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Posted: 09/02/2016 at 17:37

Yes flumpy - those are proper pancakes.Those other flimsy thin ones are crepes. Not hearty & substantial enough for us Scots  

Scotch eggs - you couldn't pay me enough...

Have a good time Liri. Do you want an early morning call? 


Posted: 09/02/2016 at 12:45

Is your lum reeking today B'man? I think a fire might be the order of the day for most people - even if it's just to dry some smalls!

Glad you're enjoying your Scottish history programmes Pat. As LP saysLoch Awe is 'awesome' . One of my favourite hills is there (Ben Cruachan) - at the famous power station. It's built inside the mountain  

You made it and you're safe BL!  Lorries have a rough time in that kind of weather. There were two HGVs overturned last week in Glencoe, on the open stretch of Rannoch moor. Fortunately at different parts of the road. That's a detour I wouldn't want to make! 

Finally catching up with your doings on here - belated congrats to Wonks for passing her test, and to chicklet for her birthday. I missed the cake though 

DD - have one on me. The proper, robust Scotch ones - not those wimpy skinny other ones...



pancake day

Posted: 09/02/2016 at 12:31

We only eat these - Scotch pancakes - the best kind 


they don't make you fat, those virtual ones David. He;p yourself  

...and oldest fairy made some before going to Uni this morning. She left some for us and some crumbs for the birds   

Strongest Scented Sweet Peas!

Posted: 08/02/2016 at 19:36

I've just bought Juliet, a cream described as having a 'strong scent with a hint of citrus'. 

I'll let you know how that works out!  

verbena bonariensis

Posted: 08/02/2016 at 19:31

I just chop bits off above a joint, and shove them in some gritty compost. If you get a piece around four inches long it's ideal. They take very easily 


Posted: 08/02/2016 at 19:26

Sex : what posh folk keep their coal in.... 

Oooh - good idea Clari - how about a bag of gravel? Cleaner than the cement!  

Camera Talk

Posted: 08/02/2016 at 19:23

Having just had a quick 'swatch' at Hosta's pix on the old thread - ( lovely to see you getting some practice with the new camera ) I thought I'd treat David to another tweaked pic of the red squirrel 


and a  tweaked pic of one of the hills of the Ballachulish horseshoe


I'm seriously enjoying my 'tweaking' David - even if it's hurt my wrist!

Love your lady blackie David   

Squirrel Sabotage of my Wildflower meadow

Posted: 08/02/2016 at 18:42

I've always chicken wired or netted pots with bulbs - mainly the little ones like reticulata Iris or crocus as they're nearer the surface, which squirrels like. The netting helps to give the thinner stems a bit of support too.

Unfortunately, the little b***ers have found the small alliums in the bigger open beds..  


Posted: 08/02/2016 at 18:00

I've missed you all too T'bird - thank you  

ooh err Hosta...


Posted: 08/02/2016 at 17:45

Hello - I've found you all at last  

Dodgy wrist a little better - new (larger) mouse purchased which will hopefully help.  It caused me to accidentally wave the 'bad weather' wand in Verd's direction. Sorry Verd     Hope everyone down south is ok though.

No chance of reading everything you've all been doing - so I'm not really going to try!

Have looked at Forkers a bit though. 

DD - I can't say much more than what's been said, but I'm sending you a massive hug too x

Clari - as we say up here - you're boss needs his a*** felt.  

27kg is just over 4 stone. Mine were lighter than that, but they're tiny little fairy people so perhaps not a good comparison... 

doc - glad you're on the mend 

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