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Posted: 27/11/2015 at 16:39

They seem to be doing the business so far Dove 


Posted: 27/11/2015 at 16:30

Thought you were playing in the first match Dove ....


Posted: 27/11/2015 at 16:25

Haven't missed too much Dove!  

The World's Most Expensive Food

Posted: 27/11/2015 at 16:24

I'm in philippa...

'this time next year (Rodney)  - we could be millionaires!'... 


Posted: 27/11/2015 at 13:35

KEF - b****y cars 

Is there now a chain on the ring too? 

doc - I'd like to say I waved my wand but...  Maybe the Gods are smiling a bit on you now and things will improve. Crossing my fingers for you all x  

Have to go into town for an appointment before I can park my a*** for the tennis, but the weather's become suitably vile so I won't feel any guilt at all!  

Wonks - I was very nervous about driving initially, and my instructor took me on the A77 to Kilmarnock on my second lesson. I was terrified, but the point was that it's a dual carriageway all the way, and  required just keeping the car steady as there was hardly any need to change gear or stop and start at lights or anything like that. It gave me a chance to relax and simply steer, and made a huge difference. 

Looking forward to the pix Hosta 

Right, better go and face the hordes in Glasgow. I feel like such a country bumpkin  


Posted: 27/11/2015 at 08:11

It'll mainly be above 1,000 feet or so and from Loch Lomond Nat Park  northwards  Dove. We might get a little here, but it won't be much. Still, just to be on the safe safe side, I'd better stay on the sofa  - that tennis won't watch itself you know... 

Off to work so have a good day everyone and stay warm 


Posted: 27/11/2015 at 07:54

Morning all - windy and damp here. Heavy snow forecast for this weekend, even some at lower levels, so I doubt I'll be up any substantial hills. Might even get some here apparently  


Have a nice time DD - make sure you have a bun or two with the coffee -  you deserve a few treats 

Busy after work today, but hopefully will have time to see some of the tennis. Come on the boys! 

10ft of boring bareness

Posted: 27/11/2015 at 07:48

Jo's in Wales. Climate similar to mine Dove. Lots of rainy,cold winters 

The climbing hydrangeas are glorious - not sure they're effective up a tree but that's just my opinion. Best on the wall of a beautiful country house to show them off properly. I planted one at my last house - the new owners will reap the benefit. They're very popular on houses in the Lake District, and look stunning on those slate and stone houses   


Posted: 26/11/2015 at 12:46

doc- I hope that's your share of rubbish times well and truly over for a long time, and that you find the bracelet. 

KEF - frankly, it was an insult to weasels calling him that....

GWRS - I always saved MrT's page till I'd had a skim too - it was my favourite bit, although I love James A Sinclair's writing. I think he's fantastic -  so witty    

Hosta - have you used the new camera yet? We're waiting ......

 After saying yesterday I hadn't seen a single chaffinch since I moved back here -  there was one in the birdcage when I came home for lunch  

Back to the salt mines for me. See you all later 

10ft of boring bareness

Posted: 26/11/2015 at 12:40

The other shrub I had was a Spirea 'Snowmound'  Jo. It was perfectly happy there. About 6 to 8 feet from the trunk. 

A good whack of manure  to retain the moisture and shrubs will be fine. You have similar rainfall as I do. I had a whole border from my tree running back to the house, and a hornbeam hedge along the boundary. The tree was at the junction of the two next to the front gate. I loved my sycamore - the colour in autumn was glorious and it was a stunning shape. The birds had good cover and perching places too   

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