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Dahlia Cup

Posted: 17/08/2016 at 21:24

I know that you can have a perfect bloom but get no points if you contravene the rules.

Good luck.

the perils of plant ID

Posted: 17/08/2016 at 21:04

I've got a lot of leaning stuff. I have also planted some Thunbergia alata to grow up the lilies when they have done.

3 hours sleep

Posted: 17/08/2016 at 21:00

You should sleep well tonight.

onion pests

Posted: 17/08/2016 at 20:59

They sound like the maggots of onion root fly. They will not store if they are infected. Check the root area of all that you lift. If they are firm and dry off then they are fine. Dispose of any infected bulbs by burning or disposing of in the council bin. Do not put on your compost heap.

Is this a honeysuckle?

Posted: 17/08/2016 at 14:52

The honeysuckle, I would layer a long bit. Peg a long shoot on to the ground using a bit of wire or a hair pin. It should grow roots from the bits that touch the ground. Mine does anyway. Then when it has adequate roots you can separate it from the parent and plant it where you like.

 The salvia with large blue flowers is possibly Salvia patens. If you look in the calyx left after the flowers drop off, they often have four largish seeds. When they are brown, collect them and sow next spring. When the plants are at the end of the first summer, they will grow small tubers like a dahlia. Lift and keep frost free for the winter, or collect seed and regrow from seed. I do both, the overwintered ones flower first, and new ones from seed flower later in the year. They are frost tender.


Posted: 17/08/2016 at 08:02

My soaker hoses need to go on too. Polka raspberries need fattening up now, the bees have been busy.

New bed arrived yesterday. We had a phone call at 7.30 to say we would be first drop. Cue mad scramble to strip old bed, and get it outside for today's bulk waste pick up.  Then I vacuumed and wiped down skirting boards. Furniture van pulled up. They bought the base in first. They are just connecting the two halves when I notice there are only two drawers and there should be four. No-one at the warehouse would answer the phone, so a decision was made that they would leave the wrong base, and get the right one sent later. When they started to connect the headboard, they realised that the base was only 4ft 6 and the mattress is 5ft. Still no answer from the warehouse so they took away the wrong base and left me with a mattress on the floor and a headboard propped against the wall. An hour later, a phone call to say that the correct base is still at the warehouse. An hour later, dumb and dumber the warehouse men turn up in a hire van. They bring in the base. Start connecting it. It has four drawers this time. Shouldn't the square ends join in the middle and the rounded corners on the outside? Unjoin the two halves and reverse the bits. finally approaching 1pm I have a completed bed.   Just got to tidy up now. I did get some huge strong plastic bags that should be good for sheeting over the next fym delivery from the farm up the road. The castors on the old bed look good for making some pot moving boards. 

The grass verge outside looks like fly tippers have been at work. I added two old armchairs and a carpet to the pile.

It looks like it will be hot today. I have piles of clothes to sort for new drawers.

Dahlias - Bishop's Children

Posted: 15/08/2016 at 21:09

I grew them from seed, and lined them out the first year. They flowered late the first year, then I saved the best colours as tubers, now the tubers are huge after three years, I grow them on in florists buckets with holes in the bottom before planting out.

Plant I.D please

Posted: 15/08/2016 at 20:40

Bird seed. I think a  bird or a squirrel planted it for you.

The seedlings look like rudbeckias.

Dahlias - Bishop's Children

Posted: 15/08/2016 at 20:31

Bishops children are seeds taken off of the named Bishops series of dahlias. if you want Bishop of York, or Llandaff, then you have to buy tubers. Bishops children seed can give a large variety of colours of single flowers on dark leaves.

Bush Raspberries

Posted: 15/08/2016 at 20:17

The fruited canes go brown and and the leaves yellow. Cut that cane down as low as you can. The new green canes will fruit next year. Your "sucker "is a new cane that will provide fruit next year.

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