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Legionnaires desease in compost

Posted: 03/10/2013 at 18:32


Good Evening FORKERS

Posted: 03/10/2013 at 18:31

Evening MrsG and anyone else who comes on later. Getting dark here as the weather turned back to rain almost as soon as I decided to go outside and get something done!

And are you by any chance wishing it was Friday? 

I will/I won't grow that again

Posted: 03/10/2013 at 18:20

Wouldn't bother trying outdoor toms up here Boater. Best undercover. The season's so short and when you get to even early August , the night time temps can really dip so it takes a long time to ripen anything. Think grapes would be the same although I don't know anyone who has them so can't advise on those.

My daughter loves blueberries and I also thought of growing some - probably in a large pot but, if I can create another raised bed somewhere, then in that.

Moving laurels

Posted: 03/10/2013 at 15:34

Daniel I had to dig one out recently to move a shed -  it was cut right back as Dove describes and I sat it in some soil as a temporary measure till I got the ground ready for it to go into. It's sprouting like mad and I intend getting it in to it's new home within the next week or so. The ground is pretty favourable just now so I'd be inclined to go for it rather than wait. Just keep an eye on them and follow the advice Dove's outlined above. They're pretty tough old shrubs.  

Talkback: Make a natural log feeder

Posted: 03/10/2013 at 15:27

I'd rather have the rats than some of the neighbours Michael 

Never had an issue with suet James. Usually rats only start appearing if too much food is put out on the ground or tables for it to get eaten by the time it's dark. 

Qqqqqqqquite exciting........

Posted: 03/10/2013 at 14:29

Bulb planter by any chance Ggirl!

Talkback: Make a natural log feeder

Posted: 03/10/2013 at 14:25

It's a great idea Michael. I used to do them with the children when they were little and still do it now using coconut shells or even just plastic pots by putting a piece of plastic coated wire into the container and filling with a similar mix. The wire acts as a hanger and I could put them in amongst trees or shrubs for the little birds to get. Sunflower hearts are good to add too. I've got a small tree I had to cut down recently and I'm going to use a bit of the trunkto do exactly the sort of thing you're doing. If you have some pix it would be great to see them 


Posted: 03/10/2013 at 14:19

Always good when they're big enough to split pd. They grow on so quickly anyway that it's an economic way to buy.  I do have a little white theme running through half the garden-the shadier sides. Purples and whites and burnt orangey colours at the sunnier ends. Lots of contrasting foliage in the other plants I already have.

I'm going for cool, sophisticated and restful in my old age...

Legionnaires desease in compost

Posted: 03/10/2013 at 14:14

I think a sense of perspective is needed here.  A lot of research is done on a very small scale and often in another country and has no bearing here which is also important to remember.There's constant scaremongering and knee jerk reactions to far too much in our current  'Nanny state' society and too many pointless, not fully investigated research and endless statistics fill our newspapers and tv/radio reports. 24 hour 'news' has a lot to answer for.

Next month we'll get told we can spread it on our toast.

What we should be objecting to is the  poor quality of compost that many of us have bought this year.Overpriced, inconsistent  and in smaller bags. 


Posted: 03/10/2013 at 14:02

Yes tell us what you got pd!

I got : White Anemone de Caen,  Crocus Cream Delight and Joan of Arc, Iris Purple Gem, Thalia daffs, Dutch Iris White Excelsior and Cheerfulness Daffs. Nicely packaged and all look fine. Plus a voucher code for 10% off any further offers till end of year.

I've already got some alliums, crocus, narcissus and tulips from GC etc.

May have to get more tulips now....

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