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Wisteria still dormant in june!!!!!!!

Posted: 17/06/2013 at 13:48

Also if its grafted the graft could have failed. I had that happen on a large grafted daphne when it got to about 6ft tall and was about 7 years old.

What is this little tree..?

Posted: 17/06/2013 at 12:50

Looks more like a variegated acer with sun scorch.

Lawn edging

Posted: 17/06/2013 at 12:40

A row of pavers around the edge at the same level as the lawn makes it easier to overlap slightly with the mower and saves a lot of time edging.

I wouldn'u use gravel as it will always be catching in the mower.

my lawn problem

Posted: 17/06/2013 at 12:34

It sounds like a dog has taking to weeing on it.  It will kill patches but then it grows around the edge very green due to the high nitrogen content of wee.

Wisteria still dormant in june!!!!!!!

Posted: 17/06/2013 at 12:27

RIP  Give it a decent burial.

 I can't see it leafing up now. Wisterias were late this year, and mine only had one flower. I put that down to the late spring and the lack of flowers down to poor summer last year.


Posted: 17/06/2013 at 12:24

Do you prune it twice ayear.? Cut all  new shoots back by half in August and then back to two buds in January or Feb.. It sounds like it is just making lots of new growth. Without drastic pruning each year you are unlikely to get flowers.

If you search the RHS website they have a video showing how to prune wisteria.

Poppies in a tin hat

Posted: 16/06/2013 at 23:43

I don't think they will transplant. General rule is to sow in situ and then thin. do you know anyone with a plant you can take fresh seeds off? I save my own from year to year.

Poppies in a tin hat

Posted: 16/06/2013 at 22:37

sandy soil. shouldn't need fertiliser.

grannys bonnet

Posted: 16/06/2013 at 22:33

I've still got lots of Nora Barlows.  I'm trying to get what I call raspberry ripple to go where I want . When I sow seed in trays it doesn't germinate. Maybe I'll sow it green/fresh, what do you think?

grannys bonnet

Posted: 16/06/2013 at 22:26

I started out with nora barlow and a blue one. I now get lots of frilly pinks on the backgarden but the one's on the front are almost black, but still nora Barlow shape.

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