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Posted: 12/03/2014 at 16:32

Just having a cuppa and catching up. I sat outside having  lunch today then sowed some lettuce before going back to work. Got up to 11 degrees -positively summery for here! It makes such a difference when you get a bit of nice weather. Bill - you must be wondering if - never mind when - that will ever happen  

Hope you and Mrs Bill are doing ok .

Had to laugh this morning - 'gardeners' turned up to cut the grass at the house opposite at 8am.  The grass is virtually non existent and everything was white anyway because of the frost. Might as well have burned their money.... Mine needs cut but I'll leave it till the ground's a bit drier. It's looking quite healthy and was very pretty with the frost today - all sparkly. 

Will go and get my laundry in now and enjoy it's lovely smell 

I really must get more...

what to do with my HUGE laurel???

Posted: 12/03/2014 at 08:14

You mentioned being overlooked if you take the laurel out. Roses aren't evergreen so they won't give you a physical barrier to prevent it. If you still want that, you'd need to put some evergreen climbers or 'wall' shrubs behind them - on  a trellis or something  if you don't have a fence there. 


Posted: 12/03/2014 at 07:51

Morning all -  very frosty here but the blackies were singing their little hearts out when I woke. Decent night's sleep for a change - must be all my work outdoors making me sleepy 

Happy birthday to little chick. My youngest has the same birthday coming up later this year. Seems no time since she was a tiny baby - yet last night she was out  seeing her favourite comedian and has her Highers in a month's time. Where does the time go? 

Take it easy today KEF with your assorted ailments. Been there with the missing toenail. Not fun. Mine never recovered - it was stood on by a very large and very stupid horse 40 years ago. Back's not good either. I should probably have been put down years ago 

Work all day but I might get a few more plants in when I get home for half an hour before it's dark. Washing's out - I love the smell of clean, air dried washing. Simple things. 

Have a good day everyone. 

The first one I've seen this year - 2014

Posted: 11/03/2014 at 18:27

A little butterfly floated past me today when I was outside. Didn't get a chance to see what it was though - he fluttered by too quickly 

Felt really springlike today. Only 2 degrees when I left for work/school this morning and didn't get above 10 or 11 but it was still and sunny. Lovely to be out getting dirty fingernails again 

Does anyone talk to their plants?

Posted: 11/03/2014 at 18:24


Yes - you have to be ruthless. If it's not doing the job - out it goes. Same with men....


Posted: 11/03/2014 at 18:22

Busy day today but plenty done after work and hairdresser etc. More plants put into biggest raised bed. Haven't really planned where everything is going so no doubt I'll have to change a few things. Took some pix of all the crocus  so may put some on the Garden Gallery thread later.

Off soon to drop the girls off - they're going to see Russell Howard. I got them tickets for their birthdays last year.

Then I will come home and probably fall asleep. Just as well I don't have to pick them up!

Off to catch up on the posts little bit before I have to go. 

Does anyone talk to their plants?

Posted: 11/03/2014 at 18:17

Doesn't surprise me art. I'd lose the will to live too...

I just threaten mine. Grow or you're out. 

Seems to work well enough 


Posted: 11/03/2014 at 08:16

Morning all. Frosty here but sunny. Washing already out and another one set for when I get home.

Hope everyone who's been unwell is a bit better today and Dove's mum is alright too.

I'd always go for more arches MrsG and put them together to make a decent pergola. Get some planting beside them too so that they don't just look like they've been plonked in the middle of nowhere, completely unconnected. They should look like they 'belong' to the house or garden.  They'll look very imposing initially but once they're planted....

Off to work now. Have a good day everyone. 

metal arch

Posted: 11/03/2014 at 08:09

I assume you mean it has metal poles rubber? I'd definitely go for wooden box planters as I'm sure you would get metal brackets at  DIY stores which could then be screwed into the sides to hold the uprights. I'm not sure it would be very sturdy though, so if you should try and attach to your wall as well.  If you can, I'd make holes through the base as well to push the supports through and down into the ground as well. If the ground's solid - (paving?)  you can probably get brackets for attaching to the paving as well. 

Dead lawn

Posted: 10/03/2014 at 19:26

Yes Raymond - that looks like 'Builder's Turf' alright 

It doesn't look too happy does it? It looks very soggy and compacted. I'd be inclined to leave it a few weeks to see if it dries out a bit because walking on it just now will only make it worse. Once it's a bit drier then you could begin improving  the drainage etc. and also see if there's any new growth. If it's not a huge area, it might be worth lifting a bit and seeing what's underneath but, if it was me, I'd give it a few weeks and assess it then. You might even get away with aerating (spiking it well) then putting some topsoil and compost  on and re seeding.


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