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Camera Talk - part 2

Posted: 16/11/2016 at 17:09

My great grandfather had a wet fish market stall, (followed by a shop) and they used to boil the crabs themselves. Nan always said she stuck her fingers in her ears as they screamed when they were dropped in the copper boiler. we know it was the air coming out of the shells, but she was not convinced.

HELLO FORKERS! November Edition

Posted: 16/11/2016 at 17:03

Our Tivo  box went all green screen and no use last night. After three goes of a three hour wait while they fix it, Virgin have agreed it is screwed(technical term) and sending a new one out on Friday. At least the broadband is still working.

It also means I have lost everything recorded on it.

Back to the kindle for a book to read I think.

Camera Talk - part 2

Posted: 16/11/2016 at 08:29

When we were in Papua New Guinea. the boat used to trade staples like flour and sugar with the locals for bananas and mud crabs.  Mud crab first time round OK, but the third time in a fortnight got a bit much. I have never tasted such sweet bananas. Small ones that they hung the entire bunch on the back of the boat, and we helped ourselves. I don't think theres much meat on a mantis shrimp, although hubby tried it in Hong Kong, along with sea urchin. Not my cup of tea. Really fresh lobster only needs a nice mayo, a green salad , and a squeeze of lemon. I think garlic spoils the taste. Old lobster needs garlic. Do you get yabbies where you are? we had them in Margaret River. like big crayfish. I suppose you are nearer to Moreton bay bugs?

HELLO FORKERS! November Edition

Posted: 16/11/2016 at 07:05

I remember the wet nose in the face doggy option.  When I was a kid, the alarm would go off and then we would get up. If you weren't up after 10 minutes, the dog would poke you in the face with a wet nose. A bit much for a teenager with a day off.

I'm having blackcurrants in my porridge. Four bagfuls still in the freezer.

My flowers ... (2)

Posted: 16/11/2016 at 06:36

I don't have much luck with echinaceas either. I seem to lose them first winter.

HELLO FORKERS! November Edition

Posted: 16/11/2016 at 06:35

I have been woken up by the moon,shining in through the crack in the curtains.

Camera Talk - part 2

Posted: 16/11/2016 at 06:31

I thought I would start with Christmas Island crabs.

Everyone knows about the red crab migration, but there are other land crabs,and also lots of crabs on the coral. Some we couldn't find in the identification books.

One of the coconut crabs. Lynnie the divemaster had one in her garden, she called him hubcap. His shell was the size of a car hubcap. He cleaned up after barbecues.

Knobs on the shell make this crab look like the coral around it.A mantis shrimp in his burrow. They have wonderful eyes.

Camera Talk - part 2

Posted: 15/11/2016 at 23:24

Most of those sea slugs are eastern Indian ocean. Some at Ningaloo, some xmas or Cocos island. The indo Pacific region is wonderful for diversity in sea life. Tomorrow, do you want crabs or fishes?

HELLO FORKERS! November Edition

Posted: 15/11/2016 at 23:20

My sort of temp, Pat. I was born to be a hothouse flower.


Posted: 15/11/2016 at 22:04

For bigger stuff, I use loppers. it needs both hands but puts less pressure on the hands.

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