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Hello Forkers December

Posted: 30/12/2016 at 21:26

We'll have to call you Cloggy McClogface then, Pp  

Would you like some yacht varnish for your clogs? 

rats in our garden

Posted: 30/12/2016 at 19:29

Get pest control in. Clean slate  

You can always tell them they're coming from next door....

Hello Forkers December

Posted: 30/12/2016 at 19:27

What a pain re your machine obelixx. I've been lining curtains and taking in a duvet and cover this week and it would have been impossible without it. Couldn't even have taken them into work as we're off! 

Tree creeper's a lovely little thing Liri. I keep hoping I might see one in this garden but I don't have the right kind of trees for one. I wonder of it still visits my old garden 

Clari - I think some serious New Year resolutions are required in your household. Or a very severe spell of weather, forcing you to go and live in a 3 or 4 star hotel until basic facilities have been reinstated .....and not at your expense....

We're Simpson watching here. I never seem to watch any specific Christmas offerings other than seasonal ones of programmes I usually watch. Glen Miller Story was on the other day though. Good ol' Jimmy Stewart. My Dad was very impressed with his trombone embouchure.  Hollywood hokum at it's finest, and my 'namesake' in a prominent role  

An ice cream van just drove past here with it's bells jingling....I know it's been mild but...really, REALLY?   

Hello Forkers December

Posted: 30/12/2016 at 17:33

Think you can allow yourself a little snacking Hosta. You've been hard at work  

I could easily leave mine for January. Nothing much happens at that time of year here, so the garden looks fairly similar to how it looks through December. Plenty of greenery keeps it from looking dead and sad.  I'd miss watching the birds. 

I know what you mean about spring bulbs though - February will be good for those here 

New Year's Day 2017 Flower Count

Posted: 30/12/2016 at 17:28

Good idea Dove. The thread I mean - not the jam....

I might do mine tomorrow as I hope to walk on Sunday. Much the same as last year I'd guess, although I have a lovely hellebore niger this year which wasn't flowering last year.

Maybe I just hadn't bought it then....

One fully open flower at present and two buds in the process. Nice and handy at the back door where I can see it every day   

Hello Forkers December

Posted: 30/12/2016 at 17:21

Can't have you going without your grub Hosta 

Hope you enjoy your holiday in the sun soon. Doc's going shortly as well isn't he? Helps the winter to go by a bit sharper I expect. I'm the opposite - I hate going away at this time of year as I find it more depressing to come back to more wet and cold weather!

All that wood chopping will keep you fit next year too. Can't have you losing that slim figure you got back  

Who's visiting your bird feeders?

Posted: 30/12/2016 at 17:14

Perhaps I should grow something which is prone to woolly aphid Dove!  


Posted: 30/12/2016 at 17:12

Interesting what it says about other planting outgrowing them when subjected to that rain, Dove. 

I expect it grows well on hills up here because other plants can't grow very well there anyway, and those that do, aren't invasive enough to be a threat. 

Also interesting that it's described as a plant of  'dry, open, windy places'. Open and windy we have plenty of.  Two out of three ain't bad....

Hello Forkers December

Posted: 30/12/2016 at 16:55

It's much prettier than wind and rain T'bird.

I'd far rather have frosts than that, but unfortunately it goes with the territory here. It's been remarkably absent this year. I'm not complaining - it's making the winter shorter! Garden took two days to thaw after the spell of freezing fog and frosts in November though. Our worst winter weather is normally after the new year rather than before, so I hope we won't pay for it then 

What I can never understand is the amount of people who drive without lights in fog, or even just when visibility's poor. Especially in silver cars.The worst ones are the drivers of 'luxury' cars, if you know what I mean. Just because they can stop in a nano second, and accelerate the same way, it doesn't make it ok  

how to support 24 climbers in small garden?

Posted: 30/12/2016 at 16:42

Just another thought Newb  - I have a timber screen in my garden which has a clematis on it, although it wasn't built just to put plants on. You could do something similar and divide your garden by putting a couple of small screens across the plot ( at ninety degrees to the boundary fences) which would enable you to get a few more in the ground.  It could be symmetrical - with a gap in the middle, or you could offset them to give a more winding route down the garden. They could be just a few feet wide, or eight/ten feet, depending on the width you have to play with.

If there's room, you don't need to stop at just two either...

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