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Mares Tail - how to win

Posted: 25/11/2015 at 18:49


hendy wrote (see)

Thick bleach poured directly on the weed if that fails caustic soda.




Posted: 25/11/2015 at 18:44

I'll tip you the wink when the weather's to be good GWRS. Only problem is - you'll need to be ready to go at a moment's notice because it'll change by the time you're packed 

Lesley - I think there's only a few crumbs of the flapjacks left. Don't know how that's happened....  Meant to say - gorgeous photo 

Glad you got some things done Liri. The weather was dreadful! Makes the good days more special though 

How was the knee support Dove ? Will you be standing by for the Davis Cup in case anyone falls ill?  

North Facing Border

Posted: 25/11/2015 at 12:50

I'd agree with T'bird about using shingle/ gravel for a shady area. Much safer.

I have gravel paths in the back garden here although it's a mix of sun and shade. It's important not to have too many different types of hard landscaping so that the space is unified. The general rule is no more than three, and keep them similar in colour.  


Posted: 25/11/2015 at 12:46

Bushman - Liri's cottage is just off the mainland on the west coast. Gorgeous views from there in both directions. I don't want to divulge more, but I'm sure she'll elaborate if you ask nicely.  

Glad you're back ok Liri - we were worried about you with the vile weather and the ferries. They were on alert today again   

Hosta - re those phones and people staring at them endlessly. It's sad isn't it? No wonder children behave so badly nowadays. Sloppy or non existent parenting 

I'm going to disagree with you about Mr Kyle, Dove. I think it should be part of the school curriculum to show teenagers what happens to their lives if they don't behave themselves and get some qualifications....

That b****y squirrel has made a hole in the roof of the birdcage...I sense a new war to be waged.....it was only a matter of time 

I will win.  


Posted: 25/11/2015 at 08:04

I made some cranberry and sultana flapjacks Bushman. You could almost have them as breakfast really since they're porridge and fruit. Ideal for energy Lesley 

I'm off in  a few mins too. Have a good day everyone and stay warm 


Posted: 25/11/2015 at 07:53

I'd say they'd be better off the trees too. The birds would have them here, or they would simply rot in the wet weather. Dry and air round them -not  touching each other - and not too hot a spot. They'll be fine.

Unless you want to give the birds a treat instead  


Posted: 25/11/2015 at 07:49

Morning all - hiya Pat. You're getting all the weather now! 

No snow here either - but plenty just a bit further north, although not below about 1,000 feet yet. It'll come though! Carol just said so.....

No idea what Edd talk about most of the time either, so don't worry Steve   and no inclination to have salt or sugar in my tea - or coffee when I have it 

Camera Corner

Posted: 24/11/2015 at 22:30

BL - he can stuff his face all day on pine tree cones - I have a pine about ten feet from that spot! Loads of Scots pines round here , so they never go hungry 

He was very funny to watch  

There was a woodpecker on there this morning just as I left for work. I'll need to put a feeder in the open to attract him in again, so GI Joe will get a share of that too 


Posted: 24/11/2015 at 21:42


Posted: 24/11/2015 at 21:21

Don't be silly Edd. Grey ones of course.... 

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