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flame of the forest looking very drab :(

Posted: 14/05/2014 at 15:47

What sort of site do you have it in joanna? They prefer a bit of shade and some moisture to do their best, and don't care for alkaline soil, but if it's only recently that it's looking poorly it may be pests of some kind or a different reason. I assume you fed and watered it well initially when you transplanted it, but it may have needed a bit of pruning if it was big - that can  cause stress when the plant is getting settled in.

Can you post a pic? That will help with more advice from people. 


Posted: 14/05/2014 at 12:45

# What a difference a day makes....

cue for a song Clari....

Back to work in a min so just seeing what you're all up to. Still dry here so hope to get on outside later. Loads of stuff to plant...and move....

Bearded iris

Posted: 14/05/2014 at 12:42

Yes - dig up and take the best bits from the outside and discard the middle. You'll get loads of decent clumps if it's a biggish plant BB. I always cut the foliage back by about half in each clump to give it a chance to establish, and I usually pot them up for a while but you can probably plant them straight away if your soil and conditions are right. 

Pale yellow or lemon plants

Posted: 14/05/2014 at 12:36

Dove - I was going to suggest Achillea too - perfect choice! 

Bees Lemon is quite subtle - lovely choice. I have a white broom in flower just now which is creamy. I love it. I know you don't perhaps want something that big but it can provide a good backdrop.

Dark pond water

Posted: 14/05/2014 at 07:30

As the weather warms up the blanket weed and algae begin to grow so that can make the water dark. You may also just have some wildlife stirring up sediment. That's a good thing Justin!

Is it muddy looking or green?


Posted: 14/05/2014 at 07:28

Can you come and do some stuff for me Verd, while I'm at work. I'll send you the bus fare....

Good luck to all exam- ers. Mine both have Biology exams this week and older Fairy has a second Biology one next week. 

overgown leylandii hedge

Posted: 14/05/2014 at 07:24

But not quite good enough Hostafan eh? 

You have been sussed June WP


Posted: 14/05/2014 at 07:17

It's 1234567890 Dove. It won't be a problem....

My wig will look divine on that. Lovely jubbly! 


Posted: 14/05/2014 at 06:53

Any of the above will do Dove. I like an investment, especially when it's useful...

Woodland plant id's please

Posted: 14/05/2014 at 06:51

Hart's tongue fern is  a lovely plant, and I'd like to have it in this garden as I had it before. I never used to like ferns of any kind much, but I grew to love them after watching one slowly unfurl in a previous garden.  Cow parsley/hogweed flowers are  beautiful - that's a really good close up pic Peanuts.  I agree that it's funny how we can change our view of  plants -  including 'weeds' !

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