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When to move Salvia Amistad

Posted: Today at 10:19

I have no non flowering shoots either. I am going to dig a couple up and pot them,put them in the greenhouse, and cut off all the flowering shoots in an attempt to force them to grow side shoots suitable for cuttings. If they die down, I will do cuttings in Spring, and use the original plants back in the garden.

Mine survived overwinter outside, but flowered much later than overwintered cuttings.

Wattakaka sinensis-overwintering?

Posted: Yesterday at 10:16

Its classed as a half hardy shrub, so a young plant I would overwinter in the greenhouse. When it gets bigger and you plant it out, make sure it is a sheltered area or up against a wall for protection.

Fascinated by Fasciation

Posted: Yesterday at 09:35

That could be interesting if you let it grow. What sort of flower could that have?

Ivy or the tree roots

Posted: 22/10/2016 at 18:51

If they are above the weed control fabric, they are ivy. Pull them off. Most tree roots go down before they branch into very fine feeding roots.

Raspberry pruning advice

Posted: 22/10/2016 at 18:43

If thy were all cut down last year, then you have autumn fruiting primocanes.  If you tip them, they will probably produce a crop early next year, and new canes produce a later crop. My Terri louise do this. Polka , I cut completely to the ground in the winter, and they start  fruiting before the autumn crop Terri Louise.

Summer fruiters, like Glen ample, will only have produced a cane this year to fruit next year if they were cut to the ground last year. Hope that helps.

Tulip bulb planting protection

Posted: 22/10/2016 at 13:15

I have planted in large pots, covered with chicken wire until they emerge. That keeps the squirrels off. They lose interest when the new shoots start growing.

New GW...??

Posted: 21/10/2016 at 22:00

I thought the bit about mycorrhizal fungi on plantain roots was interesting.  Given the price of the powdered stuff, I may be digging up a few plantain to mix in the compost.

HELLO FORKERS! October Edition

Posted: 21/10/2016 at 15:21

Dad used to have to get steps to lift the hanging baskets down. Now his grandson does it for mum. No  steps needed, he's 6 ft 9 inch in his bare feet.

Please help identify my plants.

Posted: 20/10/2016 at 22:17

I think morning glory are likely to be got at by the frost unless you have a heated conservatory.

Decidiuous cuttings

Posted: 20/10/2016 at 21:55

Wash them out with a bit of vinegar in the final rinse, and hose them down. Smell goes after a few days, or leave them outside in the rain.

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