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Is this really cruel?

Posted: Today at 08:11

One of my favourites pansyface 

You could head down the route many countries take when meat's in short supply and  eat insects Verdi. Deep fried vine weevil and slug vol au vents....yum yum  


Posted: Yesterday at 19:27

I've been very lucky with doctors too Hosta, although I rarely have to visit one.

It's a great big can of worms, and no simple solution, that whole NHS debate... 


Posted: Yesterday at 19:13

Very true Hosta. I think the sad part is the amount of waste in the NHS - and lots of other Government organisations. The amount of wasted pills and medicines prescribed every year comes to a ridiculous amount of money. If only people would use some common sense before requesting repeats etc...


Posted: Yesterday at 19:03

What's even worse is when it's someone older like Lesley's Mum. We don't treat the elderly with respect in this country. It's shameful. I know it's an impossible task to divide up resources but elderly people deserve better.


Posted: Yesterday at 18:37

The waiting is always the worst part  


Posted: Yesterday at 18:24

It's very annoying Lyn - you're right. Have they given any indication as to good or bad news with your knee Hostie? Or do you just have to put up and shut up...

Fidgetbones - Hen party

Posted: Yesterday at 18:09

Yes WW - definitely a little too snug in the chest department....


WonkyWomble wrote (see)

Has anyone packed Fidget? Does she have the obligatory L plates and veil? 


and some other clothing I hope.... 


Posted: Yesterday at 18:06

I keep forgetting it gets dark so early Verd. I suppose because the summer's been so poor here, it's wishful thinking - we're hoping that summer's still to arrive... 

Seems a long time Hosta. I suppose they have to be sure of the interpretation though. Or am I just giving them the benefit of the doubt?  


Children in Need Sponsored Walk

Posted: Yesterday at 17:33

Just thought I'd bump this up in case anyone else wants to donate  

Going on Sunday so hope the weather holds 

Thanks again to all of you who've already committed to a donation. It really is appreciated - can't thank you enough 

Newbie lawn Owner Question!

Posted: Yesterday at 17:18

As you say, nothing that can't be sorted Steve - my issue is that the OP has got a poor quality product and has possibly been ripped off  

Hope it wasn't too expensive as400 

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