 16/07/2013 at 07:41

Morning all. Cloud here again as forecast and pleasantly cool 

Just when you thought you were safe Dove...

Great  pix! 

Have a good day at work Bev. Is it going ok? You'll soon be off again.

Plants to be potted at the front of a house.

Posted: 15/07/2013 at 22:30
Verdun wrote (see)


Its appropriate you,"post" a photo tonight since you bought the plants at a "post" office.  ( got that joke from Fairygirl)

As if I would make such a poor attempt at humour Verd.....



Good Evening FORKERS

Posted: 15/07/2013 at 21:41

Yes - pic pretty please Dove 

KEF- you know what you have to do after that awful joke.....coat 

Woody- sounds delish! Did you enjoy the Test Match ?

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