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Camera Corner

Posted: 11/11/2013 at 19:40

Atkins CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year competition


Posted: 10/11/2013 at 21:08

Hi Pauline,

Follow these instructions:-

  1. Click your name at the top right of the screen
  2. Then click "my settings"
  3. On the next page scroll down a bit and click "forum settings"
  4. On the option "Thread starting page" click the button next to "default to last"

Voilà - all of the posts shall now open at the latest post 

Bonfire night memories or traditions.

Posted: 06/11/2013 at 13:28

Nobody makes Guys anymore  

I've not seen a "penny for the Guy" for a few years now. I believe it's down to the hyping up of hallowe'en in the last few years (because of American films and retailers) and that's really sad...

Too late to plant bulbs?

Posted: 04/11/2013 at 18:00

hey clk - you could sow some wildflower seed.  It is pretty drab during spring, but jumps into life during july and august.


Posted: 04/11/2013 at 17:55

Hiya nut - go onto trip adviser and rate it.


silly quotes

Posted: 04/11/2013 at 17:45

Bobfoc - body of baywatch, face of crimewatch aka a bulldog chewing a wasp

mad as a box of frogs 


Confession Times!

Posted: 04/11/2013 at 17:41

lol Gilly - some nice fresh tape around the lid and the tin easily fools.  Not that I've ever done that sort of thing 

Confession Times!

Posted: 04/11/2013 at 17:39

I ate one of the kids' selection boxes (that was hidden in the shed) on Saturday night.  In my defence Stacey made me do it...


Posted: 04/11/2013 at 17:35

FB I cannot stress how good a visit to a chiropractor has been for me in the past.  

My GP works along those same sorts of lines but I think they're hoping for a few deaths to reduce numbers~:

"No appointments for two weeks or you can come this morning if it's an emergency"

If it was an emergency I would be speaking to a triage nurse rather than a doctor's receptionist!

I had to de ice the windscreen this morning.  Not a lot but enough to get an old credit card out of my wallet...

Camera Corner

Posted: 04/11/2013 at 17:29

Nikki - I wouldn't be bothered about walking.  Being on a barge thourgh would be a very different question.  

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