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Lawn Weeds

Posted: 07/08/2017 at 07:59

Borderline's right. You need to address the conditions in your lawn that are encouraging prunella if you want grass instead. The soil needs to be free draining, and grass needs light in order to thrive. If you can't give it those, grass will always be a bit of a struggle to keep nice. 

If you don't want to dig out the prunella, I'd try something like Resolva to get rid of it. I rarely use weedkiller anywhere, but for difficult, peristent weeds in awkward places, I've found it's the only one that works, and it works quickly.  You'll then need to sort out the soil and drainage, before sowing seed or laying turf. Leave it for a good few weeks though as weedkiller will affect germination of seed. Prepping the ground properly is the key to getting a good lawn.

Identify plants in my garden

Posted: 06/08/2017 at 20:27

Liatris is the last one, as Alan said  

It looks a bit lost in there with all the other planting though. Might be worth moving it to a spot wher it has more room.

Identify plants in my garden

Posted: 06/08/2017 at 19:21

The pinky one second last is a Japanese Anemone.

Hard to ID the white lily - there are lots of those too! 

Garden Visits 2017

Posted: 06/08/2017 at 19:02

Really beautiful photos - from everyone   

I love the formal ponds in BL's  pix.

Hope you get a good day for photos when you go too chicky 

Hello Forkers ... August edition

Posted: 06/08/2017 at 17:47

Evening all. Back a little while ago, and got away with not getting rained on - hurrah! Made up for it on the road home though  

The dullest hill in the universe, but good to get out, and timed to perfection  with Johnnie Walker on the radio going home - complete with Alice Cooper as a guest. The red squirrel with a white end to his tail in the little woodland on the way back made up for the walk too . Didn't get a photo unfortunately. Managed to avoid running one over on the way up there  - he was crossing the road and I was worried he'd turn round and go under the wheels - but he crossed safely  

Hosta - Pergola looks lovely. Congrats on 'both fronts' too. Especially the 'no bevvy'. Good lad  

I'm not surprised at the price of farm animals, and when you think about it, a good ram, or bull is worth every penny for breeding purposes. So many of them are worth very little, and they all cost the same to keep.  Gorgeous little things though aren't they? 

Loved your rasta haired sheep  too Dove. I'm very fond of a sheep - couldn't eat a whole one.... Genuinely...I loathe lamb  

Hope you had the chance to sit down and relax for a while BL! You too Yvie 

Better get a shower and make something to eat. 

Hello Forkers ... August edition

Posted: 06/08/2017 at 06:38

Morning Dove - and those to come/afties to Pat if she appears   

Grey here but apparently quite good wher I'm going - till later anyway. Hope you don't get any more thunder and lightning today in the south !

Shame about the little bat Dacha 

Off in a couple of mins so have a good day everyone. 

Why does my bed look rubbish?!

Posted: 06/08/2017 at 06:33

As already said Liz - new plants need regular watering till established - and the location of those will mean regular watering for longer than  most plants. 

Annual spring feeding, watering and a layer of mulch after watering will be the regime long term. Weeds need removed - same as in any part of the garden. They'll thrive where less tough, desirable plants don't, so you have to keep on top of that till your 'wanted' plants get the upper hand. 

Hello Forkers ... August edition

Posted: 05/08/2017 at 22:00

 chicky. Especially with the person who won....

I can't keep up with you BL - and that's just reading about your exploits. A couple of Munros is a far easier day!  

Better hit the hay as I have to be up early to take daughter to work an dhead for the hills.

Night all 

Hello Forkers ... August edition

Posted: 05/08/2017 at 20:44
Obelixx says:

Wet, windy and stormy.  I'll believe it when I see it but hope it comes.

See original post


Glad you had a nice time Joyce. Hoping the weather is good for my weekend, but I don't really mind  

My Dad was a jazz musician Dacha, so I have quite a broad spectrum of musical taste! 

Last edited: 05 August 2017 20:45:16

Dying New Turf

Posted: 05/08/2017 at 20:42

It's unecessary to feed and can often be detrimental as it promotes too much top growth before the roots can establish properly.

 We'll just have to agree to disagree. 

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