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Posted: 13/07/2014 at 14:02

That's really lovely Bill. Difficult for you to look at just now perhaps, but it will be a great source of pleasure for you in time. Glad Mrs BIll is ok 

OL - was it you that wanted an oak leaf Hydrangea cutting? I haven't forgotten about it, but there's not enough suitable growth for me to take any right now so I'll wait a little while before I do it. They flower in late summer rather than spring so I don't really want to start hacking bits off until I see where all the buds are 

Suggestions for white late summer flowers

Posted: 13/07/2014 at 13:55

I'll echo Japanese anemones- Honorine Jobert and Whirlwind are white, Asters - I don't grow them but I'm sure there are whites available. Dahlias will flower till the frost gets them, but you may need to source whites and grow them on yourself  - I think most GCs sell the more colourful ones generally. If you have room for shrubs - Potentilla will flower forever, I have Abbotswood which is easy to get. Buddleia will flower then if you have room for it - there's a couple of white varieties. There's lots of Clematis if you want a climber, and next year you could do sweet peas - plenty of whites available. A good vertical is Cimcifuga ( Called Actea now) which gets tall and has white or pinky white plumes. Most of them have dark plummy foliage and they like a bit of shade. They flower late summer into autumn. 

Very quick question

Posted: 13/07/2014 at 12:08

I believe preparing the ground you're going to plant in well is always worth while. I spend a lot of time giving a plant the best start I can - putting it in a good location, keeping it weed free, pruning appropriately and therefore giving it the chance to grow well.

And after all that, if it doesn't can go to the great compost bin in the sky 


Posted: 13/07/2014 at 11:31

OL- I think that's why I find pots better - easier to keep an eye on the soil conditions etc. I wait for mine to look a bit wilted before I water - seems to work - and I try not to water later at night so that they're not sitting in cold wet compost. We often have quite a dip in temperature overnight here, especially in later spring/early summer,  so that's always worth bearing in mind.  I think it's consistency that's important too, but it's not always possible when there's so much else to do is it?  I dare say growbag compost is probably as hit and miss now as many of the bagged composts, so maybe you just had a slightly duff bag 

Being a fairy bekkie - I just wave a wand in the general direction of household duties...

Very quick question

Posted: 13/07/2014 at 11:21

FB and B is what I always use Victoria - just as Dove describes above 


Posted: 13/07/2014 at 11:07

Morning all. Loads of rain overnight as Lesley said so at least I won't have so much watering to do. Just looking at OL's issue with the toms - am I right in saying  they're in growbags? I'm always a bit dubious about them because I think they can get soggy and it's not always obvious. I'm sure you'll resolve it OL - don't get downhearted - these things happen to us all at times. I'm less protective of my toms now after listening to Italophile - been growing them much harder this year, especially making sure they get loads of ventilation. You'll have lots of good stuff which will make up for the odd one or two you lose.

Verd - sending a hug for you.

More constructing for me today if it stays dry - building raised containers for the apple trees to go in and a screen in between them for climbers. Everything else is reasonably under control for now. I have a tiarella which I want to divide and move but it's still flowering - has been for months - very good value   SM trip as well at some point or the girls will have no dinner when they come home. 


Posted: 12/07/2014 at 18:18

Hi all. Been a bit absent this week due to car problems, extra hours at work and working in the garden, as we seem to be having the whole summer in one go here. Not had time to catch up other than  a quick skim. First thing I saw on this page was Ggirl's post re her compost bins. I feel truly honoured - perhaps  it could be my epitaph when I pop my clogs! 

Hugs for clari and lily. Clari - all I can say is - sometimes things happen that we have no control of, and no way of sorting no matter how hard we try, but we have to look at it as an opportunity and a new beginning. I speak from experience. Lily- you'll probably look back in a month or so and say 'why didn't I do this sooner!'  Love to both of you 

John - nice to see you again. Garden's looking great as always. You've had a rather stressful week. I did wave when I saw you on the motorway....

Bekkie - you're so lucky to have an agenda to empty your bed onto...I'd like one of those.....

The badly needed rain we were promised for today has only just arrived so I'll have a look at what's going on while having a brew.


Posted: 08/07/2014 at 07:33

Morning all. dry again here - at least I can get all the girls' dirty washing done...that's the price I pay for peace for a week...

I'd love the balloon ride I think....a view of earth you wouldn't normally get. 

Have a good day everyone - off to work in a few minutes 

Advice on Growing Herbs Please

Posted: 07/07/2014 at 22:28

I grow basil a bit like lettuce Amanda. I prick some seedlings out to keep 2 or 3 in a pot which I allow to grow on to make bigger plants, and also keep a load in one pot which I just pick like cut and come again lettuce leaves till they're done. I just sow every few weeks to replenish. 


Posted: 07/07/2014 at 22:22

Think they're all reported now Edd. As OL said - there was a kitchen one earlier but it's the first there's been for ages.

I'm off to bed. Work for me in the morning. Help yourselves to cake 

See you tomorrow at some point  

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