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What is this?

Posted: Today at 14:10

Me too. It likes damp soil, as opposed to pinks that will cope with it dry.

Suspected undesirable ID wanted

Posted: Today at 14:06

If it's not it is probably some sort of umbellifer that will send up a flowering spike next year and the hoverflies will love it.

Plant ID's, please

Posted: Today at 14:03

I think the top one is Didiscus caerulea blue lace flower

Bottom one Sisyrinchium angustifolium. Blue eyed grass

From photo to canvas

Posted: Today at 10:23

You can also get it printed on to the back of glass. We are having one done like this for the kitchen.


Posted: Today at 10:19

while watering, I found, self seeded borage starting to flower (Pimms specials)

three gladioli tricolour from last years wedding flowers have the bottom flower open so I picked them for the house.

Borlotti beans have some flat pods about 6 inch long, and french beans ready for picking too. We will have them with fish tonight. I have never grown borlotti before so they will be a new experience.Runners will be another week. The last weeks heat have made the sweetcorn grow like crazy, male flowers at the top are forming.

 More sweet peas to pick.  Kale have caterpillars. I may need to put more seeds in a tray to fill in gaps.

I see another atrocity in Germany and another mass shooting in a night club in Florida. When will it stop?


Posted: Today at 07:57

Panda is a troop leader, sort of like Brown Owl  but differing names.

Its hot hot hot here, blue sky and no clouds.

We were thinking of doing a trip to either Trentham or Chatsworth, But I suspect we may decide to stay under the brolley on the back instead .  I think it will be too hot to do much else.

Watering to do. see you later folks.

Planting Echinacea from seed in july

Posted: Today at 07:21

I usually lose echinacea in the winter, so this years seedlings will have their flowers removed and  kept in pots in the greenhouse over winter, in an attempt to get big enough plants to survive more than a season. If that doesn't work I am giving up on them and growing something else.

Is this plant a form of jasmine?

Posted: Today at 07:18

I thought it looked familiar, but was thrown by the name. Did it have big black seeds? I grew it one year from roots from poundland, and it had big black seeds that dropped everywhere, and they still come up all over the place. Still there are far worse weeds in this garden at the moment.


Posted: Yesterday at 21:25

I have heard from Panda... she is OK at guide camp.

New garden advice, starting with the soil

Posted: Yesterday at 19:50

You can plant as soon as it is forked in, provided it is well rotted. With clay, the more organic matter you add, the better it becomes. If you have home made compost from a compost heap that will be ok as well.

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