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Camera Talk

Posted: Yesterday at 20:57

That's how I sleep too... 

Stunning pic Sheps, and utterly fascinating. Isn't nature incredible really? 

A few from today's jaunt up to Glen Kinglas/Butterbridge.  Binnein an Fhidhleir, the west top,  is the one with the trig and gives the ridge it's name, but the Corbett is Stob choire Creagach, which isn't on the map. It's a weird little anomaly! 

This the best shot I have of the hill from Beinn an Lochain on the other side of the road, taken in May.

It's the long ridge running from the left of the pic, to about the middle. 

Harebells against a rocky outcrop

View of Beinn Ime (the highest of the Arrochar hills) on the left, The Cobbler in the centre, and Beinn Luibhean on the right

Pano of the Arrochar hills, the twin tops of Beinn Bhuidhe on the left, Ime, etc as above, and the Rest and be Thankful with Loch Restil on the right

View down Loch Fyne from the west top

Looking back to the real summit, with Beinn Bhuidhe's twin peaks in the centre

Beinn an Lochain, where the first pic was taken from

The view back up from my descent - it's a steep one, up and down 

and of course...some of the local residents....

Sweet peas dying prematurely

Posted: Yesterday at 20:11

Weather this year is also a big factor in many areas. High temps and lots of sun are bad news for sweet peas. 


Posted: Yesterday at 20:06

We have more in common with it than with your tropical climate Verdi !  

Nandina Domestica

Posted: Yesterday at 20:04

As Ladybird says, it's not  bamboo - it just has a bamboo type habit of growth.

It belongs to a completely different family of plants - mainly Barberries, ie Berberis. 

Garden Pictures 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 19:51

The light - time of the day - affects the colour too BL  


Posted: Yesterday at 19:48

I think it's a possible answer Jemma. It's already autumnal here in west central Scotland 

However, Verdun is right about the watering too 

That new roundup gel

Posted: Yesterday at 19:46

Any suggestions for what mtkavana? If you're worried about your hands, just wash them thoroughly 

If it's the bindweed, you're better to take a long stem and let it climb up a cane in the  ground, and when it's a decent height, spray it with a decent weedkiller, because you get more of the stem  coated. You can also shove stems into  a poly bag and spray inside it and tie them. That keeps the weedkiller away from other plants nearby too. 

You can also do a search for 'bindweed problems' using the search the site facility up at the top of the page


Posted: Yesterday at 19:35

Where are you  Jemma?  Up here plants are already turning - rowans are covered in berries -  ripe berries. 


Posted: Yesterday at 19:27

Well I'm sitting on my chuff now Clari, contemplating something to eat if I can be bothered. 

I've been out painting new bits of fence for the side gate. I think I can feel guilt free as I've been busy all day  

Do I count as cool? Very much doubt it....

I've had no belt for the hoover from last weekend until yesterday. Good excuse to not hoover.  

I had c.pox as an adult. Youngest was a toddler and oldest was 4. I was very ill. Huge 'things' like blisters the size of my pinky nails - everywhere. Lost eyelashes too. Not good to have it at 41...  

My oriental lilies aren't very well

Posted: Yesterday at 17:38

More important to feed after the flowers go over and the plant's dying back, as that will give it a boost. As long as you leave the foliage on as well, that feeds the bulbs for next year.

Excess food can often just be a waste. Good drainage and a bit of sun is about all they need to do well  

It's all a learning curve  

You may also find they'll outgrow the pot quite quickly as they do become big plants, especially the ones you have. My lilies are about to go in the ground now that I have a space for them. They've been in the same (18")  pot for a couple of years, but they're nearly twice the size this year, which is also normal as they gradually mature. 

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